When Will Warrior Nun Season 2 Come Out on Netflix?

When it comes to conceits that appear ridiculous, Netflix has an uncanny knack for making them a surprise smash. It’s an actual show: Warrior Nun, which premiered on Netflix in 2020 and became one of the most-watched series of all time when it was released.

An artifact implanted in the back of a young orphan named Ava (Alba Baptista) gives her ancient talents, which she learns to use when she awakens in a morgue. A free ticket to the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a warrior nuns’ organization, has been given to her. Ava isn’t sure she believes the buzz about these warrior nuns, who have sworn to safeguard the planet from demonic forces.

Supernatural-style baddie fights, flashy superpowers, and flashy costumes ensue in this show, but the cast saves this otherwise irreverent comedy from losing its audience. With Netflix’s various comic book adaptations, Warrior Nun swiftly gained a fan base eager for season 2 to arrive.

To sum it up, we must find out what happens following the big cliffhanger of the finale. Is this the great fight between good and evil that we’ve all been waiting for all these years? Or, like Maria in The Sound of Music, will Ava give up her halo for a more spartan existence in the woods?

Renewal Status of Warrior nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2

On top of that, the episode did well by most criteria, and the authors suggested that they’ve already started preparing. According to reliable reports, Warrior Nun was already renewed for a second season as soon as it was published.

As the showrunner of Warrior Nun, Simon Barry has stated the following in an interview about the show’s prospects for renewal:

It was an exciting time to work on Season 1 since we had many more story possibilities. For Season 2, we decided to put together some ideas that could be used if the show is renewed. We gathered together to brainstorm new ideas when we saw the show finished. “

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An all-cast and crew virtual conference call confirmed the show’s second season on August 19th, 2020, the day after it was first announced for season 2.

Release Date of Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2

Netflix officially announced a release date for season 2 during their Geeked Week event in June 2022. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, and in an accompanying teaser trailer, we watch Ava deal with the aftermath—and get a taste of what’s to come. (Also, she’s powered by water.).”

Warning: No one has ever defeated Adriel and lived.

That’s good to know,” Ava responds. I’m afraid we’re going to have to write our own story.

What Is the Netflix Audience Response to Warrior Nun?

As of July 6th, 2020, the series was Netflix’s third most-watched TV show worldwide. Both Cursed and Dark Desire took the top two spots in the rankings.

Additionally, the series ranked highest globally in July 2020 as the most popular television show.

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According to the US and UK rankings, the series rated sixth and fourth, respectively. The series reached number two in the US during the first weekend it was available, falling short of Unsolved Mysteries’ number-one position.

In Brazil, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, Warrior Nun achieved the top spot.

Warrior Nun Season 2: What to Expect

Warrior Nun Season 2

The first season of Warrior Nun ended with a bang, leaving fans craving more kickass action.

It was revealed that the Order of the Cruciform Sword was nothing more than Adriel’s pawns in his war against the heavenly forces. It was only when he touched her that Ava realized who he was. They mistook him for an angel after killing the Tarask creature that had followed him out of a demonic portal with him.

Adriel had secreted the halo within the original Warrior Nun while hiding in the Vatican’s tombs, and the Order he founded provided him with protection from above. As soon as Adrial is freed from his tomb, his goal is to recover the halo from the Order and carry out his evil plans.

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Despite Shotgun Mary’s ferocity, Ava and the other sisters were left to fight Adrial and his little army of Wraith Demons. We’ll see Ava and the Order take on Adriel in the upcoming season. Rather than standing alone in the face of the forces of darkness, the details of light may now descend upon the Vatican and help the Order in light of the devil’s recent public revelation.

Falsehood is at the heart of The Order of the Cruciform Sword. Despite being outmatched in strength, Ava’s ability as the Warrior Nun is steadily improving. Even with Adriel’s demonic talents at his disposal, Ava is likely to be more than a match for him. As a result, it’s up to Ava and the other sisters to give it a fresh perspective.

Also, there’s the minor matter of Father Vincent’s betrayal, which resulted in the death of Sister Shannon. It’s safe to argue that if the girls seek vengeance against their former leader, they risk committing a major sin.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Simon Barry said in an interview. Well, in season one, we kept so many mysteries under wraps. According to show mythology, we now have the cat out of the bag, as if it were a talisman. Taking that trip and unwrapping what we’ve disclosed will be great fun.

In the wake of the emergence of Adriel, Father Vincent’s relationship with Ava and the other sister warriors has changed, as have the stakes. If we get it, I see it as a continuation of what we did successfully in season one, and hopefully a better job in season two.”

Season 2 of Warrior Nun Cast

Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun season 2 included three new cast members in October 2021.

Among them are:

  • Yasmine Amunet, a Coptic Nun who is also a journalist and scholar, will be played by Game of Thrones star Meena Rayann.
  • Actor Jack Mullarkey, who made his Netflix debut in Vikings: Valhalla as Miguel, will take on the role of the enigmatic campaigner who learns of Ava’s quest. A reputed secret keeper.
  • Bishop of Rome Cardinal William Foster will be played by Richard Clothier, well known for his role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • Christian Stamm as Cardinal Gunter, Nico Conde as Hans, and Ella Kweku will also participate in the second season of Warrior Nun.


Season of the Warrior Nun Warrior Nun, a Netflix original series based on Ben Dunn’s comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, was a surprise smash in 2020. The first season of Game of Thrones left us craving more action, magic, and betrayal.

Ava, a 19-year-old quadriplegic orphan who gains supernatural abilities after having an ancient artifact implanted in her back, is the show’s star. Ava is compelled to join an order of warrior nuns and combat the powers of evil, whether she likes it or not, by the show’s title alone.

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