Tripling Season 3: What Doesn’t Work?

The much-anticipated Hindi web-show Tripling, created by The Viral Fever, is set to return with its third season soon, following two successful seasons. The series premiered in 2016, and the second season premiered in April 2019 after three years.

The show received a positive response from audiences, and it has won several awards, including the Asian Television Awards, along with other communities. It was named one of the best web series of 2016 in 2016.

Tripling Season 3 Review: What’s It About:

The trio is back, and this time their problems are caused by their parents, who are only interested in living their lives on their terms. The separation of their parents brings the Triplings together and begins the emotional journey.

Tripling Season 3

Tripling Season 3 OTT Release Date

The series, which debuted its first season on streaming platform TVF Play as well as YouTube, and the second season on Sony LIV, is now streaming on Zee5 beginning October 21st.

Sumeet Vyas, one of the show’s actors, revealed it in the first look poster, which shows him riding a bike with Anmol Parashar as the pillion rider and Maanvi Gagroo in the side car. The upcoming season appears to be a roller coaster; a teaser will also be released on October 3rd.

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Tripling Season 3: What Works:

The core of Tripling, created by the amazing TVF family, was that it catered to a new story with an unconventional dynamic in which the protagonist was not romantically involved or fighting for revenge. But they were siblings attempting to navigate life while unaware of the significance of their presence in each other’s lives. It struck a nerve, and TVF had another hit on their hands.

Arunabh Kumar and Sumeet Vyas wrote the story, Arunabh, Sumeet, and Abbas Dalal wrote the screenplay, and Neeraj Udhwani directed the film. Season 3 begins similarly to the previous two seasons, with all three scattered across the country and forced to work together to solve a single problem. This time, Vyas is likely attempting to bring a sense of ‘tehrav’ (stability) to his protagonists’ rather chaotic lives. The problem is not directly in their lives, but has entered through their parents. Except for Chitvan, their parts of the story receive less attention. It also works for a good portion of the time because we’ve seen enough of Chandan and Chanchal.

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As previously stated, the focus is on parents, and they are written beautifully. Even in the midst of the annoying runtime and the rush, these parents with a voice and choices that define an old couple understanding relationship in a new way are a good note to tap into. If you love someone, you don’t cling to them until one of you dies; instead, you let them go. Vyas’ delicate handling of Kumud and Shernaz’s parts is stunning. The attempt to demonstrate that parents have lives outside of raising and listening to their children is amazing.

Vyas and his team attempt to find pathos in the most upbeat and unexpected character, Chitvan. His part of the story is the only time you cry this season. He asks Baba for a hug, and at that moment, Nilotpal Bora’s soulful Patang tunes in, revealing the most ‘Care Me Not’ character’s vulnerabilities. He isn’t a biological father, but he is still fighting for custody; his relationship with his parents is strained; and his siblings have lives and can no longer devote their full attention to his antiques. Personal battles are important no matter what, and the team explores this through Chitvan.

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Tripling Season 3: Star Performance

They are now the siblings Sumeet, Amol, and Maanvi. The ease with which they now approach these characters is palpable, and it’s wonderful to see how well they understand them. This time, Parashar is the most evolved of the three, and he makes sure he does it well. Sumeet and Maanvi both play their parts well.

Kumud Mishra is always entertaining, and when he loses his cool, the scene is memorable. Shernaz Patel has a calm demeanour, and every time she appears on screen, you can’t help but smile and welcome the positive energy she exudes.

Tripling Season 3

Tripling Season 3: What Doesn’t Work?

Where is the Trip in Tripling? The first two seasons were about bonds developing on the road. The third season lacks just that. The fact that there is hardly any trip, the bare minimum, and the only focus is a divorce (which honestly works), nothing else really lands well. The very limited run time leads to things rushing so fast that you have no time to observe.

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