Destiny Season 18 Release Date: What You Know About King’s Fall Reprised Raid?

Season 18 is coming up in less than 24 hours, and Destiny 2 is moving forward again. This update, which will cover all of fall, will have several events that people are looking forward to, including the Festival of the Lost, a Halloween-themed event done in a way that is unique to Destiny. There will also be a new Reprise Raid and the return of the Trials of Osiris, so you’ll have a lot of new things to do.

We have all the information you need about when the update will come out, how long the Destiny 2 servers will be down, and what you can do while you wait. If you want to get into this stuff as soon as possible, you’ll need to know when it comes out. There will also be some downtime on the servers before the launch, so you won’t be able to play for a couple of hours before the big day.

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Release Date

This update will be available on all platforms at the following times around the world on Tuesday, August 23:

  • PDT: 11am.
  • EDT: 2pm.
  • BST: 7 pm.
  • CEST: 8 pm.

So, if you live in the US, get ready for an entire afternoon of Destiny 2 action, and if you live in Europe, don’t plan anything for the evening.

destiny season 18 release date

The new Season’s downtime will start 15 minutes before the times listed above, at 5:45 pm UK time or 9:45 am PST. This is because the patch will be moved when the weekly reset goes live.
After you download the update, you should be able to play – at least, that’s the theory. 
Background maintenance will go on until 7 pm BST/11 am PDT, and based on how previous seasons have started, all players will likely have to wait longer than usual. 

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In short, servers probably won’t be up and running immediatelyso be patient and keep trying.

Season Length

Season 18 started on August 23, when the daily reset happened, and will last until December 6. Bungie put on a new Destiny 2 show that focused mainly on the upcoming Lightfall expansion but also gave some basic information about Season of Plunder’s story, activities, and other things.

Destiny Season 18 Instagram

Take a look at the Destiny Season 18 Instagram account.

Story Details

Season of Plunder will have three things to do that have to do with pirates. In Ketchcrash, six-person teams are put together to board enemy pirate ships and kill their crews. The expedition has three players putting together treasure maps and looking for treasure while fighting Aramis’s crews. Pirate Hideouts gives you weekly missions to steal powerful items from pirate leaders.

Server Down Time

Sadly, the servers will be down for a short time before this update, but don’t worry—there will be a showcase stream to keep you busy. The scheduled downtime will start an hour and 15 minutes before the update goes live, but it could be longer if something goes wrong. This means that the servers will likely be down at:

  • PDT: 9:45am.
  • EDT: 12:45pm.
  • BST: 5:45pm.
  • CEST: 6:45pm.

destiny season 18 release date

While you wait for the servers to come back online, you can check out the showcase stream to see what’s new in Destiny 2. This show will cover all the big changes in Season 18 and give a sneak peek at Lightfall, the next big expansion. During the time the server is down, it will be broadcast starting at these times:

  • PDT: 9am.
  • EDT: 12pm.
  • BST: 5pm.
  • CEST: 6 pm.

There will also be a pre-show that starts an hour before the main show if you want to watch that.

King’s Fall Reprised Raid

Season of Plunder also brings back a Destiny 1 raid, similar to how Vault of Glass was brought back last year. That raid is called King’s Fall. During the attack, players fight Oryx, the Taken King, a powerful god of the Hive, on his scary ship, the Dreadnaught. The Taken King, Destiny 1’s biggest and best expansion, is the end.

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We don’t know much about what the raid will be like. Like the Vault of Glass, it has been changed and updated to fit with how Destiny 2 works, so Destiny 1 players will probably recognize some parts of it, but there will also be some surprises. When the daily reset happens at 10 am on Friday, August 26, players will be able to compete to be the first team to defeat King’s Fall.

Arc 3.0

Since the Beyond Light expansion of 2021, when Stasis was added, subclasses in Destiny 2 have changed. Season of Plunder made changes to the Arc subclasses. The Witch Queen expansion added Void 3.0, a set of reworked abilities with a debuff theme.

Season of the Haunted added Solar 3.0, which made players into fire-loving pyromaniacs. These reworks have used a system of Aspects and Fragments to help customize each subclass. Players have found that these can be used with certain Exotics to make very powerful builds. All of the changes in Arc 3.0 will be free for every player.

destiny season 18 release date

This week, Bungie gave more information about Arc 3.0. They talked about how the subclass is made to give players the most mobility and power. With the amplified effect, guardians can blind enemies, send them flying, and make their skills hit harder and faster than ever before. You can read GameSpot’s Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 feature to find exactly what Bungie has planned for players who switch to the electrifying element.

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The Gift of the Thunder Gods is a set of gear that players can get in the new Season. They can use this gear with their upgraded Arc 3.0 subclasses. This free pack of equipment comes with the Thunderlord machine gun, which uses lightning strikes to tear enemies apart.

Exotic Weapons and Armor Tuning

In Season 18, there will be a lot of changes to exotic weapons and armor. Bungie recently confirmed that Lord of Wolves, Dead Man’s Tale, Collective Obligation, and Omnioculus would all be getting some changes. Many of these changes are for PvP, where these weapons are the best. For example, Dead Man’s Tale’s “hip-firing cowboy rifle” fantasy has been amplified, Lord of Wolves’ signature perk has been changed, and the Le Monarque, Thunderlord, and Malfeasance Exotics now have anti-champion functionality.

Frequently Asked Question

Will Destiny 2 Ever End?

The new Season’s downtime will begin 15 minutes before the times listed above, at 5:45 pm UK time or 9:45 am PST. This is because the patch will be moved when the weekly reset happens.

How Long Will Each Season of Destiny 2 Last?

On August 29, 2019, the team behind Destiny 2 wrote a blog post about the future of the seasons: Each year will have four seasons from the third year on. They have made sure that each Season always lasts about 10 weeks.

Will Destiny Be Free to Play?

When Shadowkeep comes out on September 17, the base game will be free to play and include “all year one content,” such as “foundational modes, activities, and rewards.”
This is a change for the Destiny series, which wants to get people to play it instead of popular free games like Fortnite.


The release date for Destiny 2 Season 18 is Tuesday, August 23, and it will go live at the following times: UK: 6 pm (BST) Europe: 7 pm (CEST) The East Coast US: 1 pm (EDT)

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