Azure Striker Gunvolt 3: How Many Games Are There of Gunvolt?

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is the next installment in the fast-paced 2D action series Gunvolt. Gunvolt 3 is the most expensive game in the series so far. It has the best story and the most fun gameplay.

You can play as both Kirin, a new character, and Gunvolt, the main character of the series. You can switch between them on the fly as you beat Gunvolt 3’s many stages and bosses. Story Mode+ stops the action from getting in the way of the rich story. Image Pulses are new to Gunvolt 3. You can use them to call up summons and equipment from Gunvolt’s memories. Over 150 varieties are available to collect!

Satisfying swordplay meets superpowers that move faster than light!

Feel the exciting 2D action however you want! Take charge of Kirin’s cool sword moves or Gunvolt’s mighty lightning powers to clear stages with abilities that will steal the show!

With “Story Mode+,” the exciting near-future dystopian story plays out in real-time!

Story Mode+ lets characters talk and joke around without stopping the game. This allows their personalities to shine, and the story progresses without making the action less fun.

There are complete English voices as well as the original Japanese voices!

The Muse” Lumen’s new songs heat the battle.

Put on a show with your gameplay to earn “Kudos” points, and the virtual pop idol Lumen will start an exhibition of her own, replacing the stage track with a vocal pop song! Along with many old songs from the series, this album has 7 brand-new songs.

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When Kirin and Gunvolt work together, they make a new ability called “Image Pulse.”

Gather more than 150 kinds of “Image Pulses,” which give Gunvolt’s memories shape. Image Pulses let you bring old allies and enemies from Gunvolt’s past back to fight, give you abilities, and do other things.


Instead of having two completely different playable characters like Gunvolt and Copen did in Gunvolt 2, the default character is Kirin, who can switch to Gunvolt under certain circumstances. When not in play, GV follows her in the form of a sealed Raju and saves her if she falls into a pit.

Kirin disappears when GV is in play, and her staff sword floats behind GV. Kirin will then reappear on the solid ground nearby. Who is in space doesn’t change how people talk, but it does change the portrait shown. As Kirin, her face is standard, while Gunvolt’s is in kaiju mode.


Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

As Gunvolt, his portrait is human, while Kirin’s becomes ghostly. GV has more synths, while Kirin has more pianos in the mission music.

Changes have been made to kudos, checkpoints, and the conditions for songs to play. Kudos aren’t lost when you get hurt, use a particular skill, or go through a checkpoint. You can’t get around checkpoints. When something is broken, a lock is put on the kudos bar to keep it from going up until a certain number of kudos are earned.

The more kudos a person already has, the worse it is when they get hit. The kudos multiplier has gotten a lot bigger. Since the score meter above the player’s health bar has gone up by two digits, it looks like it will be possible to get mission scores in the billions. People have said there are more ways to gain kudos, but not much is known about them yet.

Lumen and her song are on a timer now, shown by a meter below kudos that slowly goes down. When her health is completely gone, she will be gone. Getting 2000, 3000, etc., kudos, refill this meter and brings her back if she has disappeared. At 4000, kudos become gold.

You can make new songs play at a higher kudos level. Equipping passive Image Pulses, you can make a playlist of specific themes that sound good together.

Skill cut-ins use a mix of animations from LAiX2 and chants from GV1, GV2, and LAiX1.

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Kirin’s Gameplay

Kirin fights with a sword and magical talismans that tag his enemies. Talismans move very quickly, can be pointed up or down, and use a semi-automatic aim (according to Inafune, they were too hard to use otherwise). Her basic 3-hit combo is fast (much faster than Copen’s Razor Wheel) and does decent damage.

When an enemy is marked with a talisman, part of its HP bar will turn a different color. This shows how much damage the next sword strike will do to the enemy. Putting several talismans on an enemy can add up to more injury.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Most enemies can be killed with a single sword strike enhanced by a talisman, but some need more than one talisman. Most screenshots show that Kirin has seven amulets to use. When you hit an enemy with a tag, it will heal. Reloading will bring them back, but it will also remove any labels from enemies.

When Kirin meets GV, she learns the Warp Slash/Arc Chain technique, which lets her instantly teleport up to and slash any/all enemies with talismans. After she does this, she gets one free air jump. This is her primary way to earn points, and each Arc Chain adds to a chain bonus (up to a maximum of 4) that increases her kudos bonuses.

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Kirin can use the skill Image Pulses to use attacks from past bosses, and she can use passive Image Pulses to get general buffs and expand her abilities. For example, she can use Prevision to stop attacks from hurting her, but it will cost her several talismans. She can stick to walls because she has a passive Image Pulse.

Fierce Issen Dash

As the game goes on, beating bosses let Kirin use new attacks. Two are known so far:

Fierce Issen Dash is a dashing slash attack that can be used from a reload stance to cut through an enemy.

Even though the names are different, both skills are the same as Kirin’s attacks on Tsubaki Issen and Rising Dragon in her iX2 DLC boss battle.

Gunvolt’s Gameplay

Lightning Assault

Gunvolt has a lot of power and no health bar, but it can’t use skills. The minimum you need to change is 100 percent, and the most you can get is 300 percent. Image Pulses causes Kirin to lose her chain, and his appearance is limited and depends on how much of the Fetters Gauge is built up as Kirin before switching, which shows how stable GV is.

When Kirin’s attacks hit, the gauge goes up, and when it’s below 100 percent, it goes up on its own. If it is less than 100 percent, touching a checkpoint brings it up to 100 percent. When the stage changes from one half to the next, it returns to Kirin.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

If GV is changed back to Kirin by hand, the gauge goes down to 0. When in play, the indicator goes down on its own, and when GV attacks, it goes down even more. When it gets to 0, he must return to being Kirin. It seems that reloading can stop the gauge from going down.

GV can use either Astrasphere, Excalibur, or Voltaic Chains, depending on how high the gauge is, and when he does, he changes back to Kirin. If Lumen’s Anthem is used, GV can be used as much as you want, but this could be dangerous.

People have said that Gunvolt doesn’t start at full power because that helps keep the game balanced. No one knows what this means.

Arc Unleash

When he switches to GV, he uses the Arc Unleash skill, which makes lightning bolts cover the whole screen and kill all enemies. GV can dash and jump in the air indefinitely. His dart gun has a semi-auto aim. GV’s Flashshield is always on, but it no longer slows down his fall.

He pulls it back when he uses lightning bursts, which slows his fall. He no longer has an EP gauge, and a lightning burst that hits a target that has been tagged lasts as long as the tag. When you pull back the flash field and no enemies are in it, lightning bursts go in random directions, but they don’t hurt enemies.

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Voltaic Arts are a new set of skills that GV now has. One is the Spark Dash, which, depending on the level, causes GV to hit enemies with his dash, phase through them and damage them, or do a devastating flying suplex move called the Voltaic Buster that also hurts nearby enemies. In a demo, the Voltaic Buster could be used to kill a boss who had almost a third of his health left.


Lightning Assault is the second known Voltaic Arts skill. It is similar to Kirin’s Arc Chain. GV can teleport to any enemy, and lightning dash back and forth at different angles.

Lumen’s Anthem is about GV. If Kirin dies in battle, GV could be “Awakened” and be able to be used indefinitely. We don’t know much about this, except that GV’s tags look different. Lumen seems to hold him back, and it’s been said that GV in this form is unstable and that one wrong move could cause a disaster.

Frequently Asked Question

Will PC have Gunvolt 3?

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will come out on Xbox Series and Xbox One on August 2 for $29.99. This is five days after its release on Switch on July 28, which was already planned. Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 can be played on PS4, Switch, PC through Steam, and 3DS.

How Many Games Are There of Gunvolt?

Mighty Gunvolt, a shooter with characters from Gunvolt and Mighty No. 9, came out in 2014, and Mighty Gunvolt Burst, its sequel, came out in 2017.

Are Gunvolt Chronicles: Bright Avenger Ix an Official Book?

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX is the first book in a new series that isn’t part of the primary Azure Striker Gunvolt canon. With its low price and short length, it’s clear that LAiX is meant to be a stopgap while people wait for the third official game in the main series.

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