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Art Alexakis Net Worth: Who Is Art Alexakis Dating?

Art Alexakis Net Worth

Art Alexakis, a well-known American rock singer, was born on April 12th, 1962. As the lead singer and songwriter of the rock band Everclear (whose hits include “Santa Monica”), he is also an accomplished songwriter and performer. He is a tireless advocate for children’s rights. Art Alexakis’s zodiac sign is Aries, according to astrologers.

Born in the United States on April 12, 1962, Arthur Paul Alexakis is a musician who is most recognized for his work as the singer-songwriter and guitarist for the rock band Everclear. In addition to his work as a songwriter for other musicians, he has also been a part of a number of well-known brands throughout his career. During the course of his career, Alexakis established multiple record companies, and he also worked as an A&R representative for major record labels in the time in between and during the course of his own musical ventures. In later years, he transitioned into the role of political activist, where he advocated for a variety of causes, including drug awareness policies and support for the families of service members.

Some Facts About His Early Life

As the youngest of five children, Alexakis was born in Los Angeles, California. Art’s mother relocated the family to the Mar Vista Gardens housing project in Del Rey, California, soon after his father left the family when he was five years old due to financial troubles. A group of older youths in Alexakis’ neighborhood physically abused him. When Alexakis was 12, his older brother George overdosed on heroin and died.

Alexakis’ 15-year-old lover took her own life in the same year. A few weeks after Alexakis’s death, he tried suicide by jumping off the Santa Monica Pier with sand and lead weights in his pockets. Later, he remarked that his brother George’s vision and voice encouraged him to survive. When Alexakis was 13, he began taking crystal methamphetamine, which he mainly used to get high. He developed a heroin and cocaine dependency at the age of 22 and just escaped death from a cocaine overdose. In June of 1984, he made a clean break from drugs.


Alexakis’ 2019 solo album “He says of the album, “I wanted to do something exciting, challenging, and new.” Though I needed aid with engineering and production, I created all of the songs, performed all of the equipment, and sang all of the vocals.” Art was produced in 1996’s “Count to Ten” by Frogpond and created Popularity Recordings, producing Flipp’s “Volume” (2002).

He co-wrote and dueted with Marion Raven on “At the End of the Day” (2007). Everclear’s 30th Anniversary Tour began in 2022. Art commented, “I’m celebrating. Nearly 60. MS: I’ve put myself through a lot, but I’m still here. Still, music. Still Everclear… I’m grateful to do this for a living and for my life.”

Art Alexakis Net Worth

In addition to being one of the wealthiest rock singers, Art Alexakis is also among the most popular rock singers. According to the findings of our investigation, Art Alexakis has an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

When he was 12, both his brother as well as his girlfriend killed themselves. Shakin’ Brave was the name of one of his early bands. The Easy Hoes got together in the late 1980s, and in 1989, they put out an album called Tragic Songs of Life. Alexakis had success as a musician and a writer, but he also worked on other music-related projects. He worked for Capitol Records as an A&R representative for a number of years. He made the album Count to Ten by Frogpond in 1996.

Who Is Art Alexakis Dating?

According to the information that we have on file, Art Alexakis may not be single and has not been engaged in the past. As of the month of May 2022, Art Alexakis is not involved with any other person.

Record of Relationships: We do not have any information regarding Art Alexakis’s previous romantic partnerships. You might be able to assist us in compiling the relationship information for Art Alexakis!

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Alexakis founded his own record label under the umbrella of Artemis Records called Popularity Recordings. Alexakis was the record label’s first producer, working on the album Volume by Flipp, which was released in 2002. In 2003, the record label ceased operations.


Is Art Alexakis a married man?

Jenny Dodson

m. 1995–1999

Stephanie Greig

m. 2000–2004

Vanessa Crawford

m. 2009

What exactly occurred with Alexakis?

On March 26, 2019, Alexakis wrote a statement to fans on the band’s website announcing that he had been identified with multiple sclerosis. After a car accident three years before, Alexakis says he was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS and has been living with it ever since.

Does Everclear’s main singer have multiple sclerosis?

Art Alexakis of Everclear has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and he has stated that he is “Just Learning How to Be the New Me.” This past week, the frontman for the band Everclear, Art Alexakis, disclosed to his followers in an open letter that he suffers from multiple sclerosis. After undergoing an MRI as part of the standard treatment for a pinched nerve three years ago, he was given the diagnosis.


These are all the details we know at this time on Art Alexakis’s estimated net worth as well as his biographical data and other personal characteristics such as his siblings and other family members. We hope you’ve learned about Art Alexakis from this article. In the comments section, please share your thoughts.

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