Alex Jones Networth: How Much Will He Have Left After Paying Compensation to Sandy Hook Families

American political extremist and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is rumoured to be worth a negative $900 million. The radio talk show “The Alex Jones Show,” which Jones hosts from Austin, Texas and is syndicated nationally, has made Jones a household name.

His website has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and he has penned books and sold them. Everything from “brain drugs” to survival gear is included in his catalogue of wares.

Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary

Ten years ago today, a shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School killed twenty students and six teachers. Parental plaintiff Neil Heslin testified under oath to Alex Jones about his son’s death on the day of the lawsuit.

Heslin testified that “he did live.”

“We were together for six and a half years, and I consider it a true blessing. These times spent with Jesse are some of my most treasured memories.”

Alex Jones has been forced to pay $965 million in damages after losing yet another lawsuit. Since Jones stated that the massacre at Sandy Hook, which took the lives of twenty children and six adults, was staged by the government, he has been sued by several victims’ relatives. He said the massacre was faked and blamed the victims’ families for it.

Alex Jones Networth

Erica Lafferty, the daughter of Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung, said, “I wish that after today, I can just be a daughter grieving my mother and stop worrying about the conspiracy theorists.” Lafferty added, “[the] hate, lies and conspiracy theories will follow both me and my family through the rest of our days.”

Early Life

Jones entered this world on February 11, 1974, in the Dallas, Texas neighbourhood of Rockwell. After his family moved, he spent his formative years in Austin, Texas. His parent’s occupations are quite different: his dad practises dentistry and mom stays at home to raise him.

In 1993, he completed high school at Austin’s Anderson. Following that, he enrolled in Austin Community College, where he ultimately failed to graduate.


Radio Profession

After getting his start in Austin’s broadcasting industry on a live call-in public access television programme, he made the transition to radio in 1996, where he hosted “The Final Edition” on KJFK. While running for Congress, Ron Paul was a frequent guest on his show.

The readers of the Austin Chronicle voted him “Best Austin Talk Show Host” in 1999, and he finished in a tie with Shannon Burke. Later that year, KJFK let him go because he wouldn’t change the focus of his show and because his opinions hurt advertising revenue. Jones eventually started streaming his show online from his house.

Jones, a Republican, ran for the Texas House District 48 seat in 2000. He had first stated that he was running so that he could “be a watchdog from the inside,” but he eventually dropped out. Jones’s radio programme was syndicated to over a hundred stations in 2001.

As soon as 9/11 happened, Jones began spreading the belief that the Bush government was behind it and that it was an inside job. As he became the public face of the 9/11 “truther” movement, several stations dropped him.

More than a hundred American AM and FM radio stations air rebroadcasts of “The Alex Jones Show,” a programme whose content is distributed by the Genesis Communications Network. Around 2 million people were listening weekly in 2010.

Extraordinary Attempts

Alex has released almost 20 documentary films since his debut, “America: Destroyed by Design,” was released in 1998. He has also written two books: “9-11: Descent Into Tyranny” (published in 2002) and “The Answer to 1984 Is 1776” (published in 2008).

Jones publishes and directs the website InfoWars, which attracts about 10 million unique visitors every month. The site has been called a false news outlet that promotes dangerous conspiracy ideas. It has been estimated that the site’s peak annual income was over $20 million.

In 2017, it was revealed by the German publication Der Spiegel that the majority of Jones’ wealth comes from the sales of his own products, which he promotes via the InfoWars website and commercials on his show. Supplements, toothpaste, protective clothing, and other items are among them.

According to a segment of “Last Week Tonight” from 2017, hosted by John Oliver, Jones devotes over a quarter of his airtime to promoting products sold on his website, many of which claim remedies to medical and economic problems Jones claims are caused by his conspiracy theories.

His antics continued throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, and on March 12, 2020, the Attorney General of New York gave him a cease and desist order for making unsubstantiated claims that the items he was selling were viable treatments for the virus. In April of 2020, the FDA became involved and informed Jones that he could face seizure and fines if he continued to sell the items.

Personal Life

Alex and Kelly Jones were married from 2007 to 2015. This couple is already the proud parents of three young ones. Kelly Jones filed for sole custody of their children in 2017, citing her ex-strange husband’s conduct as the reason why she no longer wanted to share parenting responsibilities with him.

His lawyer attempted to justify his client’s actions by saying he was “playing a character,” in the same vein as a “performance artist.” Jones has consistently refuted claims that he acted in any of his shows. Kelly now has sole custody, while Jones still gets to see the kids occasionally.

Alex Jones Networth

Jones was arrested and charged with DWI in Texas in March of 2020. It was confirmed by the Travis County jail in Austin that he was booked for driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanour. He was taken in, but released on his own recognisance four hours later.

Net Worth

Alex Jones is worth $40 million dollars. Jones, however, testified that he was worth $5 million. Alex Jones is estimated to be worth anywhere from $135 million to $270 million.

Jones is the proprietor of a number of businesses, one of which is Infowars, a website and cable television channel dedicated to spreading paranoid theories. According to Celebrity Net Worth, on average, Infowars made $53.2 million in sales.

A Sandy Hook family has been awarded $45 million in punitive damages on top of the $4.1 million in compensatory damages that Alex Jones must pay them.


Jones’s controversial views include a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: the Oklahoma City bombing, the moon landing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Obama, Hillary Clinton, white genocide, and anti-vaccination. According to Jones, the United States government was complicit in several terrorist acts.

He thinks the World Bank invented climate change so it could implement a carbon tax over the world and gain control of the economy. Former employees began levelling allegations of sexual harassment, anti-black racism, and anti-Semitic behaviour against Jones in February of 2018.

Social Media

Child endangerment and hate speech were cited as reasons for YouTube removing InfoWars videos in July of 2018. By the end of the year, all of Jones’s podcasts had been deleted from Stitcher Radio due to harassment complaints, and on August 3, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify had done the same due to policy breaches.

YouTube has deleted the Alex Jones Channel and any others that were affiliated with InfoWars. In the following days, Vimeo took down every video posted by Jones because of their racist and sexist themes. Pinterest, MailChimp, and LinedIn also suspended his accounts.

After Jones publicly insulted CNN staffer Oliver Darcy on Twitter and Periscope, the companies permanently suspended his accounts the following month. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play have removed the InfoWars app. Jones is no longer allowed to use PayPal for business purposes. Jones was blocked from utilising social media platforms in May of 2019.

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