Every Little Thing You Need to Know About the Turpin Family House of Horrors!

Parents love their kids so much that they would do anything to make them happy. When a child is with their parents, they feel the safest. But did you know that there is one family that has made it impossible for parents and children to get along?

David and Louise Turpin abused their 13 biological children for years until one of them got away and told the police. The event happened in January of 2018. When you read about their story, it will make you feel cold.

The Horror House

The thirteen children of David and Louise Turpin grew up in a rigorous environment. It was so bad that when the media broke into their house and saw what the kids had been through for years, they called it the “house of horrors.”

Their 17-year-old daughter, Jordan Turpin, crawled out the window of their home to try to save the lives of all of her 12 siblings. Jordan had been planning her escape for two years. For many years, her parents had hurt her and her siblings physically, mentally, and emotionally in their Perris, California, home. She had an old phone with her when she ran away. She ran out of the house, called 911, and told the awful story of the torture.

The Turpins Couple: Their History

David Turpin was born and raised in West Virginia, and his future looked bright. He got a degree in engineering from Virginia Tech University and had a successful career in that field. David worked for well-known American companies after he became a computer engineer and rose to the top of his field.

turpin family

He took retirement in 2012. Even though he did well in school and at work, he filed for bankruptcy in 2011 because of his credit card debt. His broad Louis Turpin took care of his home. Louis lived in a house where she was hurt as a child. Her sister told her that their maternal grandfather often broke them and their cousin in exchange for money.

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The sister said that Louis became so obsessed with drinking that he even tried witchcraft and did other shady things. But her siblings never thought that they would hurt and abuse their kids.

When the Abuse Started

The Turpins used to live in Fort Worth, but in 1999, they moved to Rio Vista. At first, the couple hurt their children by leaving them alone and not caring for them. Soon, it turned into more brutal rounds of torture. In 2010, after living in Rio Vista for a few years, they moved to California.

When people in the neighborhood were asked about the couple, they didn’t have anything good to say about them. They were said to have found feces, trash piles, and dead pets near their home. After the family moved out of their second home, some neighbors found ropes tied to the beds.

Even in their California home, the couple kept hurting their children. The kids didn’t have enough to eat, clean, get medical care, or go to school.

turpin family

Jennifer, the oldest sister, told them they could only eat once a day and take a bath yearly. People say that they were left hungry while the couple ate junk food. When the kids tried to steal food from their parents, even a little bit, they were hit.

The kids were punished for the silliest things, and their parents beat them very hard. When Louise’s father beat them with sticks and belts until they were bleeding, she pushed one of her siblings down the stairs.

The Coming of the Police

When Jordan left her house to tell the police about what had happened, she already had photos on a concealed cell phone that proved what had happened. When the police went to their house to ensure they were okay, they found more than what was in the photos.

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The police found that the kids were not getting enough food. Some of them were even tied down with chains. The room was full of dirty things. It was said that the children were forced to live in such filth that they had to see and smell feces and eat food that had gone bad.

They also had clear signs of being abused and going hungry. Some siblings were not as grown up as others. None of them were free or had anyone to talk to besides their evil parents. All of the children were sent to a doctor for a checkup. Many were hurt physically and mentally because their children had been mean to them for a long time.

Where Are Mr. And Mrs. Turpin Now?

After the police broke into the Turpin house, news of this sad event spread worldwide. The news stories only talked about parts of what happened. The police arrested the couple and first pleaded not guilty to the 14 felony charges against them. The following year, however, they changed their plea to guilty.

turpin family

The Turpins were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison, but they could get out after 25 years. During one of the hearings, Louise Turpin said she was sorry for what she had done and what she had done to her children.

One of the kids forgave their parents; some can even visit them in jail. But almost ten of them have given the couple a 10-year restraining order.

Things You Didn’t Know About the Turpin Family.

When the doctors and nurses saw how sick the children were, they cried.

When one of the children got away, the rest also got away. After being checked out, they were sent to the hospital. The medical staff thought their patients were kids, so they were shocked that some siblings were already adults.

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All 13 kids had severe problems with how they were growing up. One of the workers said that they had never seen anything as horrible as what these kids went through.

The Children of Turpin Never Saw the World Outside

The children never got to see the outside world during their whole lives. They couldn’t go outside and couldn’t play with other kids their age. They didn’t go to school at all. Their father taught all of them at home.

Their Routine Was Messed Up

Investigators said that the siblings didn’t have a regular schedule. During the day, they slept, and at night, they were awake. They usually went to sleep between 4 and 5 am.

The Children Were Not Given Any Medical Care

The Turpin children weren’t allowed to go to school or play with other kids. They also weren’t allowed to go to the doctor. All of the babies were born in the hospital, and none of them went to a doctor or dentist after they were born. The couple bought the kids toys but couldn’t play with them. They would even hit the kids who took the toys out of the box.

The Kids Were Allowed to Keep Diaries

Even though their parents tortured and beat them, they let the Turpin children do one thing. They were free to keep diaries. When the police went to the Turpin house to look for evidence, they found hundreds of journals that were important to the case. These journals were the best way to find out what went on in the house.

There is a Film About What Happened to the Turpin Family

Soledad O’Brien, a journalist who has won an Emmy Award, is in charge of the Turpin family case documentary. This movie will tell you more about what happened to the couple and their kids. The reporter has looked into the family’s past and present lives and shed light on the unanswered questions. The documentary can be watched online for free on YouTube.

The Children Are Putting Their Lives Back Together

The district attorney said that things were going in the right direction. After being saved in 2018, the children are now trying to start over with a happy and healthy life. They are trying to be on their own while caring for their physical and mental health. Some sources say that most of the adult Turpin siblings live alone.

The whole thing that happened to the Turpin family is one of the worst things that could happen to children as they grow up. We hope all thirteen Turpin siblings get well in body, mind, and spirit.

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