Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More!

American horror drama anthology TV show Tales of the Walking Dead was made by Scott M. Gimple and Channing Powell. It is set after the end of the world. It is the fourth TV show in The Walking Dead franchise.

It is a spin-off of The Walking Dead, which is based on the same-named comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. On August 14, 2022, AMC showed the first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead.

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Plotline

In a story about a road trip, a reclusive prepper leaves his bunker in search of a female prepper from his past. Along the way, he meets an unexpected ally who is his polar opposite, and together they team up in an effort to find their lost loved ones.

Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Cast and Characters

  • Jillian Bell as Gina
  • Danny Ramirez as Eric
  • Lauren Glazier as Brooke
  • Loan Chabanol as Nora
  • Scarlett Blum as Lydia
  • Embeth Davidtz as Amanda
  • Kersti Bryan as Sandra
  • Gage Munroe as Arnaud
  • Julie Carmen as La Doña
  • Ameer Baraka as Officier Sampson
  • Eric Tiede as Nolan
  • Matt Medrano as Brian
  • Marvin Laviolette as Todd
  • Rachael Markarian as Jenna
  • Natalie Karp as Erika

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Release Date

As of the 7th of December 2022, the decision regarding whether or not to cancel or renew Tales of the Walking Dead for a second season has not been made.
Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Where to Watch

View Episodes of ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ on Disney+. “Tales of the Walking Dead” is an anthology series that consists of stand-alone episodes that are each one hour long and are set in the same universe as the original series. The episodes focus on both new and established characters.

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Ratings and Reviews
“The Walking Dead” began with a respectable average of 5.6 million viewers, which is typical for cable television; however, at its peak, the show drew more than 17 million viewers.
which was an incredible number even by the standards of broadcast television at the time. “Downton Abbey,” which debuted just a few months after “The Walking Dead,” reached its highest number of viewers with just above 13 million. 20-Nov-2022
Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Trailer
Each episode is its own self-contained story, and they are all equally entertaining to watch. One of the best things about anthologies is that each episode has a different premis.
Which means that there is material suitable for a wide range of audiences. It is highly recommended that you check out The Tales of the Walking Dead. 30-Aug-2022

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