WWE 2k23 Release Date: What’s on the WWE 2K23 Features Wishlist?

The first WWE 2K game since 2020’s release of WWE 2K Battlegrounds was launched in March of this year. The most recent release was WWE 2K20 in 2019; there was no normal WWE 2K game that year. WWE 2K22 won appreciation for its character models, playability, and new game modes. If you’ve been enjoying WWE 2K22, you probably already have a lot of anticipation for the upcoming instalment. Let’s review everything we currently know about WWE 2K23.

WWE 2k23 Release Date

When Will We Get a WWE 2K23 Trailer?

Last year, there had already been a few WWE 2K22 teasers by this time. A movie teaser for the reveal debuted in November 2021. So it would seem that a WWE 2K23 trailer could be coming soon.

WWE 2K23 Game Modes and Features

It appears likely that WWE 2K23 will include the well-liked game modes from WWE 2K22. This means that we can anticipate playing MyRISE, MyGM, the 2K Showcase, and Universe Mode. In the upcoming game, MyGM and MyRISE in particular might be expanded (this is just a rumor; there is no solid information yet).

Players have expressed a desire for bespoke entrances among other features. However, due to the restrictions associated with various platforms, we probably won’t see this happen.

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Who’s going to be on the WWE 2K23 roster?

a huge amount of new blood. With WWE 2K22 DLC, Visual Concepts did a fantastic job of introducing a number of new characters whose ascent to Raw or Smackdown occurred late in the production process. As a result, if Omos, Rick Boogs, Doudrop, and Commander Azeez are still employed by the company at the end of the year, they will all be in WWE 2K23 from the start. When Bray Wyatt makes his WWE comeback in October 2022, he should also make a comeback.

They will be joined by a number of good guys and bad guys who have become well-known in NXT, as well as Cody Rhodes, the company’s biggest signing of 2022. Along with Mandy Rose’s tag partners Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne, Bron Breakker, the son of Rick Steiner, will undoubtedly lead this pack.

WWE 2k23 Release Date

WWE 2K23 Release Date Predictions

First of all, Take-earnings Two’s call during which WWE 2K23 was announced has been confirmed. So, we can be certain that the game will occur. The company suggested “Fiscal 2023” during the call as a possible release date. But a precise release date is still undetermined.

Release day for WWE 2K22 was March 11th, 2022. WWE 2K23 will probably be released in March 2023, most likely on a Friday. Therefore, Friday, March 10, 2023, might be a suitable candidate. But once more, this is only a hunch!

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Which wrestlers will be cut from WWE 2K23?

The entry for the following year will say goodbye to a lot of old favourites. Twelve of the characters from WWE 2K22 have since joined the AEW roster and will no longer be present in the game. As follows:

  • Ariya Daivari (M, 70)
  • Cesaro (M, 84)
  • Isaiah Scott (M, 80)
  • Jake Roberts (M, 85)
  • Jeff Hardy (M, 85)
  • Keith Lee (M, 80)
  • Kyle O’Reilly (M, 81)
  • Murphy (M, 77)
  • Samoa Joe (M, 86)
  • William Regal (M, 85)
  • Ember Moon (F, 81)
  • Toni Storm (F, 80)

The organisation no longer employs over 50 of the wrestlers who contributed to WWE 2K22. The likelihood of seeing Mickie James, Lana, Nia Jax, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango on the WWE 2K23 roster is therefore nil.

WWE 2k23 Release Date

What’s on the WWE 2K23 Features Wishlist?

Operation Sports, a fantastic independent fan site, has some great recommendations for WWE 2K23. Luke Skywalker is in favour of sharing rosters. An exhaustive WCW 1996 roster, for instance, may be made by a fan and downloaded all at once. He wants the most adjustments made to the GM Mode, with the most alluring suggestion being that the rosters change as “a wrestler gets fired from the company or hired in, [or] you bring in new created players in an existing Season mode. I don’t anticipate the roster to be the same in three years. In fact, some members of the roster aren’t even currently employed by WWE.

Custom entrance themes are frequently at the top of fans’ wishlists, but as SmashMan explains, technological limitations probably prevent this from happening. He writes, “We had custom music on the PS3/360 gen, but it vanished in the PS4/X1 [period].” “Fire Pro Wrestling and MLB The Show are the only titles that I am aware of that enable custom soundtracks, and since The Show went multiplatform, they removed it from the PS5 edition. This one might not be included to maintain consistency between platforms because Xbox doesn’t support it in the same manner Sony did or does.

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Wildcharmander1992 on Reddit wants the Royal Rumbles to be changed. I just want the AI to be better,” he says. “I believe this needs to have more of an impact. We have a fantastic little feature where we can add allies and competitors to superstars. Suppose Randy Orton and Triple H appear in Evolution in your game? They are Level 4 buddies, thus unless they are the only two in the ring during the Royal Rumble, they shouldn’t be attacking one another. On the other hand, if a teammate is in danger of being eliminated, [there might be] a RNG to decide whether they disregard it or kill their teammate. Basically, make those fights more immersive.

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