The Bull Season 6: When It Will Be Renewed?

Bull, a procedural drama on CBS, is preparing to return for a new season. The last season was mostly about how people were living during the pandemic, but the new episodes are said to be very intense.

The show is about the bright and charming Dr. Jason Bull, a psychologist and expert on high-tech data played by Michael Weatherly. Bull owns a consulting company called TAC (Trial Analysis Corporation). With the help of his power team, he figures out what “makes jurors, lawyers, witnesses, and the accused tick.”

Bull is known as the ultimate puppet master. On his team are detective Danny James (Jaime Lee Kirchner), neurolinguistics expert Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr), lawyer Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson), and coder and hacker Taylor Rentzel (MacKenzie Meehan).

Lawyer Benny Colón, played by Freddy Rodriguez, will not be back for Season 6 of Bull.

When and Where to Watch Bull Season 6?

The sixth season of Bull will start on Thursday, October 7 at 10 pm (ET) and 9 pm (ET) on CBS (CT).

Aside from local CBS channels, viewers can watch the latest episodes on the network’s website or subscribe to CBS on other streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, and AT&T TV.

The episodes from the new season will also be on Paramount Plus.

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What to Expect From Season 6?

At the end of season 5, Dr. Jason Bull and his ex-wife Isabella “Izzy” Colón (Yara Martinez) got together and married again. This time, the danger is to their daughter, Astrid.

The trailer and preview clips for Season 6 of Bull look good. In the first episode, Bull and his team will make a psychological profile of him while his kid is taken.

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Even though the kidnapper tells Bulls not to call the police, Bulls thinks the kidnapper is someone he knows from his past.

Co-showrunner Nichole Millard said this about the same thing:

I think [co-showrunner] Kathryn [Price], and I would feel comfortable saying that [Bull’s] whole character journey is one of control, which starts when his child is taken away in the first episode of the season. Then, this idea of control for him will be threatened in different ways throughout the season. And the end will be how he can get back to normal and maybe change along the way.”


From next month on, Bull Season 6 episodes will air every Thursday. The first episode is called “Gone,” written by Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio. Eric Stoltz directed it.

Spoilers Ahead for the Series Finale of Bull on CBS, Called “Goodbye”

Unconventional legal drama Bull has officially ended after six seasons. This also means that Michael Weatherly’s time as CBS’s leading man after many years on NCIS is over. So, now that the show is over and everyone’s fate is known did Jason Bull have a happy ending or not?

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During “Goodbye,” there was a lot of back and forth, and some critical decisions had to be made about where the show would end. Now that Bull is over let’s talk about how the main character’s story ends.

Bull Season 6 Plot

Goodbye” picked up where last week’s second-to-last episode left off: Bull’s client, Ed Wilson, told Bull that he killed a college student years ago and then killed again more recently to cover it up. This was privileged information so that Bull couldn’t tell the police.


Even after he and the TAC tried everything to force a mistrial (since Chester had done such an excellent job with the defense that Ed was sure to be acquitted), all signs pointed toward Ed walking.

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At the end of the day, though, he decided that getting justice for the murdered student and putting Ed in jail were more important than keeping his courtroom privileges (and job), so he told the jury that Ed was guilty. The judge called a mistrial and kicked Bull out of any courtroom in New York.

Where Bull Ended Up

On paper, “Goodbye” looks like Jason Bull’s life should end badly. He doesn’t have any job prospects right now, and the fact that he broke a rule could hurt him for the rest of his career. He does have a family, but he had to leave his company and job. Considering how much their hard work on cases brought them together as friends, these friendships may fade over time.


Overall, I would say that Bull had a happier ending than a sad one. He wasn’t sorry that he had to leave his company and job, and he didn’t feel bad about giving them up to get justice for some victims and stop Ed from doing it again. He’s not exactly living from hand to mouth either, and he seemed fine with the idea of taking a break for a while. Also, the show had to come up with a way to end on a more critical note than ever before, and I think this did the trick.

So, what happens now? There’s no sign that CBS was trying to set up a Marissa/Chunk spinoff by changing the guard at TAC, and “Goodbye” was probably the last time fans saw these characters. The end of Bull does leave the door open for Michael Weatherly to return to NCIS as Tony DiNozzo (and the boss of NCIS gave his opinion on the idea), but for now, fans may have to settle for a Paramount+ subscription and to rewatch the whole run of Bull. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch in the coming days and weeks.

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