For Honor Medjay Release Date: How to Purchase It?

Ubisoft has shown what both of the new hero Neferkha the Medjay’s weapons are when he is added to For Honor and how long it will take for maintenance to finish. The countdowns for the release date and maintenance time are almost over.

People who play For Honor have a lot to look forward to. When Horkos Masquerade returns in August, there will be much to look forward to. The first Egyptian fighter will be added, and there will be many other fun things to look forward to.

Tomorrow is the first day of the free-to-play week. At the same time, the second Outlander hero will be added to the game.

Neferkha the Medjay is coming to For Honor soon, and Ubisoft has shared his weapon and two ways to get him. The release date and maintenance time countdown are almost here.

In For Honor, there’s a lot to look forward to. With the return of Horkos Masquerade in August, you can look forward to more than just the game’s first Egyptian warrior. Also, the returning friend referral program will start another week of free play tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the free-to-play week starts, and with it comes the second Outlander hero.

When Does the New for Honor Hero Medjay Come Out

The new For Honor hero, Neferkha the Medjay, will be available at 06:00 PT, 09:00 ET, and 14:00 BST on July 28. This is when the game will be down for maintenance.


For Honor Medjay Release Date

All of these times come from the game’s Twitter page. Ubisoft says that the work should take about 90 minutes.

According to a blog post from Ubisoft, his favorite weapons are a “wide-reaching Fan Axe” and a “Dual-Wielding Axe.” This makes him an adaptable and resourceful fighter who is excellent in one-on-one and group fights.

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He is the first Egyptian hero in the game and the second Outlander after the Pirate, who joined in January. He is also a part of Title Update 2 for Year 6 Season 2: Curse of the Scarab.

The patch notes won’t be made available until July 29.

How to Purchase for Honor Medjay

On July 28, you can buy a $7.99 bundle to get the new Medjay hero in For Honor.

This package comes with the Egyptian fighter and the following:

  • One Ornament
  • One Elite Outfit
  • Seven days of Champion Status
  • Three Scavenger Crates

If you don’t want to spend $7.99 on a bundle, you can buy Medjay for 15,000 steel in-game starting August 11.

Check out Ubisoft’s Warriors Den July 21 recap to learn more about where the Egyptians came from and what’s happening in August and September.

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What Happens in The Game

It’s a third-person melee fighting game that requires skill and the ability to think logically and strategically. In a way that is not too different from a combat game, players must quickly switch between offensive and defensive strategies to beat their opponents.

For Honor Medjay Release Date

You can choose from different factions, each with its own class set. In the Knight faction, these are the Centurion and Warmonger classes; in the Viking faction, the Berserker and Shaman classes; and in the Samurai faction, the Orochi and Kyoshin classes.

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For Honor has both single-player and multiplayer modes, but the game’s primary focus is on the multiplayer mode. The game’s main single-player and multiplayer modes can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Dominion (4v4 arena capture) and Raked Duel are two of the most popular multiplayer games (1v1).

When be Be Will New Hero Released?

The new For Honor hero, Medjay, will come out on July 28, but it will have a different release date. This Ubisoft blog post says that starting July 28, you can buy a package that includes the new Outlander and “a unique ornament, an Elite costume, seven days of Champion Status, and three scavenger crates.

This package should cost about $8 altogether. If you don’t want to pay for the Medjay, you can get it for free when it becomes available in-game on August 11. The price will be 15,000 Steel, and I’m pretty sure it will just be the hero, without the ornament, dress, and all the other things.

For Honor Medjay Release Date

Medjay and the new For Honor hero will come out, but what does he mean? From the posts, it looks like he goes by the name. With his long-reaching Fan Axe and Dual-Wielding Axe, Neferkha describes him as a “resourceful fighter” who can fight in groups or one-on-one.

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He is the first character in the game from Egypt and the second from Outlander (the first being the Pirate). At the start of Season 2, the Viking Jarl Bolthorn stole Neferkha’s Scarab Bracelet relic. Bolthorn brought the Scarab curse to Heathmoor by accident.

Neferkha knows how to break the curse, and she will do whatever it takes to get the bracelet.

For Honor Medjay Trailer

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