The Boys 4: When It Will Be Renewed?

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video is unlike any other superhero show we’ve seen, and it has three seasons. As the show continues, we get to know the characters better, the good ones like Hughie, Starlight, and Billy Butcher and the bad ones like Homelander and Soldier Boy.

You start to worry that the show has gone on too long, and you begin to wonder if the end is near. We’re so glad this show has given us such exciting characters and a story that makes us want to stay up too late. Eric Kripke has a plan, and each season of The Boys lives up to what it says will happen next. Just think how well it could do if it showed up when it was supposed to.

After a season with a superhero who blew up a penis from the inside and a giant superhero orgy, you start to wonder how far things can go and how much further they can go. So far, so good. So far, our work has met our expectations, and this team is working as hard as we thought they would.

Will There Be a Season 4?

Certainly! The Boys season 4 was announced long ago, on June 10, 2022.

Release Date

We don’t have a set a date for that yet, which is too bad. Karl Urban, who plays Berserker, has confirmed that filming will begin in August 2022. That could mean we get Season 4 as soon as next spring, but we’re not crossing our fingers for that to happen. Season 2 came out in the fall of 2020. Season 3 didn’t come out until the summer of 2022. We’ll go with 2023 because there must be some time between then and now.

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To keep the show’s popularity going, it looks like there will be a spin-off called “The Boys: Varsity.” It comes out before Season 4 and probably has something to do with what happened in Season 3.

The Boys 4 Twitter

Take a look at The Boys 4 Twitter account.

Plot Predictions

From the end of Season 3, we know what we should focus on, and it’s something to think about. For example, we know that Butcher has taken too much Temp-V and only has 12 to 18 months to live. We won’t know how much time has passed until Season 4 starts again.

the boys 4

Spoiler! In The Boys comics, Black Noir is a supercharged copy of Homelander, who goes even crazier than Homelander himself, and in the end, Homelander’s worst crimes are blamed on him. At the end of the season, Ryan had a wicked smile, so maybe he’ll turn out to be just as bad as his father. We already know that the Black Noir story can’t end that way, but this could be where the two stories get mixed up.

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As if this wasn’t bad enough, Victoria Neumann, who got Stan Edgar out of the way and now shares power with Homelander, might want his Vice President seat. Dakota Bob Singer deep-fried one of Homelander’s running mates to make room. This person could be in the running for president if only one more head popped up. This is very interesting and needs a lot of thought.


Here’s who we think will be in The Boys Season 4:

Karl Urban

Antony Starr

Jack Quaid

Erin Moriarty

Laz Alonso

Chace Crawford

Jessie T.

Usher Tomer

Capone Colby

Minifie Karen


Cameron Crovetti

Antony Starr hints at Big News for Season 4 of the Boys.

Antony Starr of “The Boys” has hinted that the hit superhero show is about to start filming its fourth season.

This week, the actor posted two photos on Instagram that seem to show him and his co-star Chase Crawford in an airport lounge and then on a plane (in first class, of course). This suggests that the two could be on their way to start filming another set of lewd, rude, and shocking stories.

the boys 4

Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher on the show, said that filming for the fourth season would start in August. This would make sense.

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He told Collider last month that season four will begin on August 22.

“So when I get back, I’ll be able to play Butcher again, and I can’t wait. We work hard and play hard, but it’s a fun group to be a part of, and I can’t wait to see where they take the characters after the end of this season.”

Susan Heyward from Orange Is the New Black, and Valorie Curry from The Following will join the cast for the fourth movie. They will play Sister Sage and Firecracker, respectively.

Last week, their arrival was announced on Twitter by the showrunner Eric Kripke, who wrote: “Some of the best and craziest Supes ever written for #TheBoys are in these new ones. You will like them. And by “love,” I mean be horrified and a little bit sick. YOU GUYS ARE NOW PART OF THE FAMILY.”

the boys 4

Kripke also said that Cameron Crovetti, who plays the strong Supe son Ryan on Homelander, has been promoted to a series regular.

Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of The Boys can be watched on Prime Video.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Season 4 of the Boys in the Works?

Filming for Season 4 of The Boys seems to start very soon. On Tuesday, Antony Starr posted two images of himself and his co-star Chace Crawford on an airplane, which strongly suggests that they are on their way to start filming the fourth installment of the Prime Video smash hit The Boys.

Will Jensen Ackles Return for the Boys Season 4?

The most recent season of The Boys has concluded. In that time, we’ve seen Homelander unveil his true personality to the world (to mixed emotions), Black Noir’s terrible background revealed, and Jensen Ackles’ brutally efficient yet frequently adorable Soldier Boy makes his debut.

Are the Boys Devilishly Required Reading?

Diabolical’s release followed a confirmation from live-action series head writer and showrunner Eric Kripke that the animation series’ season finale is canon. The series finale is canon, even if the rest of the show isn’t. It takes place during the same events as The Boys.

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