This Is Us Season 6: When Will the Next Episode of it Air?

This Is Us, the beloved NBC show that has left many viewers in tears, has entered its final season. This Is Us has been NBC’s ratings and critical darling, so any other weeping you hear is likely coming from the network. The saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.

Dan Fogleman’s This Is Us premiered in 2016 and chronicled the Pearson family’s three adult siblings’ lives and their parents’ through flashbacks. Expect more heart-wrenching moments in season 6, which has been noted for its gut-punching emotional scenes.

When Will, the Next Episode of This, Is Us Air?

This Is Us Season 6
This Is Us Season 6

This Is Us returns on Tuesday, April 19, at 9 p.m. ET/PT for its final season.

Toby and Kate’s romance was the center of last week’s episode; this week’s episode, titled “Day of the Wedding,” will follow Kate as her family gathers to celebrate her wedding.
Hulu and Peacock will offer on-demand viewing of the newest episode for US viewers who missed it live on Wednesdays.

This week’s episode of This Is Us won’t be accessible on Prime Video or Disney Plus until Thursday, April 21, in the UK, because of the two-day delay.

The Cast of This Is Us

This Is Us Season 6
This Is Us Season 6
  • Milo Ventimiglia – Jack Pearson
  • Mandy Moore – Rebecca Pearson
  • Chrissy Metz – Kate Pearson
  • Justin Hartley – Kevin Pearson
  • Lyric Ross – Deja Pearson
  • Caitlin Thompson – Madison Simmons
  • Asante Blackk – Malik Hodges
  • Chris Geere – Phillip
  • Sterling K. Brown – Randall Pearson
  • Susan Kelechi Watson – Beth Pearson
  • Chris Sullivan – Toby Damon
  • Jon Huertas – Miguel Rivas

When will the last season of This Be Us air?

On Tuesday, May 24.

In February, This Is Us writer Dan Fogelman announced the series conclusion at NBC’s Scripted Press Day.

Recap of This Is Us Season 5

This Is Us Season 6
This Is Us Season 6

Season 5 of This Is Us focused on Kevin and Madison’s romance, culminating in Kevin proposing to her after learning about her pregnancy from the family. Nevertheless, Madison has her reservations about Kevin’s love for her in the end, as though he is marrying her out of duty rather than love.

Rebekah offers Kevin help build the Pearson family a cabin as a method to deal with his grief. Kevin confesses to her on their wedding day that, while he loves the family they are making, he is not in love with her. After confronting him, she understands.

Kate and Toby, meantime, have been dealing with their issues. Due to Toby’s inability to find work, Kate is left to raise the family independently, relying on the income from her teaching profession. Phillip is the first person she meets, and she develops a strong relationship with him.

At the end of the season, Toby informs us that he has landed a job but that it will necessitate him to spend part of the week in San Francisco. Kate considers quitting her career to keep their family together, but Phillip persuades her to stay, and Kate assures Toby they will figure it out.

This season was about finding out more about Laurel, his mother when it came to Randall. Finally, Rebecca apologizes for keeping facts about Randall’s birth parents hidden from him as a child.

Despite her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Rebecca continues to cope.

Season 5 wraps up with a flashback to the present. Preparing for yet another wedding, Kevin is seen in his formal attire. However, Kate’s wedding to Phillip, presumably, takes place instead of his.

Those are a lot of clues for This Is Us season 6, and longtime viewers know that there will be some startling and heartbreaking turns in the story.

This Is Us Season 6 will have how many episodes?

If the sixth season premieres in January, the final episode will air in May, assuming there are 18 episodes in the season. For the fans, this means that they won’t have to wait long periods before the next episode airs, which is a huge plus!

Ventimiglia made the vow in an interview with daily !’s Pop on September 17. It can be on for two episodes, then off for three weeks, then back on for four episodes, and so on.” As far as I’m aware, there are just 18 episodes left to go, which is quite astounding,” he remarked. In that regard, I believe it’s something to look forward to.”

Where can I watch This Is Us Season 6?

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, the first episode of Season 6 will air.

If you prefer to watch the show online, you’ll have various options. NBC’s streaming service, Peacock,, and the network’s app offer it. Additionally, Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV, and other live television streaming services will offer Season 6. You can catch up on the first five seasons on Peacock while you wait.


What date is the This Is Us finale?

24 May 2022

How Many Episodes in the Final Season of This Is Us?

The last season of This Is Us will start in January 2022, and there will be 18 episodes. The most recent episode that aired this week was the ninth, which means we’re about halfway through the last season. This Is Us will end on NBC on May 24 at 9 pm ET.

Is baby Jack in This is Us blind?

Yes, Kate and Toby’s son, Jack Jr., is legally blind. Retinopathy of prematurity was found in him after he was born 12 weeks early. This is Us season 4’s Jack was played by a blind baby. Weldon and Poppy Barnes took up the part in a number of scenes, as well.

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