Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date: Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Ted Lasso, or Not?

You should do that. BELIEVE Production on the third season of Ted Lasso has begun. As part of their Twitter announcements, Apple teased the start of the new season and new AFC Richmond kits.

In the future, the winner of an Emmy will be back on TV, maybe later this year. Producers and writers have big plans in store.

Because of course, spoilers for Ted Lasso season 2 are below, but you’ve already seen the last episode. You’ve already been on the roller coaster of emotions in that match, haven’t you? We’re going to start right now because we now know more about the story of season 3.

Release Date Rumours for Ted Lasso Season 3

Leaks are still going on even though Apple hasn’t said anything about it. We don’t know who The Hollywood Reporter’s source is, but the outlet said that Apple plans to air Ted Lasso season 3 by summer 2022. We’re not on a Lasso/Crimm level of friendship with them.

The short time between seasons 2 and 3 — less than a year! — seems to be due to good planning. Note that Apple announced Ted Lasso season 3 before the second season could even air. It will air in October 2020.

The brains at Team Lasso may have been able to start planning and writing the new season early because they had a head start. That’s not true, though. AFC Richmond’s season 1 relegation and season 2 promotion show Bill Lawrence and his team have a plan.

Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Ted Lasso, or Not?

When Apple TV Plus said on March 7 that the production of the third season of Ted Lasso had begun, I thought it was pretty cool.

In this case, filming will last about five months and post-production will take about four months. In that case, the third season of Ted Lasso would come out in late December of 2022.

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Cast Rumours for Ted Lasso’s Third Season

Other likely returning cast members are as follows:

  • Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt, the star player who is proving unselfish
  • Kola Bokinni as Isaac McAdoo, the captain of AFC Richmond
  • Billy Harris as Colin Hughes, who is still working on his self-confidence
  • Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas, who remembered that football is life
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Thierry Zoreaux, AFC Richmond’s goalkeeper
  • Charlie Hiscock as Will (the kitman)
  • Annette Badland as Mae, who works at The Prince’s Head pub
  • Adam Colborne as Baz, a regular at The Prince’s Head
  • Bronson Webb as Jeremy, a regular at The Prince’s Head
  • Kevin Garry as Paul, a regular at The Prince’s Head

ted lasso season 3

Ted Lasso season 3 plot

They said that AFC Richmond is now a Premier League team, but they didn’t mention that they don’t have a trophy to show for their hard work. When it comes to season 3, it might be time to do something different. Ted Lasso’s story will come to an end in Season 3. Showrunner Bill Lawrence said this was the plan from the start. There are, of course, spinoffs (Roy Kent and Rebecca Welton seem like prime candidates to build a show around if you ask us).

But let’s go back a little to how things ended in the season 2 finale of Ted. Ted talked about his anxiety in public for the first time after Trent Crimm wrote about it in The Independent. Coach Beard thinks he and Jane are back together. Higgins has his office back, and Rebecca is very happy that Sam is staying. If you are a fan of Cheers, you’ll be happy to know that Sam and Rebecca are still on break.

There is a lot of talk about Roy and Keeley’s relationship right now. Keeley keeps saying “I love you,” but Roy doesn’t say the same thing back. It isn’t clear how their relationship will change when Keeley leaves Richmond and starts a new business.

All of this together means that Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, Rupert Mannion, is now the owner of West Ham United, which is where Nathan “Nate” Shelley works as a coach. Their relationship looks like that of Emperor Palpatine (Rupert) and Darth Vader (Nate). During season two, Nate’s story has been one of ego and anger, which led him to break with Ted.

We want to know if Ted Lasso will try to help Nate. Jamie Tartt left the team at the end of season 1. In season 2, he rejoined the team, and now he’s a lot of fun to be around. When he told Keeley how much he still cared about her, he didn’t say anything else.

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