Tehran Season 3: Where to Watch Tehran Season 3?

Since its debut on our televisions in 2020, Tehran has progressively built a reputation as one of the best and most engrossing dramas on television. The season 2 events that saw the renowned Glenn Close join the cast had fans enthralled in recent weeks. But Tehran fans haven’t wasted any time calling for the Apple TV+ programme to be renewed for season 3 after the shocking finale.

Tehran Season 2 Ending Explained

With the publication of episode 8 on Friday, June 17th, Tehran’s second season came to a bloody conclusion.

The episode, Blood Funeral, is about Tamar and Marjan getting ready to kill General Mohammadi at Peyman’s funeral after his passing in the previous chapter. The plan to poison the general, however, encounters opposition from Yulia, who confronts Marjan about the plot just before the funeral is set to start. Yulia warns Marjan that her husband will be regarded as Iran’s greatest traitor if the plan is carried out, adding further complications to the killing of the general.

Marjan tells Tamar the mission is over and reveals that Yulia will have Milad killed if they refuse, just as she is ready to plant the poison, they plan to use to kill the general. Tamar departs, leaving Marjan to stay at the burial with Nahid, who starts to feel worse. When Marjan brings Nahid to a different room, Nahid reacts by spraying Marjan with the poison that was supposed to be used on the general.

Tehran Season 3

General Mohammadi vows vengeance after learning that Peyman was killed by an explosive device hidden in his automobile. But just then, Tamar calls him, and when he answers on Peyman’s phone, she sets off the explosive that was concealed inside the phone, killing him and blowing up the entire funeral home. Tamar and Milad, who disobeyed Yulia, are on the road and trying to leave while Marjan is left for dead by Nahid and Faraz. However, as the two are moving automobiles, a bomb goes off in the new vehicle they were getting into, killing Milad and forcing Tamar to flee.

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Tehran Season 3’s Renewal Status

Tehran has not yet received a season 3 renewal from Apple TV+.

There is undoubtedly plenty of room for more from a narrative perspective, but season 2 closes on an exciting cliff-hanger with many story threads undone. Looking back to the season 1 renewal, Apple TV+ made the official announcement that season 2 was approved in January 2021, some months after the program’s October airing date. As a result, it can take a few weeks, if not longer, before Tehran season 3’s future is made public.

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Tehran Season 3 Cast

The expected cast of season 3 is as follows:

  • Niv Sultan being Tamar Rabinyan
  • MTamar’sNoy being Meir Gorev
  • Shaun Toub will act as Faraz Kamali
  • Darius Homayoun in the role of Peyman Mohammadi
  • Liraz Charhi will perform as Yael Kadosh
  • Shervin Alenabi in the role of Milad
  • Glenn Close will act as Marjan Montazami
  • Shila Ommi being Naahid

Tehran Season 3 Plot

Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad private investigator, conducts her first mission in the dangerous and hostile city of her origin, Tehran, in her novel, Tehran. Her mission to destroy an Iranian nuclear facility has implications for the entire world and the Middle East. Tamar goes rogue in Tehran after the Mossad mission fails as she reinvents her Iranian heritage and develops a close relationship with a pro-democracy activist.

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As the number of Iranian officials grows, they are frantically looking for Tamar and her Mossad colleagues, which causes her introspection to make her feel more conflicted about her goals. She goes to Zhila’s flat and logs on to the computer network of the electricity provider there. Then, in order to assist a current Israeli Air Force operation, she makes an attempt to take down the Iranian radar system.

When her boss attempted to rape her while mistaking her for Zhila and was slain in the ensuing struggle, her plot was failed. After fleeing, Tamar must go into hiding. Tamar is rediscovering her Iranian roots by visiting her aunt and establishing new connections with Iranian top player activists. Tamar was born in Iran and relocated to Israel when she was six years old. Faraz Kamali, the Revolutionary Guards’ head of investigations, is after her, nevertheless.

Tehran Season 3

Tehran Season 3 Trailer

The show has not received a third season renewal as of yet. Therefore, there are no opportunities for fans to see the trailer. You can currently watch the breath-taking interview about season 2 of the thriller series on the Today network. Check the season 2 trailer here:

Where To Watch Tehran Season 3?

The third season of Tehran will air on Apple TV+, and viewers can currently watch the first two seasons on the same streaming service. To watch the series, you must be an Apple TV+ subscriber. A subscription package is also available for only $4.99 per month.

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