Triad Princess Season 2: Is Series Worth Watching?

People seem to be slowly becoming more interested in Asian dramas these days, and we can’t say we blame them since many people find them unique and very different from western dramas. Also, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters in the Chinese drama “Triad Princess,” and you don’t want to miss out on this.

The Netflix original series Triad Princess came out in 2019. It was directed by Neal Wu and written by Wu, Emma Chen, Cheng Han-wen, and Huang Shi-ting. Jasper Liu, Eugenie Liu, Chang Zhang-xing, and Hung Yan-Siang appear.

The Netflix original series was top-rated in Asia, but it didn’t catch people’s attention in the US and UK. Because of this, it’s not clear if “Triad Princess” will have another season. But, again, there are a lot of fans who can’t wait for the next chapter.

Triad Princess’ Storyline:

Triad Princess Season 2

Anastasia (Eugenie Liu) stars as Angie Ni, the daughter of triad lord Ni Kun (Michael Huang), who heads up a feared group nicknamed the Cosmos. At the age of 25, she has had enough of living in her father’s shadow and resolves to break free and start a new chapter in her life.

Angie, the daughter of a well-known criminal, takes on the role of an undercover bodyguard for a famous actress to avoid drawing attention to herself. Her celebrity crush, Xu Yi Hang, is one of the first people she meets as she begins a new life.

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On the other hand, Xu Yi Hang isn’t precisely what he appears to be in front of the cameras and paparazzi, but he enjoys being himself around Angie. A snowball of love and emotions begins to slide down the snowy mountain when Hang becomes enamored with Angie’s infinite brightness and innocence before he gets an eye-opener.

In other words, their love story is like that of Romeo and Juliet, where the outside world is continuously striving to keep these two apart.

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In other words, she’s walking on thin ice because she’s constantly in the media’s and paparazzi’s sights because of her proximity to her father’s business and Cosmos activities. They are putting their relationship to the test here, but they always come out on top, as seen in the previous seasons.

Which Triad Will Princess Cast Members Return for Season 2?

Triad Princess Season 2

There is still no word on a second season, although the cast members most likely to return include–

A performance by Eugenie Liu in the role of Angie Ni

  • Jasper Liu will play Xu.
  • Chang Zhang-xing plays Lin Gui in this film.
  • He’ll be playing Ding-ding in the movie.
  • Cecilia Choi Sze-wan will play Ling Yun.
  • Tsao Yu-Ning will play Eddie Kim.
  • Tien-Hsin will play Sophia Kwong.
  • Michael J.Q.  will play the role of Ni Kun. Huang
  • Cheung Ka-nin plays Kim Hong-tian Han in the film.
  • As Cai-you, Gee Lui will play the role (Of radish)
  • Amanda Liu will play Nana.
  • Chen Ray-Wei will play Pineapple.
  • Chang Shu-Wei will play Wang Jin-Guo.

When Is Triad Princess Season 2 Premiering?

Triad Princess Season 2

On the 6th of December, 2019, Netflix released the first season. It aired six times, with each episode clocking in around 35 to 47 minutes in length. Production might begin as early as this year, and we expect the new season to arrive by the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

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Where Can I Watch Triad Princess Season 2?

The previous season’s six episodes of Triad Princess may be watched on Netflix.


How many episodes of Triad Princess are there?


Is Triad Princess worth watching?

I enjoyed Angie’s character in the show. The more I see Eugenie Liu in films like “Behind Your Smile,” the more I fall in love with her as an actress. The only thing I wanted about this little play was the fiery Angie.

Do triads have tattoos?

Like the yakuza in Japan, Triads are getting less and less tattooed. They are, however, more likely to have their tattoos in mainland China, where the cost is substantially lower.

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