Yellowjackets Season 2: 2022| Everything We Know!

Our thoughts frequently return to one of 2021’s most riveting dramas. In this case, we’re referring to Yellowjackets, a show on Showtime that captivated viewers last winter. Now that Season 1 has ended, fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2 as news of the show’s continuing plot slowly emerges.

Yellowjackets Season 2

Despite the new cast members that have been announced for the upcoming second season on Showtime, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the show, which follows a women’s soccer team as they scavenge in full survival mode after a plane crash in the northern wilderness in the mid-1990s.

Current Events

An additional new actress has been confirmed for Season 2. Season 2 will feature recurring guest star Nuha Jes Izman. The Malaysian actress will reportedly play Crystal, a theatre enthusiast who becomes close friends with Misty, as reported by Deadline. (There’s definitely trouble brewing over there.) The role she plays in the story seems to be crucial.

Season 2 production began in August 2022, and according to showrunner and co-creator Ashley Lyle, it is expected to wrap in February, with a release date in early 2023 as a best-case scenario. The team wanted to stick to the same release schedule as Season 1, which included a premiere in November, but that won’t be possible, as they explained in an interview with The Wrap.

We wanted to get back on the air as soon as possible, and nobody wanted that more than we did,” Lyle said. “The transition from Season 1’s conclusion to Season 2’s production was seamless. Given the serialised nature of the story, we didn’t want to rush things and risk making mistakes. Consequently, this was the earliest possible start time.”

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The number of people who survive a plane crash keeps growing, and that trend will continue throughout the season. Along with Simone Kessell (Obi-Wan Kenobi), who will play an older Lottie, Lauren Ambrose (Servant) will be joining the cast as an older version of Van.

Acclaimed actor Elijah Wood will make an appearance in the show. In the present day storyline, the actor from Lord of the Rings will play Walter, a nosy citizen detective who is onto Misty’s evil plot. Based on what we’ve seen on Showtime, Walter will test Misty in ways that she probably won’t be expecting.

Crystal, a theatre buff who befriends Misty, is played by Nuha Jes Izman, who joins the cast as a recurring guest star.

It’s not known if Jackie, played by Ella Purnell, will return at all in Season 2 after she was seemingly killed off at the end of Season 1.

The Starring Roles in Yellowjackets Are Played By:

  • Adult Shauna, portrayed by Melanie Lynskey
  • Young Shauna Sophie Nelisse
  • Misty, in her adult years, played by Christina Ricci.
  • Teen Misty, Samantha Hanratty
  • Adult Natalie, portrayed by Juliette Lewis
  • Thatcher, Sophie – Natalie, Aged Thirteen
  • Cypress, Tawny, Taissa, Mature
  • Brown, Jasmin Savoy Taissa, Aged Thirteen


While Sophie Nélisse’s Shauna is still reeling from the death of her best friend Jackie, several of our missing soccer players were last seen in the midst of a bloody ritual involving a bear’s heart. Ella Purnell’s character, who tragically passed away after dozing off in the snow, had been upset with Shauna and had decided to take her own life by sleeping in the cold.

Yellowjackets Season 2

It’s safe to say that “winter storyline” will be brought up again, as Ashley has stated. We’ve been referring to Season 2 as “The Winter of Their Discontent,” after both the John Steinbeck novel of the same name and a line from Shakespeare’s Richard III. We’re totally into the gloomy, cold atmosphere you’ve painted.

When Did They Find out How Long They’d Be Stuck in Yellowjackets?

The latest breakout thriller follows a high school women’s soccer team in two time periods: immediately after a plane crash in 1996 that left them stranded for 19 months in the wilderness, and 25 years later, as the women who are still alive try to keep their survival methods a secret.

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Release Date

Showtime’s Gary Levine previously told Vulture that season two of Yellowjackets would likely premiere “at the end of 2022.” According to the show’s current production schedule, that’s still possible, but it’s a hell of a tight deadline; we’re more likely to see “The Winter of Their Discontent” in the new year. However, that’s fine, too. There’s no way to hasten the creation of something truly innovative.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Story of Yellowjackets Based on Actual Events?

Do the events depicted in Yellowjackets actually happened? Though it’s not strictly based on events, the show clearly takes inspiration from the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571.

What Does the Yellowjackets Emblem Represent?

One interpretation of the symbol is that it represents a girl being strung up upside down on a hook and bled to death; the circle represents the girl’s head, the triangle represents her torso, the lines represent her arms, and the hook represents how she is hung.

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Is There a Novel from Which Yellowjackets Is Adapted?

A rugby team was among those taken by plane. Fewer than half of the 45 passengers survived the crash and were eventually rescued 72 days later. As a last resort, they turned to cannibalism during this time. However, “Lord of the Flies,” a novel written by William Golding and first published in 1954, serves as its primary source of inspiration.

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