The Family Business Season 4 Premiere Date: Cast, Plot, and More!

Carl Weber’s best-selling murder fiction series of the same name serves as its inspiration. Carl Weber is the creator of the American crime drama Family Business. BET’s Original Series lineup in 2018 included an eight-episode limited series based on the original concept of an independent film franchise.

An exotic New York City car dealership is the story’s subject about the Duncan family, a group of good-hearted people. This film features a cast that includes Armand Assante and Ernie Hudson. As of November 13, 2018, the first episode of Season 1 aired, and Season 2 will begin airing in early 2019.

There will be a second season of 12 episodes on BET+, the network’s streaming service announced on December 19, 2019. On July 2, 2020, the second season’s premiere aired. On December 4, 2020, the show was renewed for a third season, premiering on October 14, 2021.

The Storyline of The Family Business Season 4

The Family Business Season 4

The Family Business, a new comedy-drama on Netflix, premiered this week. Until it was dismantled, Hazan Meats served as a butcher store in the area. They’ve been killing for generations, and here’s the story of how they started in the family business.

At the time of the show’s production, France had just legalized marijuana for recreational use for the first time. To a large majority of the population, marijuana legalization was nothing new. This food can only be sold and consumed in the same places as other regularly used goods.

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Recognizing the profit potential, the Hazan family decided to convert their meat processing plant into a marijuana-friendly restaurant. Before deciding whether or not to use Hazan meat to make cannabis, they must undergo a lengthy and arduous process. They had to close their butcher shop because they couldn’t afford to do so any longer.

This strategy is used by many police officers and members of the aristocracy. Joseph was able to reconnect with his entire Parsi family after a long separation period with his family’s support.

Season 4 of the Family Business Renewal Status

The Family Business Season 4

The show’s creators recently launched Season 3 of the family business on Netflix. Season 3’s premiere date has been announced as October 8, 2021. There are a total of six episodes, with each episode running between 30 and 39 minutes. In response to your question, Netflix stated that the third season would be the show’s final one, with no plans for additional installments.

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Season 3 contains no cliffhanger. Hence there is nothing left to explore or continue in the next season. Additionally, each character was given a fulfilling and cheerful conclusion to season 3, ending the series. There’s almost no chance of a fifth season.

Release Date of Family Business Season 4

In answer to your question, we’re sorry to inform you that the show’s third season will be the show’s final season, according to Netflix’s announcement. The show’s creators have now published Season 3 on Netflix. In 2021, Season 3 will premiere. It’s divided into six segments, each lasting between 30 and 39 minutes.

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Furthermore, there is nothing left to cover or continue in Season 4, as the season ends without a cliffhanger. We also think the season 3 finale gave each character a fantastic and joyful ending. There’s almost no chance of a fifth season.

The Cast of Family Business Season 4

The Family Business Season 4

Jonathan Cohen portrays Joseph Hazan, an apathetic young boy who works in his father’s butcher shop. Gérard Darmon, who shows Gérard Hazan, is the patriarch of the family, Joseph’s father, and the owner of the butcher shop. Aure Hazan, the sister of Joseph, is portrayed by Julia Piaton.

Olivier Rosemberg, who portrays Olivier Pariente, was an orphan raised by the Hazan family. Ludmila Rozenberg is the mother-in-law of Gérard and the grandmother of Joseph and Aure, Liliane Rovère. Ali Marhyar, also known as Ali Benkikir, is Joseph’s best friend.

The character Clémentine Cendron, portrayed by Louise Coldefy, is an old acquaintance of Joseph and Oliver. Lina El Arabi portrays Ada Benkikir, Joseph’s girlfriend. Tamar Baruch portrays Jaures, a narcotics syndicate. Enrico Macias portrays Himself, while Alexandra Vandernoot portrays Catherine.


Is the Family Business Terminated?

Season 1 of “The Family Business” premiered on BET in November 2018 and concluded at the start of 2019. After airing six episodes, the show went on a temporary break. BET+ has acquired the series’s second season, which will be broadcast in the summer of 2020.

Where Can I Find Season Three of Carl Weber’s The Family Business?

Carl Weber’s The Family Business – Season 3 is available to stream on Bet+ Amazon Channel, Sling TV, fuboTV, and Spectrum On Demand.

What Role Does Michael Diamond Play in the Family Business?

Should Poston

IMDb has Will Poston as Michael Diamond in The Family Business (TV Series, 2018–).


This fall, Netflix will broadcast the comedy-drama The family business. The show is set during a time when marijuana was still banned in France. Since the beginning of time, the Hazan family has made a living by murdering animals. There was a butcher business named Hazan Meats.

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