Drift Hunters: How to Play the Game?

Drift Hunters Unity is a free drifting game that you can play in your browser. It lets you customise and tune your car to perfection.

You can play the game with the Nissan S13, the Toyota Corolla AE86, or the Toyota Supra. You can also drive a Ford Mustang or RWB 911, both of which come in many different styles.

Each car has its own personality, so it will be hard to unlock all of its parts and find out which drivers are the best.

The game is built on the Unity engine, so the physics and 3D graphics are very realistic.

Abuja, Nigeria (CNN) Auwwal “Captain Awwal” Muhammad and his partner Jamus “Jay Bash” Bashar practise a motorsport called “drifting” every Sunday in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. Drifting is a thrilling way to drive a car that involves oversteering it, which makes it “drift” sideways.

It is one of the motor sports that is growing the fastest in the world, but it is illegal to do it on public roads in Nigeria.
Bashar and Muhammad have been crazy about cars since they were kids. In 2020, they started a drifting group in the country called the Drift Hunters.

Muhammad, who is 23 years old, told CNN that in Nigeria, drifting cars is not a sport, so groups like the Drift Hunters practise in private places so they don’t bother people. It is also dangerous, so he says, “We got our helmets, made racing suits, and put roll cages in our cars.

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In the West African country, drifting is becoming more and more popular. In the past few years, people and sports groups have put together annual drifting tournaments. Both Muhammad and Bashar have been to many of these events. Bashar, who is 26, says that the Fanfaro Autofest is “Nigeria’s biggest drifting tournament.


drift huntwers

The Drift Hunters duo says that the group’s dream is to be known all over the world. Bashar says, “I want us to compete for Nigeria outside of Nigeria.

Watch the video at the top of this page to learn more about their trip through the growing motorsports world in Nigeria.

What is Unity Game Drift Hunters?

  • Drift Hunters is a great unblocked game with a lot of difficult tasks.
  • There are a lot of cars to choose from, ten challenging levels, and a lot of ways to change the cars.
  • You can also change how the game works with mods. You can also change the cars, scenery, and tracks in Drift Hunters, which makes the game more fun and difficult.
  • You can use the mod to add new cars and tracks and set up your vehicles in a way that suits you.

Drift Hunters Instagram

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How to Get Hunters Unity Racing Game for Free?

  • You can’t go wrong with Drift Hunters if you want to play a free-drifting game. With more than 25 cool drift cars, it’s hard to get bored.
  • The game has 10 different tracks and new car sounds that are true to life.
  • The controls are also easy to use and smooth. If you want to play a free game, there isn’t a better one than Drift Hunter unity.
  • Download Drift Hunters MOD APK if you want a free drift racing game. You will love the realistic physics, beautiful graphics, and different game modes.
  • You can also get stickers and decals to decorate your car and find new places to hunt. Drifthunters is a great choice for you if you like racing and drifting.
  • Here is where iOS users can get the Drift Hunter game from the App Store. Android users can visit the Google Play Store here to get the game.

Drift Hunters: How to Play

How to play the Drift Hunter game
Start the race by picking your engine and making changes to the car’s type and color.

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There are 26 cars, and there are many different kinds to choose from (BMW M3, Toyota Supra, Honda S2000, Ford Fiesta ST, Nissan, 370Z Coupe, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and many more)

drift huntwers

Look at the map and then adjust your engine to get around complicated tracks and get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

How to Direct the Motor

  • WASD or ARROW KEYS to control the car.
  • Spacebar as handbrake.
  • C to change camera position
  • left to shift gear.
  • LEFT CTRL to move gears down.

Getting the Most Out of Car Games

  • Change your speed as you get close to the steering corner, or you will be thrown off course.
  • To speed up, slide from side to side in a straight line.
  • Drive on a map with enough space to let you drift for a long time.

Is There Any Way to Change How a Drift Racing Game Looks?

You can change the camber, the offset, and even the body parts on your car to make it look the way you want. You can also switch between different tuning settings in Drift Hunters, which lets you make your car go even faster than you could on your own.

drift huntwers

In Drift Hunters, you can change the brakes and suspension of your car, among other things. In the new version of Drift Hunters, there is a new track in Ohio that is like the one in Spain.

The graphics are the same, and you can drift with more than two cars in Drift Hunters Max. The game also lets you drive around in a real city, so you can make your car look however you want.

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You can change the cars and also add upgrades that make them faster or lighter. For instance, a new engine might give your car more power.

Features of Drift Hunters Unity

  • Drift Hunters is a free 3D car drifting game where you can change your car to suit your needs.
  • You can play the game on a PC or a Mac, and you can do so whenever you want.
  • iOS and Android devices can both run Drift Hunter.
  • If you have an iPhone, you have to learn how to drift.
  • If you own a computer, you should get one that works with the most recent operating system.
  • Android and Windows can both run Drift Hunters unity.
  • There are a lot of maps and terrains to choose from in Drift Hunter, so you can choose the right car for drifting.


When you play Drift Hunter, you can put together your own supercar. Yours will be the strongest and most suitable for each player.

The 3D graphics in Drift Hunter are bright, beautiful, and very appealing.

The race will give you a very exciting feeling for sure. Drift Hunter is a great choice because it has simple rules that are fun for people of all ages.

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