Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date: Who is the Cast of Season 2?

Fans of the show Tell Me Lies are happy that it just got another season. Tell Me Lies, a show on Hulu based on Carola Lovering’s sexy coming-of-age book of the same name, ended its first season in October.

On the show, there are a lot of relationships that are both hard and interesting to watch. Everything revolves around Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco. White and Can Pattern talked about the show and what surprises it might hold for us in September.

“Everything in this show is earned. Because of how the show is written and how fast it moves, everything that happens makes sense. “Everything turns out well.” What we know about the next season is as follows…

Is It Renewed or Cancelled for Tell Me Lies Season 2?

As was already said, the show has been picked up for a second season. On November 29, Disney+ shared the good news.

Hulu, which streams the show, put up a video montage of the characters with the message, “Tell Me Lies season 2 is coming.” But they haven’t said when it will be available. Keep an eye on this space for news.

When Will Tell Me Lies Season 2 Be Released?

Hulu has said that Tell Me Lies will have a second season, but they haven’t said when it will be available to watch. Alas. Here is Hulu’s official Instagram post about the renewal, in case it gives any hints about when season 2 will be available:

For what it’s worth, Hulu gave season 1 the green light in August 2021, and the show premiered a little over a year later. Season 2 might come out in early 2024 if everything stays the same.

What is the Plot of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

It would be great to have three or four seasons of this,” Oppenheimer told ELLE. Of course, they haven’t said much about the plot. She said, “I’d love to see them through college, but I’d also love to see more of their lives as adults.

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I think it’s interesting to see Lucy after she fell off “Stephen Mountain,” and it’s fun to think about what might happen if they meet again in the future. Can she stay away from him? Most likely not, and in future seasons, we’ll learn more about the characters’ lives as adults as we switch back and forth between the two timelines.

Who is the Cast of Tell Me Lies Season 2?

The people in charge of The Show are Sam Boyd, Erin Feeley, Ed Lilly, Isabel Sandoval, and Jonathan Levine. According to IMDb, the series was written by Sinead Daly, Chisa Hutchinson, Bill Kennedy, Carola Lovering, Samir Mehta, Mona Mira, Meaghan Oppenheimer, and Robin Wright.

Jackson White is Stephen DeMarco, Grace Van Patten is Lucy Albright, Sonia Mena is Pippa, Catherine Missal is Bree, Spencer House is Wrigley, Alicia Crowder is Diana Linder, Branden Cook is Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth is Drew, Lily McInerny is Macy, Jessica Capshaw is CJ Albright, and Lily McInerny plays Macy.

Is There a Trailer for Tell Me Lies Season 2?

No, there might not be a trailer for the second season for a while. You can watch the first trailer below until then.

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