The God of High School Season 2: Where Can I Watch the God of High School?

Since more and more anime is being made and imported all the time, it was only a matter of time before platforms are mostly known for distributing and streaming anime started making their versions of originals. In 2020, Crunchyroll put out its first lineup of original shows. “The God of High School,” an action-packed martial arts anime based on the same-named manhwa by Park Yongje and published by Webtoon, was one of the new shows.

Jin Mori is a 17-year-old high school student and talented martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. The show follows him and his friends as they borrow power from gods and mythical creatures to compete in a tournament by a shady company to find the strongest high schooler. The company will make the winner’s wish, no questions asked, if they win the game, also called “The God of High School.”

When it first came out, the 13-episode first season with animation by MAPPA (“Yuri!!! on Ice,” “Attack on Titan”) was well-liked. Now, fans are excited and want to know if and when there will be another season.

When Will Season 2 of “the God of High School” Come Out?

Without bringing up any rumors, we’d like to tell you that the second season of “The God of High School” hasn’t been officially announced by the studio that made the first season. It usually takes a while for new episodes of anime sequels.

Since it hasn’t even been two years since the first season’s last episode came out, it would be too soon to expect anything about the second season. So let’s take a deep breath, sit back, and hope for the best.

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We know for sure that there will be a new season of the anime show. Some rumors say that MAPAA has already started working on the second season of The God of High School, which will come out in the second quarter of 2022. Still, for fans who don’t want to wait too long, we suggest they check out its manhwa webtoon.

Mappa Succesful Studio

It should also be said that the MAPPA studio can ensure its productions are stable. They have a big studio where they can work on both big and small projects at the same time. One of the studio’s shows, Jujutsu Kaisen, got a green light for a new season on February 12, 2022. We think that the studio, which has worked on anime like “Attack on Titan,” won’t turn down a new season of “The God of High School,” which is one of its most valuable projects.

the god of high school season 2

The Plot of Season 2 of “the God of High School”

Well, since the first season told the whole story, it’s hard to guess what will happen in the second season. At the end of the first season, the warrior Taek, played by Kenjiro Tsuda, becomes a god. He lets the powers of Mori and his friends loose when he opens them. This makes Mori unlock his memories as he remembers that he is not a mortal high school student but the great god Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King.

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Mori uses his powers to attack Taek, who becomes a monster after being hurt. Mori beats Talk with the help of his friends and wins The God of High School tournament.

the god of high school season 2

The story seems to have come to a close. But at the end of the first season, Daewi and Mira tell Mori that he must go back to his home country to entirely remember who he is as a god. So, we expect Mori to return to his home country and have new adventures there.

How Many Episodes Would There Be in TGOH Season 2?

We already know that the first season of the anime show, based on the manhwa, had 13 episodes that first aired from June 6, 2020, to September 28, 2020. So, we think the studio will do the same for the second season. The anime’s second season would use about 13 episodes from the TGOH manga.

Where I Can Watch the God of High School

The first season of “The God of High School” started on Crunchyroll in late summer 2020 and ran every week until September of that year. Unfortunately, there has been no official word about whether or not “The God of High School” will be back for a second season. So, it’s hard to say when the next episodes might appear.

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As for the cast, it seems likely that Tatsumaru Tachibana, who plays Jin Mori (via My Anime List), would play him again in a possible second season. Han Dewi (Kentarô Kumagai) and Yu Mira (Ayaka Ohashi), Mori’s friends who competed in the tournament at the show’s center, could also come back.

the god of high school season 2

Everything else is still up in the air, but you can watch Season 1 of “The God of High School” on Crunchyroll and HBO Max.

How Many Episodes Are There Going to Be?

God of High School Season 1 had 13 episodes, and Season 2 also had 13 episodes. The only thing we can see more of is that their power-controlling skills have gotten better and now have real effects. Also, they are likely to add more signs to the system soon.

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