Dead Space Remake Release Date: For What Reason Did Japan Ban Dead Space?

Dead Space revival rumours have been circulating for a while, with various sources speculating on everything from a remake to a Dead Space 4. The first instalment in this acclaimed horror series came out in 2008, and the studio behind it, Visceral Games, was famously shut down by publisher Electronic Arts after only two games in the series. In spite of the dismal reception the third game received, fans of the first two games in the series still long for a return to form.

A plethora of exciting new games were revealed at EA Play Live 2021, putting to rest years of speculation. The original Dead Space is getting a remake, and developer Motive is in charge of it. Although only a glimpse of the upcoming remake was provided, many additional details were discussed. Some information about the Dead Space remake remains classified, but here is what we do know.


The plot of the Dead Space remake will remain the same as the original, but with Gunner Wright returning to his role as Isaac Clarke, there is room to update the dialogue to make it more suitable for modern video games.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Since humanity has depleted Earth’s natural resources, it is now looking to the stars for replacement supplies in Dead Space. Space explorers unearth an alien artefact called “The Marker,” which has the potential to supply Earth with an endless supply of energy.

Things go wrong as expected, and Isaac eventually boards the USG Ishimura to find that the crew has been wiped out by alien Necromorphs and that his girlfriend Nicole is still trapped on board.

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On October 4th, EA released the terrifying official Dead Space remake gameplay trailer, showcasing stunning new visuals and gruesome gameplay that is sure to frighten us as we take control of Isaac once again.

The Dead Space remake was revealed with a brief teaser trailer at EA Play Live 2021. It didn’t give much away, but it still had the same existential dread and tense prickling vibe as the first game.

Since then, several developer live streams have demonstrated significant portions of the updated gameplay, sound design, and artwork for Dead Space.

Release Date

The official Dead Space Remake release date is January 27, 2023. That’s not too far off, and barring any hiccups, it sounds like EA and Motive are optimistic that the planned release date will hold.

Since Dead Space 2023 will launch exclusively on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, anyone still using a previous-gen console will need to make the switch by the end of January.

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Gameplay Changes

According to EA and Motive, the success of their remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 inspired them to try their hand at a remake of Dead Space.

Capcom’s addition of new gameplay and story elements that made them feel more modern while retaining the vibe and characters that made them so successful originally contributed to their enormous success as remakes. Now that they have access to the Frostbite engine, EA hopes Dead Space will achieve the same level of success.

There have been three live streams from the Dead Space team’s developers, each of which has shown off some of the new features and alterations to the game’s gameplay and visual design. The A.L.I.V.E. System, which regulates Isaac’s vital signs, respiration, and speech, received a number of noteworthy improvements.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

The remake’s upgraded system and sound design for Isaac’s physical responses give players a clearer picture of Isaac’s reactions to his surroundings.

The dismemberment mechanics will also be updated, which is both exciting and slightly gory for the gameplay.

The improved mechanics with the new engine will not only improve the game’s visuals and sounds, but will also add another gameplay layer, as described by creative director Roman Campos-Oriola in the 2021 Early Development livestream: “The body destruction technology that we’re developing, that is allowing us to really remove the flesh off of the bones of the enemy, and to give you a good sense not only of gore… but also of how much damage am I doing to the opponent.”

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Aside from these, the loading screens have been removed so that the story can be experienced in one continuous “uninterrupted sequence shot,” and the lighting has been improved, the 3D audio added, and the zero gravity sections made more engaging.

Even though you’ll be playing the same game that came out in 2008, there will be enough new features that you’ll have to adapt to in order to survive.


All platforms can now pre-order the game from the Electronic Arts website. Both the regular and digital deluxe versions are available, with the latter costing an extra $10. Only three additional suits and two additional suit textures are included in the digital deluxe edition.


With the announcement, EA also provided a complete list of the systems that would be supporting the Dead Space remake. Only current-gen consoles and PCs (PlayStation 5 and Xbox One S) will be able to run the game.


Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 both included multiplayer against the player’s will, with Dead Space 3’s implementation being by far the worst. It’s safe to assume that Motive is aware of this potential pitfall and will steer clear of it entirely given its prevalence as a player-cited reason for the series’ demise after the third instalment.

We’d rather not have co-op or any other modes of competition that feel forced in. Provide us with a similarly solid, isolating, and terrifying single-player experience to the original game, and we’ll be happy.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

The remade Dead Space and Motive both have the potential to push the creative envelope in this area. Original downloadable content (DLC) that expands on the game’s ending to set up a new sequel would be great if our speculation that this game could be a reboot for the series’ return is correct.

If our wish comes true and there is no multiplayer mode, then anything else would be a letdown. We don’t want any new DLC-exclusive weapons or suits to show up in the single-player mode because, once again, Dead Space 3 really ruined things by forcing too many microtransactions in.

Motive has gone out of its way to assure players that there will be no microtransactions in this remake.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Dead Space Cancelled and Why?

EA believed the video game series as a whole had underperformed commercially. After Dead Space 3 tanked at the box office in 2013, no more media was produced for the series in the 2010s.

Why Was Dead Space Banned in Japan?

Stressful experience of surviving in the wild Electronic Arts community manager Andrew Green is quoted as saying that Dead Space has been banned in Germany, Japan, and China. According to Green, the game has been banned in all three countries due to concerns over the high levels of violence, as reported by consumer website Destructoid.

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