Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

“Your Lie in April,” also known as “Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso,” is a Japanese love manga series that has a huge fan base. The show is based on Naoshi Arakawa’s tragic comedy manga series. Following an OVA in 2015, A-1 Pictures produced this series adaption in 2014.

Due to the film’s heartwarming romantic drama, it’s been a fan favourite. Its widespread acceptance is not a secret. Romance and music are nicely intertwined in the anime’s storey. We haven’t heard anything about one of our favourite love stories in a long time.

Season 2 news has been eagerly awaited by many for many years.

Is ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2 in the Works?

On the internet, there are many rumours about the show’s future but nothing has been officially confirmed. The prospects of a second season becoming a reality are slim. A neat bow was already put on things at the end of season one.

For the second season, there are no more unresolved issues or cliffhangers to be resolved.

The Storyline of ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

Your Lie Is a LIE! For the month of April, you’ll be following Kosei Arima, a well-known child pianist. He crushes everyone he faces to become the finest there has ever been. This also makes him a contentious figure in sporting events.

Tragically, his mother Saki passes away while performing at a piano. The piano has become unbearable for him as a result of this.

Despite the fact that he has companions, Kosei begins to withdraw and isolate himself. He hasn’t touched a piano in almost two years, not even to listen to one. That is, until he meets Kaori, a free-spirited musician who changes everything.

During his return to the music industry, Kosei falls in love with Kaori, who helps him do so. Nevertheless, he is convinced that he is unloved.

Kosei loses yet another close family member at a music recital not long after Kaori’s health begins to fail. Kaori’s parents present the letter to Kosei after her death. According to her, prior to her death, she wished to promote happiness and bring Kosei back into the spotlight of the music industry.

She also reveals that she had always harboured a crush on Kosei and had long wished to collaborate with him on a song.

Kosei’s narrative is painful and wonderful, and fans are eager to find out what happens next. Fans of Kosei and his music have been clamouring for a second season of Your Lie in April out of optimism for the future of both.

It’s season two of “Your Lie in April.” Who is in it?

The main cast from season 1 should return if the storey goes on.

The cast will be made up of:

  • In this picture, Erica Lindbeck is playing Kaori Miyazono.
  • It’s Tsubaki Sawabe played by Erica Mendez in the movie.
  • Kiylee McCarley is in the movie as Ryouta Watari.
  • This is how it works: Max Mittelman plays Arima Kousei in the movie.
  • It’s Amanda C. Miller in the role of Toshiya Miike. I
  • Keranen plays Hiroko Seto, and Valenzuela plays Koharu Seto.
  • It was Dorothy Fahn who played Yoshiko Ochiai in the movie.
  • Erik Scott Kimerer plays Takeshi Aiza in the movie.
  • Emily Agawa is played by Erika Harlacher, and she is played by Emi. Taylor played Nao Kashiwagi in the movie
  • Julie Ann Taylor as Nao Kashiwagi

Season 2 of “Your Lie in April” Has Yet to Be Announced

After its premiere on October 10, 2014, the first season of Your Lie in April was concluded on March 20, 2015. There are a total of 22 episodes in the series, each lasting 22 minutes.

Season 2’s release date cannot be predicted with certainty at this time due to the lack of official confirmation from the show’s producers. This season’s second half could premiere as early as 2023 if the showrunners decide to renew it before the year 2022 comes to a conclusion.

You should not be concerned, because we will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes to the status of the series.


Even though there doesn’t seem to be a second season of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, the show is itself a great slice of life anime. Watch Your Lie in April to see a love storey that will stay with you for a long time. We hope we get to see season 2 of Your Lie in April one day. Enjoy the beautiful music.

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