The Masked Singer Season 7: Who Won Season 7?

Fox has finished the seventh season of The Masked Singer U.S.

The reality competition show, first in South Korea, has become a worldwide hit, and the most recent season has only added to that.

Rudy Giuliani’s participation stirred before the season started, but the fun costumes and performances that are always a part of the show stole the show.

But who was the winner of season 7 of The Masked Singer? Who were all the famous people who were hiding behind the masks? Here’s everything we know about season 7 of The Masked Singer U.S.

Who Won the Masked Singer Season 7?

According to whattowatch, After changing the rules, the contestants were split into three teams—Team Good, Team Bad, and Team Cuddly—three Team Good members—Firefly, The Prince, and Ringmaster—made it to the finals. The winner is… Firefly.

Who is the well-known person behind Firefly? It’s none other than Teyana Taylor, who sings and writes songs.

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The Masked Singer Season 7 Eliminations

As season 7 of The Masked Singer U.S. works to find a winner, we’re keeping track of the celebrities who have been unmasked and kicked off the show so far:

Week 1: McTerrier — Duff Goldman, TV chef
In the first episode, McTerrier was revealed to be T.V. pastry chef Duff Goldman. This surprised the judges, who initially thought it was a Scottish person. Nicole Scherzinger, the judge, thought it was Ewan McGregor, but it wasn’t him!

Duff is the head chef at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. This shop was featured on the Food Network show Ace of Cakes.

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Week 2: Team Bad’s Ram, played by sportscaster Joe Buck,

was kicked off The Masked Singer U.S. With the unmasking, it was revealed that Ram was sportscaster Joe Buck, which was guessed by some fans in the first episode and was the last guess by Robin Thicke and guest panelist Eric Stonestreet.

Buck is best known for calling N.F.L. and MLB games for Fox. On March 16, it was announced that he and his partner in reaching plays, Troy Aikman, were moving to ESPN.

The Masked Singer Season 7

Two people were sent home in week 3 of The Masked Singer U.S. Let’s look at them one at a time.

Thingamabob was a football player named Jordan Mailata, and Cyclops was a movie star named Jorge Garcia. The Thingamabob of Team Cuddly turned out to be Philadelphia Eagle Jordan Mailata. Even though JJ Watt, Michael Strahan, Liam Hemsworth, and Dennis Rodman were N.F.L. players, none of the hosts could figure out that Mailata was hiding behind the mask.

Garcia was the star under Team Bad’s Cyclops. He is best known for his role on the T.V. show Lost. Even the hosts couldn’t figure out that it was Garcia. They guessed it could be director Kevin Smith, actor Dave Bautista, country star Zac Brown, or actor Michael Keaton.

Week 4: Lemur — Christie Brinkley, supermodel

In season 7 of The Masked Singer U.S., Lemur, who turned out to be supermodel Christie Brinkley, was the first member of group B to be unmasked. Ken Jeong correctly guessed that Christie Brinkley was the celebrity behind the mask. At the same time, other panelists thought it was Goldie Hawn (Nichole Scherzinger), Pamela Anderson (Jenny McCarthy), or Melanie Griffith (Robin Thicke).

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In addition to being a famous supermodel, Brinkley is also known for playing the woman in the Ferrari in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Week 5: Hydra — Penn & Teller, magicians

Penn Jillette and Teller, two well-known magicians, were found to be part of the group Hydra. It was a clever trick because the famous monster with three heads only had two leaders underneath. Teller, who usually doesn’t talk, gave two of the three voices everyone heard during the performances.

Nicole Byer, a guest panelist, correctly guessed Penn & Teller were behind the mask. The rest of the panelists assumed Will Arnett and Zack Galifianakis (Ken Jeong), South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Robin Thicke), Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie (Jenny McCarthy), and Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (Nicole Scherzinger).

Armadillo by Dog the Bounty Hunter and Miss Teddy by singer Jennifer Holliday are the songs for Week 6.

Armadillo and Miss Teddy were both revealed to be reality T.V. star Dog the Bounty Hunter and singer Jennifer Holliday in this week’s double elimination.

Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger were right when they said Armadillo was Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman. Robin Thicke thought it was Stone Cold Steve Austin; Ken Jeong thought it was Al Pacino, and Leslie Jordan, a guest on the show, said it was Al Pacino (Gary Busey).

The Masked Singer Season 7

Scherzinger and Leslie Jordan correctly guessed that Miss Teddy was the original Dreamgirl Jennifer Holliday. Yolanda Adams (Jeong), Gloria Gaynor (McCarthy), and Karen Clark Sheard were some of the other names the panel came up with (Thicke).

Week 7: Rudy Giuliani and Jack-in-the-Box

Fans of The Masked Singer have been waiting for Giuliani to be revealed on the show since word got out before the season premiere that he was one of the contestants. Here it is. The former mayor of New York City and a controversial figure in the 2020 election fraud claims (for which no verifiable proof has ever been given) was revealed to be Jack in the Box.

No judge was able to figure out who was hiding behind the mask. Jenny McCarthy said it could have been Joe Pesci, Robin Thicke said Elon Musk, Ken Jeong also said Elon Musk, and Nicole Scherzinger said it could have been Al Roker.

Week 8: Kirstie Alley’s “Baby Mammoth”

Kirstie Alley was wearing the pink Baby Mammoth costume, best known for her roles in the classic sitcom Cheers and the Look Who’s Talking movies. Fans figured out this was Alley, but how did the panel do?

Jenny’s first guesses were Reese Witherspoon (Ken Jeong), Melissa McCarthy (Nicole Scherzinger), and one of Hollywood’s famous Diane (Keaton or Wiest). But with her last guest before the big reveal, Jenny could correctly name Alley.

The Masked Singer Season 7

Queen Cobra by En Vogue and Space Bunny by Shaggy are the week 9 songs.

In the last round for group 3, two people were taken out. As Queen Cobra and Space Bunny’s journey ended, Queen Cobra was revealed to be the music group En Vogue, and Space Bunny was shown to be Shaggy (one that viewers nailed).

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En Vogue was a popular R&B group in the 1990s, with hits like “Hold On.” Although they started as a quartet, only Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, and Rhona Bennett appeared on the show. Shaggy is also a singer and best known for his reggae music.

Week 10 The Masked Singer aired a recap episode

there were no eliminations because The Masked Singer aired a recap episode. However, we did get a new clip of all the unmasked contestants singing “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” backstage, except for Rudy Giuliani.

Week 11: Cheyenne Jackson as The Prince and Hayley Orrantia as Ringmaster

After the judges made their last guesses about Matt Bomer (Ken Jeong), Ricky Martin (Robin Thicke), Ben Platt (Jenny McCarthy), and Cheyenne Jackson (Nicole Scherzinger), Jackson was revealed, and Nicole was right. The Prince was the first to lose out of the three finalists. Jackson is an actor who is best known for his roles on the T.V. shows Glee and American Horror Story. He has also worked on Broadway.

The Masked Singer Season 7

Ringmaster was the season’s runner-up. The judges thought she was Maren Morris (Thicke), Lucy Hale (Scherzinger), Hailee Steinfeld (Jeong), or Hayden Panettiere, but they were wrong (McCarthy). Instead, it turned out that Hayley Orrantia from The Goldbergs was Ringmaster.

The Masked Singer season 8

There will be more of The Masked Singer. Fox said that the singing contest would return for its eighth season. Even though there isn’t a date yet, the show will be on the network’s schedule from 2022 to 2023.

The Masked Singer Season 7 Host and Judges

Nick Cannon was the host, and Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong (who always likes a wild guess! ), and Robin Thicke were all back as panelists.

During the season, actors Leslie Jordan and Eric Stonestreet, who is also a comedian, and Nicole Byer, who is also an actor, were on the panel as guests.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the Masked Singer Season 7 Reveal?

In “The Masked Singer,” who plays Prince? Cheyenne Jackson, star of the stage and screen, here! The season seven finale of The Masked Singer aired on May 18. Earlier in the evening, Prince was revealed to be Broadway and T.V. star Cheyenne Jackson, which was no surprise to many.

To Reveal the Identities of the Disguised Singers in Season 7?

Final performances by the top three contestants from Season 7 were shown, and the winner was Firefly, who was ultimately revealed to be Teyana Taylor. Hayley Orrantia of The Goldbergs came in second as Ringmaster, followed by Cheyenne Jackson of Call Me Kat as Prince, who came in third.

The Winner of Masked Singer 2022?

Taylor, Teyana;
Firefly, or who we now know to be Teyana Taylor, was named the winner of “The Masked Singer” for Season 7 on Wednesday night. After performing cover versions of “Attention” by Charlie Puth and “P.Y.T.” by Michael Jackson, the R&B singer-songwriter reportedly won the competition.

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