The Top 10 Shows Currently Airing on Hbo Max

It’s not just the HBO originals that makeup HBO Max; it also includes shows from all of the WarnerMedia properties, which together make up an impressive TV lineup in and of themselves. This is not perplexing at all!

We’ve ranked the top 18 HBO Max originals that you can watch right now, as the list keeps growing. We’ve mainly focused on scripted, live-action series in English, with a few exceptions for docuseries. Even so, we believe there will be many more excellent Max Originals in the future.

The Staircase

When Michael Peterson, a novelist, and aspiring Durham politician, found his wife Kathleen unconscious at the bottom of the stairs in their Durham home, it was a story straight out of the headlines. Theories abound about the possible culprit or cause of her death, some of which seemed as implausible as they were outrageous at the time.

With Colin Firth disappearing into Michael Peterson and Toni Collette infusing Kathleen Peterson with striking depth and humanity before her death, HBO’s new miniseries doesn’t try to copy the award-winning documentary by Lestrade; it incorporates it into the narrative, with the director himself taking on the role of a character in the compelling story.

This series isn’t just a good match for the original documentary; it necessitates a tandem viewing.

Big Little Lies

Do you have “Cold Little Heart” ringing in your ears now, or is it just me? “Big Little Lies,” starring Reese Witherspoon as outspoken Madeline, Nicole Kidman as level-headed Celeste, and Shailene Woodley as the new girl in town, uncovers the dark secrets of Monterey’s well-to-do residents.

Season two even introduced Meryl Streep to the cast, and the cinematography and direction are both stunning and unique. There were eight Emmy Awards for the first season, and they were well-deserved. If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the best female friendship groups, murder mysteries, or soundtracks ever, Big Little Lies has it all.


In spite of its ridiculous premise, Bill Hader’s half-hour scripted series succeeds admirably in balancing comedy, drama, and action thriller elements without ever losing sight of its core strengths. A successful (one might say almost too successful) hitman who really doesn’t realize that his heart truly lies on the stage, but becoming an actor isn’t as simple as it sounds, and not just because the audition circuit can be brutal.

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Sally (Goldberg) and Gene Cousineau (Winkler) are just two of the people Barry must deal with on a daily basis, but he also has to contend with the criminal element he can’t shake, from his associate Fuches (Root) to aspiring mafia leader NoHo Hank (Carrigan).

We can expect an even more thrilling second season as Barry’s life continues to unravel as threats from his past are revealed one by one in the new episodes. When you’re paid to kill people for a living, normalcy may be a distant memory.

Tokyo Vice

When seen through the eyes of its protagonist (Elgort), HBO Max’s new crime drama uses the fish-out-of-water conceit to less memorable effect; what really gives this new series its most convincing angle is found outside of its lead and the actors who are indisputable heavy-hitters in their own right.

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A seasoned organized crime detective, Watanabe plays Hiroto Katagiri, who mentors a young American journalist who has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Plus, when has Rinko Kikuchi ever given an unwelcome performance? During the 1990s, the lines between crime and law become even more blurred as this fictional version of Adelstein descends into Tokyo’s neon-soaked underground.


Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Julia Child in The Julia Child Story was widely regarded as one of the greatest film roles of all time, but it turns out there’s a lot of money to be made in a series that focuses on her life and career without any modern-day time shifts.

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When it comes to this series, Lancashire has a lot of the heavy lifting to do. Furthermore, watching a show that doesn’t revolve around drama or high stakes but rather focuses on a woman who was the absolute best at what she did is immensely satisfying (even if there are occasional career road bumps along the way).

Even if the show’s label is “comedic,” it’s impossible to overlook the show’s overall soothing nature, especially when the real world is already so tense.

Gentleman Jack

The HBO series Gentleman Jack, based on the journals of Anne Lister, follows a fictionalized version of the woman (Suranne Jones) as she seeks to take care of her family’s Halifax estate, Shibden Hall, and its many trials and tribulations (where the show actually filmed for its first and upcoming second season).

Gentleman Jack picks up just before Lister meets the woman who would become her wife in all but legal terms, Ann Walker (Rundle). It’s a bumpy ride, but they’re finally on the road to true love, and Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, with Anne attempting to win over Ann’s disapproving family and help her wife assert her own identity and needs. In addition, the show’s moments when it breaks the fourth wall are both amusing and poignant.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Television has largely avoided college campuses for decades. A common problem is that once the characters graduate from high school, shows like “Teen Wolf” struggle to either let them go or come up with interesting storylines for them after they’ve left the confines of their teen years.

However, young adult series often skip the intermediate college step and jump straight into post-graduate life, missing the significant growth that occurs while teenagers are away from their parents for the first time. Thanks to The Sex Lives of College Girls, we’re able to dive right into the fun, sex, and self-discovery that go along with being a college student.

There are four main characters in the series, all of whom come from very different backgrounds and have been placed in a dorm at prestigious Essex College in the northeast.

The four main characters are Amrit (Amrit Kaur), Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), Leighton (Renee Rapp), and Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott), a star soccer player who has to deal with the expectations that come with being the daughter of a senator (Alyah Chanelle Scott).

They are all college freshmen, but they all have something in common: they all come from small towns, and they all lack street smarts. As far as romantic and identity-based stories go, the show isn’t breaking new ground, but each girl’s predicament is approached with a tangible amount of love and understanding.

This film makes a strong argument for the need to see more depictions of what it’s like to be a college student.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults

Four-part HBO documentary series on Heaven’s Gate focuses on the 1970s group’s formation, recruitment, and eventual mass suicide. It’s a careful, honest, and heartbreaking depiction of the organization. Filmed in the early days of the cult, Heaven’s Gate includes interviews with participants and those who were close to them, as well as historic footage of the cult.

For fans of Wild Country, this miniseries focuses on the charismatic leaders who gained followers and spread their bizarre ideologies. Even though many cult members met a tragic end, Heaven’s Gate attempts to shed light on what drew them to the group and why they looked for salvation in such obscure places.

Heaven’s Gate aims to answer those questions for anyone interested in or fascinated by the humanistic drive to join a group like this.

Our Flag Means Death

We can safely say that with the release of Our Flag Means Death, pirates are once again cool. Although this series isn’t exactly “What We Do in the Shadows, Only Pirates,” it is always a good idea to have Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi back on screen together.

Rather than being a mockumentary, this show features a workplace comedy with a crew that believes they can be the best plunderers on the open sea, led by an absolutely inane captain named Stede Bonnet (Darby), who was based on a real-life pirate.

This is a departure from the duo’s previous work together. A friendship between Bonnet and Blackbeard (Waititi) emerges when the two meet, rather than a rivalry.


Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker (Cena), was shot in the throat by Bloodsport (Idris Elba) in the bloody climax of the 2021 film, and now we know exactly what happened to him after that. His ability to speak was discovered to be intact after all.

He is now on another mission to save the world, this time with an entirely new team of misfits. Additionally, we learn more about Peacemaker’s upbringing and how he became the protector of peace he is today. His father, played by Patrick, is even worse than we first thought.

Eagle, the pet eagle, is both ridiculous and endearing in equal measure. It is impossible to accurately describe Peacemaker in advance; one must see it for oneself.

The Gilded Age

Julian Fellowes is back with his first post-Downton Abbey series, which was originally envisioned as a prequel to the wildly successful series featuring Lord and Lady Crawley but then took on a life of its own.

For those who have been waiting for a lavish period drama with exquisite costumes, look no further; Although the 80-minute premiere this month was a journey, the ensemble cast of legendary actors makes it almost necessary for it to be so long.

Gilded Age is an amalgamation of Fellowes’ trademark tea parties and parties, as well as a focus on a specific period in American history and how the wealthy families of Manhattan built their fortunes, as well as who wanted to be in their social circles.

Even if the show takes a while to find its groove, you can’t go wrong letting icons like Carrie Coon and Christine Baranski entertain you for an hour or so.

South Side

A little bit of Chicago’s comic potential is unleashed by creators and writers Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle. The fact that they’re actually doing it helps. Besides working behind the scenes, they have their own locally-shot series in which they play cops and lawyers, as appropriate.

Just one example of South Side’s tight-knit production is the fact that the cast and crew are all so involved. Karen Young and Sultan Salahuddin, Bashir Salahuddin’s brother, star in the series as rent-to-own furniture repo men Simon (Kareem Young) and K’s twin Q (Quincy Young), who recently graduated from Kennedy-King College.

The store and the cops have a tense relationship, as both are trying to make money and keep the shady goings-on at bay. Chandra Russell, who plays Bashir’s partner and is also a writer, is another standout, as are the two sets of brothers.

There aren’t many actors in this cast who don’t stand out as funny, energetic voices that should’ve been dominating comedic television a long time ago, to be honest.

Somebody Somewhere

Somebody Somewhere, starring Emily Everett as a woman who moves back to her hometown to care for her aging sister, bears a lot of resemblance to small-town comedies that we’d gladly spend more time with, thanks to shows like Ted Lasso and movies like Barb and Star, which have brought back the kind of earnest comedy we’ve been missing.

As difficult as it is for Everett’s Sam to change her life in the middle of it, the story is sold to us every step of the way, and center stage is an endearing and hilarious lead who will pull you in as you watch her rediscover her voice, trying to remind us all that it’s not too late for us to find our true purpose and, by extension, our joy.

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