The Sound of Magic Season 2: When It Will Be Renewed?

After a great first season, The Sound of Magic’s second season was everything fans wanted and more. But most importantly, will Netflix order a second season of the show? Fans will hope so, but there may not be enough extra material to make that happen. Here’s what we know about season 2 of The Sound of Magic on Netflix.

The Sound of Magic is a South Korean original musical fantasy series on Netflix. It was written by Kim Min Jeong, directed by Kim Seong-Yoon, and based on Ha Il-webcomic Kwon’s Annarasumanara.

Yoon Ah Yi’s parents left her and her younger sister behind because they owed too much money. Yoon Ah Yi is still one of the best students at her school, even though she works part-time and has a lot of schoolwork. Yoon Ha Yi only wants to grow up quickly to get a stable job. Her life changes forever when she tells the magician Ri Eul about her dream.

Release Date

A short drama with short episodes seemed doomed to have a short run. Before, people thought Squid Game only had one season, but we’re about to get the second one. We might still get a second season if the streamers and producers think it’s good (*crosses fingers*). And if it does get picked up again, we might not see it until at least 2023. So, there is still some hope.

Netflix Renewal Status

The official status of Netflix’s renewal is “pending” (last update: 12/5/2022).

When this article was written, The Sound of Magic had been on Netflix for less than a week. This means we’ll have to wait at least a few weeks to determine if the K-Drama will continue.

the sound of magic season 2

This is because Netflix usually has to wait a few weeks to get all the essential viewership data worldwide. Renewal is often based on how many subscribers watched the whole series, how many started but quit after one or two episodes, and how many total viewing hours there were.

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Even though we thought The Sound of Magic would have a better start, almost ten million hours watched in the first week is still significant. Not only that, but the show has made it into the top ten shows on Netflix worldwide.

The Sound of Magic is already in the top ten in 42 countries worldwide, including UAE, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Egypt. It is also number one in many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Egypt. We think that The Sound of Magic will move up from the number two spot in South Korea to the number one spot.

We think that over the next few weeks, The Sound of Magic will become more popular and get enough views for Netflix to decide whether or not it should get a second season.

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Does the Sound of Magic Need a Second Season?

When talking about the second season of The Sound of Magic, the big question is whether or not the story needs a second season. This is mainly because, by the end of episode 6, many of the storylines from the first season are finished.

the sound of magic season 2

The source material is also a problem since the webtoon only had seven chapters, or eight if you count the prologue. For a second season, the writers must go above and beyond because they have already used almost all the source material.

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If the writers were willing to keep the story going for more than one season, some of the following things could happen in season 2;

  • How did the magician Ri Eul die? Ri Eul was never seen again after Ah-Yi used magic to make him disappear and get away from the police. Will Ri Eul return to teach Ah-Yi more of his secrets as she learns more about witchcraft?
  • Ri Eul was framed for a murder he didn’t do. Will Ri Eul ever get a clean record? Will a second season clear his name for good?
  • Ah-father Yi’s kept his promise to find a job to pay off his debts. Will this give Ah-Yi the freedom to become a magician?
  • Ah-Yi has longed for her mother ever since she left her. She has left her messages and letters, hoping she will one day come back. This is the worst thing that could happen. Ah-Yi is just starting to make something of her life when her mother returns.
  • Ah-Yi might be falling in love with Na Il. We’d expect to learn more about this relationship in season 2, significantly since Na Il is dropping out of college to try to take charge of his life without his parents.


  • Ryu Min Hyuk— Ji Chang Wook
  • Yoon Ah Yi— Choi Sung Eun
  • Na Il Deung— Hwang In Youp
  • Young Lee Eul— Nam Da Reum
  • Il Deung’s father— Yoo Jae Myung
  • Min Ji Soo— Park Ha Na
  • Young Jisu— Hong Seo Hui

Even though there are many reasons why The Sound of Magic might not come back for a second season, we can still hope for it. Now, if you will, click your fingers and say, “Ankara Sumatra.” Why don’t you watch the drama again on Netflix until then? Magic takes time to happen in this real world.


Everyone wants to know, “What happened to Ryu Min-hyuk?” He did such a great job teaching Ah-you how to do magic that she was able to make him disappear to stay out of trouble. He couldn’t have done the murder blamed on him, so we expected him to come back before the last curtain call, but he didn’t. *Sigh softly*.

the sound of magic season 2

This cliffhanger and Ah-journey Yi’s with magic will hopefully be resolved in the second season. It was implied that it was part of a fuller life that included college, but will she take things to more advanced and extreme levels?

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If that’s the case, TV history shows that magic always comes with a price, or at least headaches and drama (ask Willow from Buffy). It will be interesting to see what happens due to her playing around with supernatural things.

When we last saw Na Il-dung, the brilliant student had quit school because he wanted to see how he would grow without his parents’ high expectations.

In season two, we’ll find out if he will sink or swim, and there’s a chance he’ll fall in love with Ah-Yi. It was hinted at in the first season, but both of them were having trouble because of the responsibilities and pressures their parents put on them. What will happen when those weights are taken off?

In The Sound of Magic, Ah-mother Yi isn’t there, but her presence is more significant than life. Ah-Yi longed for her mother, who left her and her sister when they were young. She sends her text messages and letters, hoping they will be read one day. She may come back. This relationship will end one way or another, though.

Frequently Asked Question

Will the Sound of Magic Have a Second Season?

As of right now, fans don’t know if there will be a second season of this magical drama or not. But based on how much people like the show, we might get The Sound of Magic Season 2 sooner rather than later.

Is the Story of the Sound of Magic Over?

When this was written, Netflix had not picked up season 2 of The Sound of Magic. The story comes to a pretty clear conclusion, but K-dramas are also popular on Netflix.

Are There Only Six Episodes of the Sound of Magic?

The Sound of Magic came out last Friday. It stars Ji Chang-Wook, Choi Sung-eun, and Hwang In-youp. A lot of people liked the musical fantasy Korean drama. On the other hand, fans wanted more because there were only 6 episodes.

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