Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: Is It Going to Be Renewed or Not?

Tiny Pretty Things” is a gripping drama series that anyone can watch. It features aspects of crime, secrets, and cutthroat competition. Michael MacLennan devised the show based on the novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton of the same name.

A space opens up at the Archer School, a prominent ballet school in Chicago, and Neveah Stroyer (Kylie Jefferson) gets a full scholarship. Neveah soon discovers that she was accepted into the school because the dancer who previously held her position is now in a coma following an attack that ended her falling from a four-story structure.

This Netflix original’s first season, consisting of ten episodes, premiered in the middle of December of 2020. Season one of The 100 concluded on an unexpected cliffhanger, leaving viewers to wonder when the next installment will be released. A second season of “Tiny Pretty Things” has been shown.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Cast

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2
Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

“Tiny Pretty Things” is likely to return for a second season with all of the original cast members. There’s also her first Archer School buddy Shane (Brennan Close), who’s straight but secretly sleeping with his roommate, and her new roommate June (Daniela Norman), who used to live with Cassie.

Bette (Casimere Jollette) treats Neveah (right away) like she’s a competitor. Delia (Tory Trowbridge), Bette’s renowned ballerina older sister, has already graduated from Archer School. They’re both essential players in the story.

Also on the performance are choreographer Ramon (Bayardo De Murguia) and Archer School director Monique (Lauren Holly), the latter of whom is having an affair with a student in the school’s dorm room.

In the season’s seventh episode, Cassie (Anna Maiche), whose presence is critical to the story’s plot, awakens just as her family is preparing to remove her from life support. Her role will grow in the second season, especially in the wake of her harrowing ordeal.

Season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things Will Focus on What?

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2
Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Because of Cassie’s recovery, it is now clear that her fall was not an accident. Delia was soon identified as the person who shoved her. This all came to light after Delia’s fury, and jealousy over Ramon’s involvement with Cassie led her to lash out against Cassie.

Delia framed her sister Bette, and their mother was aware of it the whole time, making the narrative even more intricate. In addition to all of this, another unexplained crime is added into the mix for a second season to pick up. Ramon is stabbed to death in the Season 1 finale, shown in the closing seconds.

Last but not least, we see Ramon hunched over, bleeding profusely from a stabbing to the heart.

As with the previous season, fans should expect the mystery of who stabbed Ramon to be at the forefront of the second. The show’s inspiration for the story, “Shiny Broken Pieces,” has a follow-up novella that follows the protagonists’ quest to join the American Ballet Theatre.

Season 2 of “Tiny Pretty Things” will have a lot to cover, both from the previous season’s setup and the new content in the second book.

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A Release Date for Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2
Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

“Tiny Pretty Things” has not been renewed for a second season as this writing. There hasn’t been a Season 2 confirmation; although four months after its debut date may seem like a long time to wait, COVID-19 has disrupted the production of nearly every show and film, so the news may only be a little behind.

“Tiny Pretty Things” swiftly rose to the top of Netflix’s trending shows, making a renewal more plausible.

Even if it is renewed, a second season may not be released for some time. If the first season’s release date is any indication, viewers will likely have to wait for the second season’s release. Based on Netflix’s decision to continue the show, the second season could be released in 2022.

It’s possible that the lengthier runtime is due to the attention to detail required to give the dancing school setting the realism it deserves. Ballet consultant and principal choreographer Jennifer Nichols talked to Dance Spirit about how to accurately reflect the world of dance.

Nichols made the following statement: “It was decided that the shoe room would look like, how the studio would be set up, and even how the crew would tie the pointe shoe ribbon. Despite my concerns, the project was never put on hold because of a lack of time or money.

“Tiny Pretty Things” production necessitates a significant amount of time because of the meticulous attention to set design and the extensive time required to choreograph and practice the routines (which are all done by the cast members, not body doubles, as Nichols points out).

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