To Your Eternity Season 2: Episode 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Latest Updates!

The new opening and closing theme sequence for To Your Eternity have been unveiled with the premiere of the series in the Fall 2022 anime schedule, making it the last of the major franchises to return for new episodes.

The anime adaptation of Yoshitoki Oima’s manga series, which made its debut in the spring of 2021, caused quite a stir among viewers due to its uniqueness. Season two is finally here, and Fushi has a whole new set of allies and enemies to contend with after all these years.

In celebration of the return of To Your Eternity for its second season this Fall, a brand-new theme song has been composed and will be used in both the series’ opening and closing credits. In fact, the opening theme song from the first season, “Pink Blood” by Utada Hikaru, returns for the second.

To Your Eternity Season 2

Of course, you can watch some brand new footage in the video up top, and fans are sure to enjoy hearing the theme song again. The closing theme is composed by Masashi Hamauzu and is titled “Roots.”


In episode 4 of season 2 of To Your Eternity, Prince Bonchien of Uralis will make an effort to demonstrate a different way to Fushi. After last week’s episode, it was clear that Bonchien had a special ability.

There may be something in the Prince’s environment that is causing him to have episodes of madness, as was speculated by one of his subjects. Whether or not Prince Bonchien is a friend remains to be seen.

Cylira, a member of the Bennettian Church, was introduced in Episode 3. The members of the Church of Bennett came to take custody of Fushi after Prince Bonchien brought him to the palace of the Uralis Kingdom. After Bonchien turned down their request, however, they decided to head back. To Your Eternity season 2 episode 4 may provide further insight into Cylira and the Church of Bennett.

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Plot Episode 3

In episode 3 of season 2 of To Your Eternity, titled “The Awaited,” Fushi, in his new guise as Parona, was captured along with Kahaku as they travelled through the Uralis Kingdom to spread Fushi’s influence when they were ambushed by Prince Bonchien Nicoli La Tasty Peach Uralis. Since Bonchien’s father had already chosen his brother to succeed him as king, he strove to impress him with his accomplishments in the hopes that he would reconsider naming him head of state.

To Tonari’s chagrin, it was revealed during their stay that one of the Guardians from the past had stolen Fushi’s book. Bonchien later came across Fushi while he was trying to flee from something and asked him what was wrong. It was revealed by Fushi that he was exhausted from witnessing the deaths of those close to him. So, the next time he witnessed a loved one die from Nokkers, he resolved to let himself be infected.

Bonchien was willing to assist Fushi and introduce him to a whole new world; from there, Fushi could make his own choices.


The second season’s cast and crew are the only confirmed members so far. The anime’s voice cast will likely keep a number of the main characters from the original version. Information will be updated as soon as it becomes available! Here’s the cast so far for the show:

  • Fushi is played by Reiji Kawashima
  • With Akeno Watanabe in the role of Todo
  • The role of Pocoa is played by Aoi Koga
  • The role of Nixon is played by Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • The Observer, portrayed by Kenjiro Tsuda

To Your Eternity Season 2

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Release Date

Episode 4 of Season 2 of To Your Eternity is titled “The Young Man Who Can See,” and it will premiere on Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 7 p.m. JST. As a result, the episode’s premiere time and date will be different in each time zone.

November 13

  • British Standard Time: 11 am BST
  • Central European Time: 12 pm CET
  • Indian Standard Time: 3:30 pm IST
  • Pacific Time: 3 am PT
  • Central Time: 5 am CT
  • Eastern Time: 6 am ET
  • Philippine Standard Time: 6 pm PHT



In the fall of 2022, the series’ heart-stopping drama will return. In To Your Eternity, the protagonist, Fushi, is an immortal charged with protecting all of creation from the monsters known as Nokkers. How does one kill an eternal being? The Nokkers accomplish this by erasing Fushi’s past and returning him to his original, memory-free state: a spherical, shapeless being.

After suffering the loss of his loved ones in the first season, Fushi retreated to an isolated island, where he remained until the beginning of season two, forty years later, when it becomes the primary objective to reintegrate Fushi into society so that he can continue his quest. Because of the time jump, we get to meet a whole new cast of characters, most of whom are probably going to die a horrible death.

Hikaru Utada’s “PINK BLOOD” serves as the theme song for both the first and second seasons. The same visual aesthetic is used, with brief glimpses of various people Fushi has or will meet. In the pilot, “Infatuation Reborn,” Fushi explains the significance of the oceanic imagery in the opening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In to Your Eternity, Who is the Mysterious Girl With the Purple Hair?

Parona was a Ninannah teen who was March’s best friend. She fought against the sacrifices her family was forced to perform, but was killed by Hayase when she got in the way of the hunt for Fushi.

Who is the Lucky One to Fall for Fushi?

Since the moment he met her, Hayase’s love for Fushi has been all-consuming. Her abnormal love for Fushi was so intense that she threatened to kill anyone who was close to him if it meant she could be alone with him, and she even asked Fushi to kill her.

Is Hayase a Father or Mother?

It is unclear if she kills this man or if he is the father of her child. Hayase passes away after her daughter Fushi gives birth to a child while she is still alive. Fushi’s daughter later becomes pregnant with Hayase’s granddaughter Hisame.


The anime adaptation of Yoshitoki Oima’s manga series To Your Eternity is returning for its second season. In season two, it becomes the primary objective to reintegrate Fushi back into society. The anime’s voice cast will likely keep a number of the main characters from the original version.

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