The Cleaning Lady: Season 1 Episode 2 Review and Analysis!

A mother’s love is as ferocious as a lion’s, and she would do anything she can to defend her children.

During The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 2, both Thony and Fiona were willing to go to any length to defend their sons when they were put in a dangerous scenario.

Arnan, on the other hand, demonstrated his tenacity when he was forced to apprehend a gun thief in less than 24 hours. Let’s take a look inside “The Lion’s Den.”

At first, FBI agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) pretended to be a single father who needed help changing his infant daughter in order to get closer with Thony when she was cleaning the restrooms. However, Thony quickly realized that this was a ruse and called the police.

Despite the fact that the plan appeared to be working at first, she remained tight-lipped about why she had attended Theo’s funeral or whether she knew Arman or his guys.

Garrett: Were you close enough to him to be able to attend his burial and bring his daughter a gift?
Thony: Theo was a single father with no children. He was stumped as to what to get for a sixteen-year-old girl. He approached me and pleaded for my assistance. I wanted to be certain she understood what I was saying.

Garrett doesn’t appear to be a fan of following the rules.

In the midst of his questioning of Thony, Fiona happened to show up, prompting her to recognize him when he came later for an FBI raid,

Martha Millan was very radiant in these scenes. When one of the cleaning ladies said that there had been a raid, she knew she had made the right decision. She was scared that they might be deported back to the Philippines, and she couldn’t stop crying.

When Fiona recognized the FBI agent, she immediately contacted Thony to inform him of her discovery. Garrett, on the other hand, was unyielding. As much as he bothered Fiona with questions about Thony’s job at the warehouse until Thony came, he also chastised him for his use of scare tactics.

When his partner, Renee, learned that he had challenged Thony in the lavatory, she grew concerned. Do you know anything about Garrett’s past?

Did he sexually harass a woman in order to obtain information? Something isn’t quite right here.

The Cleaning Lady: Season 1 Episode 2

Fiona was still feeling the effects of the raid. She was completely afraid. The fact that her son Chris is not an American citizen, which she revealed to Thony, was the reason for her outrage when he took her automobile was revealed to him.

Because negative things always seem to happen at the same time, Luca’s condition has deteriorated, and they are unable to obtain any additional medication because he has not yet visited the new doctor.

With all of those makes, it appeared as though we were still in the COVID-19 era. It’s possible that it was because the child was so frail that they had to be extra cautious.

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Thony was not going to let her son die. She was willing to go to the ER in order to save her child.
Thony knew she’d never be able to see a doctor because of her circumstances, so she swallowed her pride and went to the hotel in the hopes that Arman could assist her.

They brushed her off as a helper, but Arman looked her in the eyes and smiled. He didn’t appear to be delighted with the situation because his wife was present, but he wouldn’t turn his back on a child.

He and his wife Nadia appeared to be a power couple, and they appeared to be happy, yet Arman appeared to be protective of Thony.

He’s almost like two separate people in one person.
When Arman was with his crew, he appeared to be a completely different person. It’s almost as though he wanted to prove himself to Hayak, yet he despised working for him as well. Arman always seemed to be the one who brought people together.

When Viktor’s guns were missing, the first thing he had to do was arrange a truce, but he couldn’t prevent Matteo’s death.
Arman: Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out. No one is attempting to defraud you.
Victor: This isn’t a problem at all, Matteo. We’ll be able to retrieve your weapons.

Afterward, when Thony attempted to leave, he had to remind her of how he had shielded her.

You weren’t even able to defend Matteo. What plan do you have to keep me safe?

When he got in her face and told her that she needed to prove herself, their chemistry soared even higher. That Arman can act like an arrogant jerk one minute and empathetic and gentle the next raises concerns about his character.

The Cleaning Lady: Season 1 Episode 2
Thony was cleaning when a suspicious individual noticed him. He had no idea that she was even warier of him than he had realized.

In response to Hayak’s questions about Thony’s worth and loyalty, Thony demonstrated her own by informing him that she had seen a strange man prowling around the trucks.

Unfortunately, he had been stealing weaponry from the mob, and Thony had just sealed his doom by revealing his identity.

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When the pistol went off, she looked sick, and she was only getting started in her new life as a mobster.
The stakes have just gotten a whole lot higher.

Garrett came to the realization that Thony and Arman are connected in some way. Just as Garrett floated the idea of enlisting Thony as their next inside source, she expressed gratitude to Arman for getting them to the hospital, where Luca had stabilized as a result of his treatment.

Thony had a difficult time dealing with her role in Jimmy’s death, but she eventually won over Hayak. The fact that immigrant women must labor to prove themselves is unjust, yet she’s moved in with him for the time being.

Arman advised her to make the best option she could given the fact that Hayak would not allow her back out. Thony is in a precarious situation because Luca is her life. She is more in need of them than they are of her. It’s a sad truth of life.
Over the course of the first two episodes, The Cleaning Lady has demonstrated that it is more than a traditional mob story.

It is primarily concerned with a mother’s moral quandary, but it also touches on immigration and how difficult it is for them to obtain adequate health care.
Above all, it’s about the importance of family. Thony and Fiona are willing to go to any length for each other and their children, and this can be risky at times.

The love of a mother is unyielding.
Now it’s your turn, Cleaning Lady Enthusiasts. Do you believe Thony will switch sides and work for the FBI, or do you believe she will remain loyal to Arman?

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What else are we missing out on when it comes to Fiona and her family? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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