Suzume No Tojimari Us Release Date: Is Suzume No Tojimari a Romantic Anime?

Makoto Shinkai is presently one of the most anticipated animators. After a series of romantic films famed for photorealistic images, vivid colours, and enchanted stories, there is a considerable expectation for his future picture. Here are the foreign release dates, trailer, plot, and characters for Suzume no Tojimari, as well as any other available information.


Suzume Iwato, a seventeen-year-old girl who embarks on a coming-of-age journey across Japan by closing doors that, if left open, will unleash havoc and catastrophe, is the protagonist of Suzume no Tojimari. After meeting a man who is searching for these portals, they discover one in the Japanese mountains that threatens to devastate her community.

Suzume no Tojimari has an intriguing plot, and as a road movie that takes place around Japan, we expect it to feature stunning landscapes, just as Shinkai’s previous films did. The teaser demonstrates that Suzume no Tojimari’s soundtrack sounds equally as wonderful as Your Name’s.

Shinkai’s response to io9 indicates that Suzume no Tojimari is a story about closure. This is an unmistakable pattern for a film filled with doors that must be closed. Shinkai appreciates presenting major, approachable concepts in a manner that transcends the literal in his films.

Suzume No Tojimari Us Release Date

As they leave the theatre, Shinkai invites audiences to contemplate “how to close the many doors we left open.” We are convinced that audiences will connect with the film’s theme, just as they did with Shinkai’s numerous other very personal stories.

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  • Nanoka Hara as Suzume Iwato
  • Hokuto Matsumura as Sōta Munakata
  • Kana Hanazawa as Tsubame Iwato
  • Ryûnosuke Kamiki as Tomoya Serizawa
  • Sairi Ito as Rumi Ninomiya
  • Eri Fukatsu as Tamaki Iwato
  • Shota Sometani as Minoru Okabe
  • Matsumoto Kōshirō IX as Hitsujirō Munakata
  • Kotone Hanase as Chika Amabe
  • Aimi as Miki

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Release Date

The film was produced by CoMix Wave Films and directed by Makoto Shinkai, whose previous commercially successful films Your Name. and Weathering with You are spiritual predecessors to Suzume no Tojimari. Masayoshi Tanaka was in charge of character design, Kenichi Tsuchiya was in charge of animation, and Takumi Tanji was in charge of art direction.

Suzume No Tojimari Us Release Date

The planning phase of the project took place between January and March of 2020. The studio then focused its time and resources between April and August of the same year to script writing, followed by storyboarding between September 2020 and December 2021.

The creation of the animation began in April 2021. The production ceased officially on October 21, 2022. Seven days later, the first twelve minutes of the film were broadcast on the Japanese television station ntv.

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Suzume no Tojimari is the tale of a young woman’s physical journey to conquer her deeply ingrained grief, which she shares with a significant portion of Japan. Suzume endured the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. However, while she was still alive, her mother died. This is her mask, her defence against the outer world, even though she looks to be a typical, cheery adolescent. Suzume admits no one, not even her aunt with whom she has shared a home for ten years. She will never be as devastated as she was when her mother passed away because to the barrier she has erected, but she is unable to recover.

Despite the film’s major topic of great emotional suffering, it is a remarkably optimistic story. Throughout her travels, Suzume is continually forced to rely on the goodwill of unknown individuals. Despite never having met, they always offer her their homes and hearts.

Concurrently, her friendship with the chairified Souta grows stronger as he must rely on her to attain their destination. In the wake of her mother’s passing, their bond is unlike anything she has encountered since. The longer she travels with him, the less she desires to part ways with him. However, it does not take a genius to realise that being disconnected from one’s body is unhealthy. And all too soon, she is forced to confront loss once more, both her mother’s and potentially Souta’s.

Overall, Suzume no Tojimari has the same three-act structure as previous films written and directed by the same author-director. with You, We Will Weather the Storm The opening act is filled with charming humour and extraterrestrial aspects. In the second act, the tension escalates as a potentially catastrophic threat is revealed and presumably neutralised. The third and final act is then devoted to the unanticipated repercussions and revelations of the second act, with the protagonist fighting to recover what has been lost.

Although this style generates films with several plot twists, they are also predictable. However, you have seen your name. With Weathering With You, you always know where this film is headed, even though the specifics of the plot vary. This weakens the emotional impact of the picture, which is regrettable given that the film’s primary concentration is on creating emotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Suzume No Tojimari a Romantic Anime?

Your Name is Suzume no Tojimari is a high school girl’s love story with a chair, according to the film’s director. Makoto Shinkai is a renowned anime director whose films Your Name and Weathering With You are highly praised. Suzume no Tojimari, his most recent picture, portrays a convoluted love story.

Where is Suzume No Tojimari From?

The plot of Suzume no Tojimari is described as follows by IMDb. Suzume, a 17-year-old resident of a town in Kyushu, meets a young man who says, “I’m looking for a door.”


Suzume no Tojimari has the same three-act structure as previous films. Suzume, a 17-year-old resident of a town in Kyushu, meets a young man who says, “I’m looking for a door”. The opening act is filled with charming humour and extraterrestrial aspects.

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