Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Release Date, Weapons, Reviews, Latest Updates!

Battlefield 2042 had a rocky start, and DICE has had a hard time getting new seasons up and running. The road map, however, has begun to smooth out, and the next batch of content for Season 3 of the classic FPS title is already in sight.

Fans may have hoped for more from Battlefield 2042’s Master of Arms season, but the expansion pack has been largely successful. Season 3 will hopefully be the best it can be, so DICE will be reintroducing some fan-favorite features. We’ll go over when the next season might premiere and what to anticipate down below.

 New Features and Classes

Season 3 of Battlefield brings the usual updates, so players have nothing to worry about there. New maps, specialists, and loads of weapons are on the way. When it comes to the weapons, you can expect to see two or three new ones added right away, and some of the original portal weapons will be relocated to 2042 as well.

In addition to releasing brand new content, DICE will also revisit previously released content to bring it up to par with the new additions. Launch maps and weapons have undergone significant adjustments to accommodate new game modes.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3

Some speculate that the most significant alteration will be the return of the Class System. Standard roles in Battlefield include recon, support, engineering, and assault. This is a major issue that players have had with the game, and it may soon be resolved.

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Latest Update

While a specific release date for Season 3 has not yet been announced, we have learned a lot more about the upcoming season thanks to a new developer update for Battlefield 2042 released by DICE on November 10.

The Class system from earlier Battlefield games will return in the upcoming 3.2 Update. In addition, the Manifest and Breakaway will undergo revisions throughout the Season.

While the official reveal is still “just around the corner,” today’s development update confirmed that a new specialist, battle pass, and Battlefield Portal content would be added for the season. Intriguingly, a “smaller, tighter, infantry-focused map” is also in the works.

The team also revealed that the game will soon be available in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play libraries, which should increase exposure and interest.

Release Date

The premiere date of the next season is the most anticipated piece of information. After being up and running since late August, Master of Arms has run out of steam in many respects. We anticipate a few more content drops, but nothing particularly game-changing.

The good news is that Battlefield 2042 won’t begin until late November of 2022. The pass and in-game Weekly Challenges put the end date of Season 2 on November 22, 2022. That leaves room for DICE to implement a brand new content drop in 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has had a shaky development schedule, so the release date may slip to after November. Of course, there’s no assurance of that, but Season 3 should premiere online no later than the end of 2022.

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Season 2’s new map, Stranded, and its accompanying Vault and 2042 and PORTAL weapons, are now available to players. What kinds of weapons would you like to see introduced in Seasons 3 and 4? DICE will select random modern weapons for the final two seasons, whether you like it or not.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3

  1. H&K G28 (GV-28 CORPS)
  2.  H&K MG5 (Tiberius 121)
  3.  MP5 Swordfish Custom (Q5 Swordfish)
  4. QCW-05 (JS5)
  5.  DP-12 (RK-90 Poseidon)
  6.  HK433 (THO-141)
  7. ShAK-12 (ASH-27 Voden)
  8.  IWI Carmel (DAVIS-77)
  9.  Skorpion EVO (Aegis CZ-7)
  10. QBZ-95 (QBZ-42)
  11. VHS-2 (VHX-2 King Hellion)
  12. SRM-1216 (Longbow 1216)
  13.  MGA SAW K (Brutus LMG)
  14. Truvelo CMS (PXS)
  16. Beretta PMX (Vulcanius PMX)
  17. KSG-12 (KXG)
  18.  Citori 725 (725 OVU)
  19. Origin 12 (Brute Force 12)
  20.  MP7A1 (JXR-7)


We prepared ourselves for the multiplayer large-scale war game “Battlefield 2042” and dove in headfirst. The latest instalment of the popular franchise has taken the series’ signature gameplay in a new direction, but it’s not without its share of issues.
DICE’s Battlefield series excelled at building a loyal player base with its signature massive sandboxes where hundreds of players took to the skies, or behind tanks, to destroy each other before PUBG and Call of Duty took the genre of 100-player-plus multiplayer warfare gaming into the realm of the Battle Royale.

Now, DICE has introduced Battlefield 2042, the 17th instalment in the series, which takes the franchise into warfare in the near future, with mixed results, after having previously dabbled in World War 1 with Battlefield 1 and World War 2 with Battlefield 5.

The developers opted to create a live-service game rather than a traditional single-player campaign. Setting up 2042’s world for maximum online play. U.S. and Russian forces, the world’s only remaining superpowers, go to war after a space debris storm triggers a global blackout due to the Kessler Effect and knocks out all of humanity’s communication systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Well Do You Think Battlefield 2042 is Doing?

Verdict. Battlefield 2042’s servers have gained a bad reputation due to the game’s disappointing and bug-ridden release. Despite these minor drawbacks, though, if you’re game to work past the obstacles, you can have a lot of fun here.

Does Battlefield 2042 Have a Pay to Win Model?

Battlefield Currency, which can be purchased with real money, “can only be used to purchase items like cosmetics that will not give you any unfair advantages on the battlefield,” EA said.

Was Battlefield 2042 Profitable?

Battlefield 2042 was a failure, but EA says it wouldn’t have made up more than 10% of annual revenue regardless. To paraphrase, “not everyone in our community agreed with some of the design choices.”

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