The Devil Is a Part Timer Season 2: The Year 2022 Premiere Time for Episode 12!

There was much speculation about whether or not an animated sequel to The Devil is a Part-Timer would ever be made, but now we know the answer: yes! The second season of the anime series The Devil is a Part-Timer has premiered, and fans can now look forward to watching the show. For more information on Season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer, read on.

The Devil Is a Part Timer Season 2

Episode 11 Recap: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Ashiya, Maou, and Suzuno are accompanied by Rika. Rika inquires about their financial situations during dinner. When Maou overhears a client speaking English to the cashier, he confronts the man. He advises him to be more civil in his speech. The man is griping on the phone outside the eatery about how difficult it is to change to the local lingo. While Emi is out seeking for another Yesod Fragment, she stumbles onto a hospital.

The group of shoppers, led by Maou, enters the electronics store. Rika freaks out when Maou asks her whether she’s in love with Ashiya as Ashiya visits Suzuno. Then Maou and Suzuno enjoy tea as Ashiya checks her phone. Bringing up Rika’s emotions brings out Suzuno’s wrath, which is sparked by Maou. Suzuno explains that unlike Chiho, Rika has no idea who they really are, hence the situation is different. After Maou suggests they convince her they’re demons as a compromise, Suzuno argues that they can’t recruit any more humans. According to Maou, it was impossible to avoid contact with humans during their first arrival in Japan. And Rika has known Emi for a long time. The shop’s LCD TVs all had their screens break at once. In this phone contact, Emi informs Suzuno that Chiho has been unconscious as a result of a toxin containing magical power.

Chiho, who is unconscious, is the reason for the group’s hospital visit. Meanwhile, Suzuno calculated the exact cause of Chiho’s condition. Chiho’s life force transformed into magical power because someone possibly utilised the holy spirit sonar. Suzuno, though, is unsure of the sonar’s target. The television set behind them suddenly goes out.

Urushihara appears and explains that it’s probably The Watcher. Urushihara reveals that Raguel the Watcher has unique power over fallen angels, which Suzuno correctly identifies as Raguel the Watcher. Emi is certain the angels are on the hunt for her mom. Urushihara provides further information on Raguel and Sariel outside of the hospital.

In light of Chiho’s condition, Maou comes to the conclusion that they must tend to Raguel. For Chiho’s sake, Emi and Suzuno decide to join forces with Maou. Meanwhile, the woman with silver hair gives Chiho a purple ring that seems like it may be a Yesod Fragment.

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Cast of Season 2, Episode 12: The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Season 2 of the hit anime series The Devil is a Part-Timer was directed by Daisuke Tsukushi and written by Masahiro Yokotani. Meanwhile, 3Hz studio is responsible for the animation of the second season of the show.

Emi Yusa, a superhero who vanquished Satan, is portrayed in Japanese by Ryota Osaka and in English by Josh Grelle in the eighth episode of Season 2 of “And The Devil Is a Part-Timer.” Sadao Maou, the Demon Lord, is played by Ryota Osaka. Her Japanese voice is provided by Yoko Hikasa, while Shir Ashiya’s is provided by Yuki Ono (Japanese) and Anthony Bowling (English).

Part-Timer, Season 2 Episode 12: The Devil Spoiler

For now, Demon King and Hero, keep your attention on what’s happening right in front of you in the forthcoming 12th episode of Season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer. Chiho’s coma was caused by the sonar utilised by Raguel, the monitor. The location of the enemy who is intercepting our TV signals is likely between two radio towers. Maou and the others split into two teams to seek for Raguel more efficiently.

The Devil Is a Part Timer Season 2

Emi confronts Gabriel, prompting him to reveal the location of Raguel and the motivation for his search for Lyra. However, the first thing that came out of his mouth was the mystery surrounding the birth of the hero Emilia. As the offspring of a human mother and an angel father, Emilia was genetically distinct from her human peers. Just as the combat is about to begin, Chiho comes to. The woman’s phone then rings.

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Season 2 Episode 12 of “When the Devil Is a Part-Timer” Is Out Now

On September 29th, Season 2 Episode 12 of The Devil is a Part-Timer will premiere. Japan viewers may see the programme on Tokyo MX tonight at 11:30 p.m.

Crunchyroll is simulcasting the show for fans all around the world. As soon as the episode airs in Japan, it will also be accessible with English subtitles. The similar schedule in the United States would look like this:

  • 10:30 a.m. ET
  • 9:30 a.m. CT
  • 7:30 a.m. PT


At the time of this writing, no preview for the next episode of The Devil Is a Part-Timer has been made accessible online. Keep coming back to our site as we will keep you apprised of any developments pertaining to Season 2 Episode 12 of The Devil Is a Part-Timer. View the trailer for The Devil Is a Part-Timer here.


Everyone evaluates a programme based on its ratings. As a rule, viewership numbers are the most reliable predictor of whether or not a programme will be renewed. Generally speaking, the higher the ratings, the more likely it is that the subject will make it. The show has received positive reviews across several platforms, including IMDb (7.6/10) and MyAnimeList (7.78/10).


To sum up, I’m of the opinion that Hataraku Maou-sama is a fantastic anime. After reading multiple reviews and finding the description interesting, I finally decided to buy it today. I’m certain that you’ll be hooked after only the first episode, just as I was.

I just finished this anime today, and I feel obliged to write a review because of it. Watch this anime if you’re looking for a good chuckle and something new and engaging to watch. Your mood will instantly lift, and you’ll find yourself laughing often.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Devil Is a Part-timer 2 Has How Many Episodes?

Satan works only part-time! After the release of episode 11, viewers will only be left with the season finale because season 2 is scheduled to contain a total of 12 episodes. The eleventh instalment will premiere at the following times around the world at the same time: Time: 7:30 a.m. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

Is It True That the Devil No Longer Works Full-time?

Should we consider The Devil is a Part-Timer over, or is it still ongoing at this point? The Devil Is a Part-Timer is an ongoing manga series as of July 2022. While the light novel’s storyline concluded in 2020, the manga is still ongoing.


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