Arianna Huffington Net Worth: Is She a Writer?

Greek-born Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington is a columnist, author, and businessperson. She co-founded The Huffington Post, founded and oversees Thrive Global, and is the author of 15 books. She appears on Forbes’ list of the most powerful women as well as Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential persons in the world.

Huffington serves on numerous boards, including those for Onex and Global Citizen. Her most recent books, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time, and Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, became instant international successes.

Early Life

On July 15, 1950, Ariadne-Anna Stasinopoulou was born in Athens, Greece. She had one sibling growing up and both of her parents were writers and journalists. Arianna immigrated to the country with her family at the age of 16. She later moved there to further her studies.

She was one of the first international female students to be selected as the Cambridge Union’s president. For a while, Arianna Huffington attended school in India. She relocated back to the West in the early 1970s and began dating author Bernard Levin. Together, they traveled throughout Europe, made TV appearances, and wrote books.

Arianna Huffington Net Worth

What Is Arianna Huffington’s Net worth and How Much Money Does She Make?

According to Celebrity Net Worth,

Greek-American author, pundit, and politician Arianna Huffington has a $100 million fortune. Arianna Huffington is regarded as one of the most influential women in the world by many. She was a founding member of The Huffington Post, which AOL acquired in 2011 for $350 million.

Ariana held almost 30% of the company at the time it was sold. Her work with organizations like Uber, Thrive Global, Onex, and Global Citizen is also well-known. Good writer Arianna Huffington is the author of numerous best-selling books.

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In 1973, Arianna published a book titled The Female Woman. The Female Eunuch, written by Germaine Greer in 1970, and the Women’s Liberation movement were the inspirations for it. Women’s Liberty claims that gaining complete liberation will improve the lives of all women, but in reality, this is only true for those who have strong lesbian tendencies, the author stated in the book.

Huffington contributed a number of essays to the National Review magazine at the end of the 1980s. She published a book titled Maria Callas: The Woman Behind the Legend in 1981. She wrote Picasso: Creator and Destroyer, a biography of Pablo Picasso, in 1989.

The Huffington Post

With Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti, Huffington founded The Huffington Post, currently known as HuffPost, in 2005. On May 9, 2005, the website went live as a substitute for news aggregators like the Drudge Report and as a forum for discussion. Previously, the site carried the work of both paid staff writers and reporters, and unpaid bloggers.

Arianna Huffington Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Arianna Huffington?

Huffington ran as an independent in 2003 when Gray Davis was up for re-election as governor of California. She compared her campaign to that of front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was driving a Hummer, by saying that she was “the hybrid vs the Hummer.” Both candidates were criticized for launching personal attacks during the two-person brawl that broke out during the election discussion.

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Personal Life

Michael Huffington was a wealthy Republican American politician and oil magnate whom Arianna first met in 1985. They were wed a year later. In the United States Congress, Michael Huffington was elected after relocating to Santa Barbara, California. In 1994, Michael ran against Diane Feinstein for a position in the US Senate.

His net worth was $75 million when he told them, which is equivalent to $130 million in today’s dollars. Then, Michael spent $28 million on his campaign or around 40% of his total wealth.

Arianna and Michael Huffington had two kids while they were still dating. After their breakup in 1997, Michael Huffington claimed that he had revealed his bisexuality to Arianna in 1985, but that their relationship had not changed as a result.


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