Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 :2022| When Will the next Episode Be Available?

The third season of Netflix’s true crime docuseries Unsolved Mysteries has arrived, and it will be delving into a wide variety of cold cases that have previously been investigated.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3

When Netflix revived the show in 2020, they released two volumes of episodes in the same year. However, volume 3 will take a different tack.

Mystery at Mile Marker, Something in the Sky, and Body in Bags are the first three episodes to debut this week (Tuesday 18th October).

Unsolved Mysteries Are…What?

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix is a remake of the classic show that first aired in 1987. The series uses reenactments and interviews to tell the story of mysterious occurrences such as true crimes, mysteries of history, and supernatural occurrences. After each episode, viewers are given the opportunity to contribute to the investigation.


 Plot of Episode 1

Tiffany was killed in 2015 when she was hit by New Jersey Transit train 4693; the incident was ruled a suicide a few days later. The local police lacked the resources or expertise to conduct a thorough investigation, so the local authorities did nothing.

Even now, Tiffany’s parents insist that the suicide verdict was reached so that New Jersey Transit wouldn’t have to face allegations of negligence. Tiffany’s death has been ruled a suicide, but her loved ones are hopeful that her story will inspire viewers. A few hours earlier, while still four miles from her house, she was struck by a train with such force that it severed her limbs from her body.

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 Plot of Episode 2

On March 8, 1994, over Lake Michigan, there was allegedly a UFO sighting. Most of the episode is framed from the point of view of a NWS meteorologist. The reliability of the reports and the NWS’s official support are key to their credibility.

Jack Bushong was forced to leave Michigan because he supported the existence of UFOs. He sounds like a man who had his worldview turned upside down and can’t get over it.

Plot of Episode 3

The presumed perpetrator of the murder and dismemberment of 39-year-old father, plant worker, and clothing entrepreneur David Carter is still at large. Nearly all of “Body in Bags” is told through the perspectives of his father, his sister, Tasia, and his son, DJ. Because of how senseless and brutal the crime was, the accounts are extremely moving.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 3


In contrast to other television series, in which regulars appear in every episode, guest stars rotate in between instalments, here.

Members of the handpicked team that made it all possible include:

  1. The producers are Josh S. Barry (Executive Producer)
  2. Courtney Ennis (Co-Producer/Producer).
  3. Directors Skye Borgman,
  4. Clay Jeter, Robert M. Wise,
  5. Marcus A. Clarke,
  6. Gabe Torres (Director)

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Predictions for the Upcoming Season.

According to Netflix, “real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders, and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.” The new season will delve into even darker and deeper mysteries.

Among the titles of the episodes in the third volume are “Mystery at Mile Marker 45,” “Something in the Sky,” “Body in Bags,” “Death in a Vegas Motel,” “Paranormal Rangers,” “What Happened to Josh?,” “Body in the Bay,” “The Ghost in Apartment 14,” and “Abducted by a Parent.”


On October 4, Netflix shared a trailer for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 with the caption, “The iconic series returns with nine new mysteries in Volume 3.” Participate in the investigation, and you might just uncover the answer to a mystery. The October 18 premiere kicks off a three-week run that can only be seen on Netflix.

Release Date

 Tuesday 18th October,

  1. Unsolved Mysteries at Mile Marker

Talented young athlete Tiffany Valiante is killed when she is hit by a train while playing four miles from her house. Was it a suicide or something more sinister that took her life?

2) An Unidentified Flying Object

On the evening of March 8, 1994, over 300 people in western Michigan reported seeing strange lights. Even now, many years later, nobody knows what caused this mystery.

3) The Bagged Body

After brutally disfiguring a father, a woman the victim knew in high school disappears without a trace.

Tuesday 25th October

  • Death in a Vegas Motel
  •  Paranormal Rangers
  •  What Happened To Josh?

Tuesday 1st November

  •  Body in the Bay
  • The Ghost in Apartment 14
  • Abducted by a Parent

On Tuesday, October 18th, you can watch the third season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Season 16 of Unsolved Mysteries in the Works?

Season 15 of Unsolved Mysteries debuted on Netflix in 2020, and season 16 is scheduled to go live in the middle of October 2022.

In What Year Did the Final Episode of Unsolved Mysteries Air?

Due to Stack’s illness and subsequent death, Lifetime cancelled the Unsolved Mysteries series after 103 episodes on September 20, 2002.

In What Ways Many Mysteries Were Resolved by Unsolved Mysteries?

From 1987 to 2002, acting great Robert Stack presided over the original series, which ran for over 230 episodes and featured over 1,300 mysteries that had yet to be solved. At least 260 unsolved cases, including everything from paranormal activity to gruesome murders, were reportedly brought to a close as a result of the show.


Netflix has released the third season of Unsolved Mysteries. First three episodes debuts on October 18th. There are over 1,300 unsolved cases that have yet to be solved. Lifetime cancelled the series after 103 episodes in 2002 due to acting great Robert Stack’s illness and death.

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