Ali Landry Net Worth: Here’s How She Built Her $6 Million Net Worth

American actress and beauty pageant winner Ali Landry won the ‘Miss USA crown in 1996. After watching Ali MacGraw’s 1970 film ‘Love Story’, her mother decided to name her daughter after her. She is of French (Cajun) ancestry and attended Cecilia High School in Cecilia, Louisiana, where she grew up. At seventeen, she has crowned ‘Miss Louisiana Teen USA’ and was captain of the high school cheerleading squad.

She went on to win the 1996 ‘Miss Louisiana USA title and the ‘Miss USA title put her in the spotlight. In 1997, she appeared in the television series “Clueless” for the first time. When she appeared in a Doritos commercial during the 1998 Super Bowl, she became known as “the Doritos Girl.”

In 2000, she made her film debut in the film ‘Beautiful.‘ She went on to star in a number of films and television shows over the years. In addition, she has been on a number of lists of the world’s most desirable women. Alejandro Gomez Monteverde is her husband and the father of her three children.

Early Life of Ali Landry

Ali Landry Net Worth

Ali Landry’s parents were Renella (Ray) and Gene Allen Landry, and she was born on July 21, 1973, in Cecilia, Louisiana, in the United States. After seeing the actress in the film “Love Story,” her mother decided to name her daughter after the actress Ali MacGraw (1970).

She earned the position of captain of the cheerleading squad at Cecilia High School, where she was a student. She began competing in beauty pageants in 1990 and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming crowned “Miss Louisiana Teen USA.” She subsequently proceeded to compete in the subsequent “Miss Teen USA” pageant, where she ultimately finished in seventh place in the overall competition.

She attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana after earning her diploma from high school in 1991 with the intention of earning a degree in the field of mass communication. In addition to that, she joined the Kappa Delta sorority and became an active member.

Ali Landry Career

Miss Louisiana USA 1996 was Ali Landry. In 1996, she became the first former ‘Miss Louisiana Teen USA’ to win ‘Miss USA’ She was the first ‘Miss Teen USA’ to win ‘Miss USA’.
She made the top six in ‘Miss Universe‘ in 1996. In 1997, she debuted in ‘Clueless’ and ‘Conan the Adventurer’

She appears in a 1998 Super Bowl Doritos ad. She presented ‘Prime Time Comedy’ in 1998, then appeared in ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold’ and ‘Popular’ (1999).

As Miss Universe in 1999, she served as the emcee. In 2000, she made her feature film debut in the film “Beautiful,” and she later appeared in the television series “Felicity” as a recurring character. Since 2001, she has presented the television shows “” (2001) and “Spy TV 2” (1999). (2002).

In 2002, she completed the Boston Marathon. She starred in the UPN sitcom ‘Eve’ from 2003 to 2006. She made her film debut in the 2006 picture “Bella.” She hosted the English and Spanish versions of the interview show ‘Spotlight to Nightlight’.

The ‘Belle Parish brand of clothing was introduced in 2009 by her. She was a televised judge for the Miss USA 2016 pageant and participated in the TV show “Hollywood Moms’ Club” in November 2011. When ‘Kevin Can Wait’ premiered in 2018, she appeared in an episode.

Family & Personal Life

Ali Landry Net Worth

Ali Landry first became acquainted with actor Mario Lopez in 1998 while she was competing in the “Miss Teen USA” pageant, which Lopez hosted. The happy couple exchanged their vows in Mexico on April 24, 2004, after becoming engaged during the summer of 2003. After she learned of Lopez’s extramarital affair on May 12, 2004, she filed to have their marriage declared null and void.

On April 8, 2006, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, she wed filmmaker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. At a Bible study, she had first met him. A girl and two sons make up the couple’s family of three.

Estela Monteverde, her daughter, was born on July 11, 2007. Marcelo Alejandro Monteverde, her older son, was born on October 8, 2011, and Valentin Francesco Monteverde, her youngest son, was born on July 11, 2013.

Ali Landry’s Net Worth

Many individuals are curious about Ali Landry’s whereabouts. When Ali Landry won Miss USA in 2000, she was the talk of the town, with a net worth of $6 million.

She should be a big star by now if the statistics are to be believed. Even though it’s awful, that’s not how things turned out. For example, when discussing the robbery of Kim Kardashian on a talk show, Ali Landry broke down into tears. Because of her genuineness and concern for others, she has maintained a recognizable name in the community.

Ali Landry’s impact on the globe has been far greater than that of her first husband, Mario Lopez (who has his own dark tale). Landry’s early success (and the horror stories that go along with it) has taught her a valuable lesson: it’s okay to take a step back and enjoy the quieter life, concentrating on her family and ensuring their safety and well-being.

But how is she still able to maintain such a large net worth since her media peak was so long ago? You might be surprised by the outcome!


How Did Ali Landry Find Out Mario Lopez Cheated?

Lopez stated that he had concluded that he did not wish to continue trying to rescue the marriage since he had never loved Landry. On the Wendy Williams Show in 2012, Landry stated that she had tapped Lopez’s phone to validate her suspicions that he had cheated on her and that this was how she discovered he had been unfaithful.

Why Did Mario and Ali Landry Split?

Mario Lopez was married to Ali Landry, a former Miss USA actress. The couple split in 2004 after five years of marriage. “I’m glad we didn’t get married,” Landry tells the New York Post. His cheating on her and his involvement in a “Tiger Woods situation” has been described as such by her.

What Is Ali Landry Doing Now?

In addition, she has been the host of the show Hollywood Moms’ Club, which airs on the TV Guide Network, as well as Hollywood Today Live. She has revealed to People that she has “spoken” with the producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about officially joining the group, and she has done so following her appearances on multiple episodes of the show.


“Spotlight to Nightlight”  is one of Landry’s other projects, in which she addresses parenting concerns with numerous prominent mothers. Landry created her lifestyle brand in 2009 called Belle Parish, which was heavily influenced by her southern roots. In addition to her work in the entertainment and fashion industries, Landry is an avid runner who has completed the Boston Marathon. So, this was all about Ali Landry.

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