The Owl House Season 2 Episode 3 Review and Analysis!

Season 2 of The Owl House is all about creating the series’ mythology. In “Echoes of the Past,” the demon king, King, takes a deep dive into his own mysterious past. Even though we already knew King’s background from him, this episode’s added backstory offers a deeper emotional element, answering certain concerns while also raising new ones regarding his past and the history of the kingdom.

When we return to Luz this week, she is busy practising her glyphs, now that we know how they operate thanks to last week’s major revelation. King discusses Lilith and Hooty with Luz, and they observe how fast they’ve bonded since Lilith joined the group. As long as she holds her breath, Luz has perfected a disappearing spell employing glyphs. Lilith is overjoyed to see the magic work, but King is frightened to see Luz vanish from view. Hooty heroically shields Lilith from an “attack” that prompts him to scream, “Avenge me, Lulu!”

After Lilith and Hooty make fun of him, King narrates the storey of his life as he remembers it. He was transformed from a demon king to a modern-day demon. Memory loss occurred as a result of his shrinking frame of reference. In spite of Lilith and Hooty’s scepticism, Luz persuades them to accept his account.

As proof, he says, he’ll return to the location where Eda discovered him. Hooty is invited to join Lilith on her trip. We’ve never seen him apart from the house because he’s a part of it. Hooty goes inside a portable backpack in front of Luz, Lilith, and King (off screen, but watching their facial expressions as he gets ready is a great moment). King weeps as he sees Luz gag, Lilith horrified, and herself gagging.

Eda emerges from the bathroom after the group has gone their separate ways. On the couch, she takes a deep breath and relaxes until she discovers the noted King had left for her, informing her of where they had been. In a flying bathtub machine, she catches up to him in no time. I can’t deny that I had a good laugh at the image.

The gang has been in the air for some hours now. Despite their disbelief, Lilith and Hooty continue to make fun of King, assuming he made everything up. The king is startled when he sees an island. Lilith points out that the island isn’t on any maps she’s seen or studied, and hence shouldn’t be there.

They land and begin exploring. The island’s central tower piques Lilith’s interest. For dramatic effect, King walks them to a keyhole-shaped door at the building’s entrance. King sneaks inside to see if he can find a way out for the others, who are trapped by the rocks. Lilith is delighted when she discovers an artefact that predates her awareness of the realm outside. The gateway is opened by King, and they step inside.

Glyphs are used to light the chamber inside Lilith and Luz’s home. Upon entering, you immediately feel spooked. Lilith notices old sculptures while Luz detects activity. Lilith wonders what more she doesn’t know because she’s never seen anything quite like this before in her life. Seeing a giant demon carved into the wall, Hooty and Lilith realise that King may not be telling the truth and get frightened.

Reminiscing and being back, King breaks down in tears. After Lilith and Hooty mocked King’s storey, Lilith and Hooty unexpectedly urge King to tell them more of his tales. While the others are absorbed in King’s tale, Luz continues exploring the ruins. As soon as Luz notices the movement, she follows it. The gang is pursued by a thing that crawls on the ceiling and walls.

They slow it down using glyph magic. Eda arrives just as it appears to be going to get them and cuts them off before it can injure them. In Eda’s voice, she tells them to flee. Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop Force fields at the building’s entrance keep Eda from being able to flee, though she is still injured.

One moment, King has the unsettling feeling that Luz may not be convinced by his storey. Eda admits that he doesn’t have all the facts in front of him. Lilith bandages her arm when she falls to the ground. She goes on to describe her first encounter with King. We see Eda as a child, with short hair and a cape with slits in the corners. Eight years ago, Eda was on the prowl for a haven to flee the coven’s clutches.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 3

However, she desperately needed cover and was unaware of the island’s existence. She had to find a place to hide from the rain because it was pouring down hard. Inside, she realised she wasn’t alone. The rock formations that surrounded the building begin to change when Baby King appears. They were attacked by the same beast. She instinctively grabbed King and ran for his safety.

The creature fires an arrow at the group, striking King and breaking the horn from his skull helmet as they flee. When Eda refers to him as a monarch at home, he suddenly begins to talk. She tells him all about being a king after realising that he liked being called a king, and he agreed to go along with the storey because he found it enjoyable.

After Eda has finished her storey, King tells her that she is lying. She shows him the shattered horn she used in her storey. The king is taken aback when he realises that his army, which he had pictured in his mind, was actually made up of rock formations, and that his lavish feasts were actually made up of bugs. Disgusted, he throws the skull fragment away, claiming it’s causing him mental anguish.

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While trying to soothe him, he inquires if they’ve started making fun of him again, which Luz answers in the affirmative. The unexpected surge of knowledge makes him angry and frustrated, and he suffers a meltdown. He hastily flees, his heart racing with fear.

It’s a shame that Lilith, Hooty, and Luz all feel guilty for their actions. They decide to go it alone to find him. Eda reassures Luz that they will locate him. In the course of a short search, Luz discovers him seated on a log overlooking the sea. She kisses him on the cheek and apologises for lying to him. He breaks down in tears and confesses to her that he has lost the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Luz comes to grips with the fact that one of his recollections is still not adding up. He recalled hearing a roar as he fell. She tells him that somewhere inside he may have a memory of his origin storey. So, he’s down to go find out what’s going on! Eda apologises and he bops her, telling her no more secrets and she vows to keep them.

The creature is attacked by Lilith and Hooty as they return to the building. ‘Special delivery!’ shouts Hooty. PAIN.” It’s as if Luz, Eda, and King are flying into the room unobserved while Luz holds her breath, casting a disappearing spell. Lilith and Hooty fight the thing as Luz clears the tower’s entrance and the two teams fly up as the creature follows them.

There is nothing to see at the top. They are forced to take cover behind a wall as they are pinned down by the creature’s weight. Whenever King touches a wall, a miraculous door springs up in its place. To avoid being caught by the beast, they dash inside and lock the door.

“I knew there was something up here!” she exclaims, now that she’s in a chamber by herself. “Mystery whisperer” is how I like to describe myself. It was the butler’s fault. A magnifying glass is required. “Secret passageway” Lilith claims that the room is centuries ancient and that the beast guarded whatever lay within. Luz inquires as to whether King recognises anything in his surroundings.

He claims to be able to reactivate his memory. He adorns himself with a shattered fragment of his horn. King imagines that he is an egg that is hatching. He sees a symbol above him when he is born. When he touches the door, it swings open and he stumbles out of the room. The creature waits outside for him and carries him down to the ground floor, where his falling memory is derived. “Son,” according to him, was the meaning of the roar he remembered hearing.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 3

He has no idea how he knows, but he has it nonetheless. King’s father may be depicted in the engravings on the wall, the study concludes. The beast bursts through the door in a split second. When King commands it to stop, it bows before him. It had always been there to shield King from the rest of the gang. When he hears the voice, he understands that he’s important to someone, and wants to find out who. He enlists the assistance of Luz in his quest. She nods her head in agreement.

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In his bedroom, King engraves the symbol he saw on the collar of his jacket. Luz reassembles his horn with superglue. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen the creature again, but they carried him back with them and named him Jean-Luc after the King. Even though they now know the truth, King asks Luz if it’s okay if she continues to call him King. So endearing and comforting!

They saw markings that Eda says she’s never seen before and that it must be an ancient language. Inquiring minds try to figure out what the engravings depicted. In her search for answers, Lilith sifts over the pages of her books, both perplexed and eager for additional information. They’ve agreed to be there for King no matter what they find.

The voice work of Alex Hirsch is always a highlight, but he really outdid himself in this episode. He gave King a new level of sensitivity and depth. When King suffers a breakdown and rushes away, the animation was so moving that it brought the scene together. It’s exciting to learn so much about King’s life and legacy. When we heard his stories, we were always sceptical of their veracity. Great character development was King’s acceptance that his memories were inaccurate. He was open to the idea that there is yet more to learn, and he eagerly awaited it.

Now that Lilith is a full-time member of the group, I can’t get enough of her. She’s a fantastic teammate and a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the crew. Even though she was baffled by what she discovered this week, her expertise comes in helpful. Hooty swallows the camera after Lilith is caught taking pictures of the engravings.

I have no doubt that Lilith’s assistance and the knowledge they’ve gained this season will prove invaluable to them when they most need it. For the first time, we’ve learned how glyphs function, and we know that King’s background is far more complicated than previously thought. Is everything leading up to a showdown with Emperor Belos? Nothing but time will reveal the truth, therefore lets no hurry!

It was remarkable to see how Lilith and Hooty’s nicknames for each other have endured. They’ve formed a strong relationship, which surprised me because they are so different in so many ways. In the midst of combat, Hooty called out PAIN and asked Lilith to avenge him. I hope we get more of these moments in the future. Even though Hooty’s ability to walk (to their surprise) has been revealed, I’d like to see him again. Occasionally, but not too often.

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With just one season left, they’re not slacking off in their efforts to expand the mythology and create a more detailed world. I’ve always wanted to know more about King, but before now, I had no idea what he was like. To prepare for our upcoming showdown with Belos, I’m confident we’ll continue learning about the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final season and its three 44-minute episodes build up a Weirdmageddon-style scenario. I don’t want to rush the season, but the new information we’ve been getting has been so thrilling.

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