Technoblade’s Real Name, Real Face, and Other Interesting Facts

YouTube channels are becoming increasingly popular. There are numerous living instances in front of us of people who have gained a great deal of popularity thanks to their unique video material. One of the most popular YouTubers is Technoblade. If you’re curious about Technoblade, continue reading to find out his real name, appearance, and more.

Technoblade, an American Minecraft player and YouTuber with a sizable social media following, is a major online influencer. Many football fans were surprised by Technoblade’s appearance in 2017 because they had anticipated what he might look like.

A Pighead mask is usually all that stands between him and the world, but after completing the most insane Minecraft challenge, he decided to show his face to the world in real-time.

Precisely Who Is “Technoblade” and What Is His Real Name?”

Dave is the pseudonym of American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade. The streamer is well-known for his gaming prowess and the level of planning and skill he employs in his games. A famous internet influencer, he has a sizable social media following. More than 8.05 million people have subscribed to watch videos of him playing video games and occasional humor.

Early Life and Family

When Technoblade was a child, he was born in the United States state of California. When it comes to race, he belongs to the Caucasian racial category. Having one sibling and two siblings, he had a massive family as an infant.
However, he has made no mention of his brother. Likewise, he hasn’t revealed the identities of his parents.

After completing elementary school, we assume the young guy continued his education in a high school. There’s little sign of Technoblade being overly involved in his academics.

As a YouTuber

technoblade real name

Technoblade’s career has benefited dramatically from YouTube. On October 29, 2013, he released a video titled “Technoblade vs. Mineplex’s Owner.”

TechnoThePig was the name of his channel before he changed it. One of Minecraft’s best PVP gamers, he’s a well-known figure. He primarily uses the Hypixel server for Minecraft to make his movies.

The Pixel Skyblock Experiment, Proof I Don’t Auto Click, Skyblock: The Great Potato War, and Beating Minecraft Hardcore Mode with a Steering Wheel are some of his most famous works.

Ph1LzA is pleased to have Technoblade on board. Additionally, Wilbursoot and Sleepy Bois Inc. have ties to him as well. In addition to Minecraft Mondays and SMP Earth, some of his most well-known Minecraft broadcasts include Hypixel Bed Wars, party games, and the story mode of Minecraft.

The First Look at Technoblade’s Face

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In 2017, Technoblade astonished many of his admirers with an incredible revelation about his whereabouts.
Pighead usually hides his face, but he appeared momentarily on the broadcast to show his supporters that he had completed the “craziest task in Minecraft” by defeating the game with a driving wheel. The footage in which he shows his face is embedded below.

Is Technoblade in a Relationship With Anyone?

We can assume that Technoblade is currently unattached because he hasn’t had any recent relationships. He may be just trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

The YouTuber only acknowledges one relationship on his channel at this time. Because he doesn’t want to mix his personal and professional lives, Technoblade keeps most of his personal information private. Hopefully, he’ll start sharing more intimate details about himself.

In 2021, the Value of Technoblade

Accos one of the most popular YouTubers to date and his source of income is not a mystery to anyone. According to public records, his current estimated net worth is $1.2 million. Arn money from his YouTube channel, and he uses his video skills.

Some Facts About Technoblade You Didn’t Know.

In the preceding paragraphs, we covered the vast majority of the pertinent information on the subject of techno blades. For those who aren’t satisfied with that, here are some lesser-known facts about him. Below, you’ll find a few examples.


In a society where there aren’t enough chances for everyone, some people have come up with creative solutions to close the opportunity gap. One of the pioneers in this new period is Technoblade. He’s taken the recipe for success and twisted it on its head by doing something radically different than what everyone else is doing.

A lot of money can be made by playing video games on a server and broadcasting them or recording videos of oneself playing video games. Because of Technoblade and others like him, the next generation is driven to try new things because it’s acceptable.

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