The Lost City: When Will the Lost City Come Out?

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), a brilliant but shy author, has spent her career writing about exotic places in her best-selling romance-adventure books. The handsome cover model Alan (Channing Tatum) has spent his whole life playing the hero character “Dash.

Loretta is taken hostage by a strange billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) while she and Alan are on tour to promote Loretta’s new book. The billionaire hopes that Loretta can lead him to the treasure from Loretta’s latest story about an ancient lost city.

Alan goes to save her because he wants to show her that he can be a hero in real life, not just in books. The unlikely pair will have to work together to survive the jungle and find the ancient treasure before it is lost for good.

When Will, the Lost City, Come Out?

First, The Lost City will only be shown in theatres in the US and a few other countries on March 25. UK movie fans will have to wait until April 15 to see it. Even though Paramount just announced that some fans would be able to see the adventure movie before it comes out.

The Lost City

On Tuesday, March 22, and Wednesday, March 23, some theatres will show special screenings called “The Lost City: Girls Night Out” and “The Lost City Date Night,” respectively. Check the websites of your local movie theatres or sites like Fandango to find out if and where these special showings are happening in your area.

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The Lost City will also be shown early in some theatres on Thursday, March 24.

As for when The Lost City might be available to stream, we have an idea of how that might go. The Lost City is a Paramount Pictures movie, so it should be available on the Paramount Plus streaming service about 30–45 days after it comes out, just like A Quiet Place Part II and Snake Eyes.

Review of The Lost City

The early buzz for the movie is good. The Lost City’s first showing was at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and the first reviews are starting to come in. Here is a collection of early reviews of The Lost City.

Check out also What to Watch’s review of The Lost City.

The Plot of The Lost City

In The Lost City, the main characters are the brilliant but shy author Loretta Sage, who has spent her whole life writing romance-adventure books, and Alan, who is always on the cover of her books. A strange billionaire takes Loretta hostage while she and Alan are on tour to promote Loretta’s new book.

The Lost City

The billionaire hopes that Loretta can lead him to the treasure from the ancient lost city in Loretta’s latest story. Alan goes to find her because he wants to show that he is just as brave as the character in the books. Together, they must brave the jungle and discover the ancient treasure before it is lost for good.

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The Lost City is similar to the 1984 movie Romancing the Stone, which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. However, the original screenplay was written by Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee, and Aaron Nee, based on a story by Seth Gordon.

The Cast of “The Lost City”

The main three actors in The Lost City—Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe—are all pretty famous.

Bullock will play the writer Loretta Sage in the movie. Bullock won an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side, but she has also been in movies like Speed, Miss Congeniality, The Heat, and Ocean’s Eight, all action comedies.

Tatum is set to play Alan, the cover model who goes on the adventure with Bullock’s character, Sage. Tatum is most well-known for his parts in movies like Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street. Tatum has done well in roles that let him show off his comedy and action skills, which should give him another chance.

The Lost City

Since leaving the Harry Potter franchise, the actor who played Harry Potter has had a lot of fun playing weird characters. For example, he played some of the most bizarre characters in Swiss Army Man, Horns, Miracle Workers, and other movies. Radcliffe has been chosen to play Fairfax, a billionaire who is a bit strange. In Now You See Me 2, he also played a peculiar billionaire.

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Brad Pitt is another famous person who is involved with The Lost City. The trailer (which you can watch below) tells us everything we need to know about Pitt’s character. He also tries to save Bullock’s character, but he seems more capable than Tatum’s cover model.

Additional Patti Harrison (Together Together, Raya and the Last Dragon), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Only Murders in the Building), and Bowen Yang are all part of the cast of The Lost City (Saturday Night Live).

The Lost City Directors

Aaron and Adam Nee, brothers, are also part of the team that wrote the script for The Lost City. This is the Brothers Nee’s biggest movie by a long shot. The independent film The Last Romantic and Band of Robbers, as well as some TV shorts and a web series called Clark Kent, Has a Dream, are some of the things they have done before. Fans of their work will get to see more of it in the upcoming Masters of the Universe movie, though.

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