Ashton Meem Net Worth: What is the Link Between Ashton Meem and Golden Tate?

Ashton Meem is best known as the ex-girlfriend and now wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. She rose to prominence after marrying the renowned player. Despite the fact that Russel and Meem were married for only two years, their romance was widely publicized.

Russell Wilson’s ex-wife, Meem, is the ex-wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. She is now an entrepreneur who, unlike other renowned people, prefers to keep her personal life private. They had been in love since high school and were regarded as one of the cutest couples in town.

They also married in 2012 after being together for two years. And Ashton received a lot of attention back then because she was married to one of the  NFL’s best prospects.

Ashton Meem Quick Info

Full Name Ashton Meem
Birth Date September 6, 1987
Birth Place Virginia, U.S.A
Nick Name Ashton
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Education St. Catherines High School (School)North Carolina State University

University of Georgia

Early Life

Ashley Meem was born on September 6, 1987. She was born in the city of Los Angeles, California. After all, she is a highly successful businesswoman. It is from the city of Richmond Virginia. This city was named after a resident named Ashton Meem.

At their high school, Ashton and Russell Wilson first met. Following that, Ashton and Russell Wilson became friends. She finished high school at St. Catherine’s in Richmond. She spent a lot of time and went to school there.

Ashton Meem Net Worth

After meeting at a high school party, they were excited to get to know each other better. After that, they didn’t wait long to start making love. Both of them went to school every day. Even though they went to different schools, they stayed together.

Ashton Meem’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ashton Meem is an American businesswoman with a net worth of $4 million. She is probably best known as the ex-wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Ashton Meem was born in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Ashton met Russell Wilson when they were both in high school. She attended St. Catherine’s School in Richmond. They met at a party when they were both teenagers. They began dating after a few more meetings, and they remained together after they both went to college.

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Ashton Meem’s Professional Life

After college, she worked as an advertising operations assistant for American Family Insurance for a few years. She then began working full-time for the company as a member of the team. During her first two years of college, she worked as an intern in media marketing.

She worked briefly as an art buyer and at a consultancy firm, but neither position lasted long. He proposed to her in a very traditional manner at the Umstead Hotel and Spa in North Carolina. What they did: Everyone had come to lend a hand. It was 2012. They married in 2012.

They dissolved their romance in April 2014. Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson had been dating for a long time before they split up. On April 22, 2014, news of their breakup went over the world. They had previously lived separated for some time.

What is Ashton Meem Doing at the Moment?

According to her LinkedIn page, Meem works as an advertising manager for an insurance company in Raleigh, North Carolina. Meem, on the other hand, appears to be uninterested in becoming as famous as her husband or any of his prior wives.

Ashton Meem Net Worth

Link Between Ashton Meem and Golden Tate?

She isn’t married to Golden Tate, after all. When they were younger, they didn’t want to be together. There are numerous rumors about how Ashton Meem and Golden Tate split up because Ashton Meem allegedly slept with her husband. Even still, there was no indication that Ashton had lied to Russell.

Even when there was no proof, she insisted she hadn’t done it. Russell remained silent when he did not want to discuss it. This is how it went: Percy Harvin, who is reported to have hit Tate after the occurrence, was widely discussed. When he left Seattle, he wrote an essay explaining why he did it, how his girlfriend knew Ashton, and how ridiculous it was that he did it.

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Personal Life

When Russell Wilson was the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Ashton Meem was his wife. They originally appeared on the scene as teens in the early 2000s. Meem informed the Richmond Times-Dispatch about her wedding in 2012. “We briefly met in high school,” she explained.

They began dating during a summer party where they ran into each other again. The two persons met and began dating from a distance during college. To be closer to Wilson, Meem transferred from the University of Georgia to North Carolina State University.

A year after she finished high school, he headed to Wisconsin to play football. Wilson planned for her to spend the night in a Presidential Suite at a high-end hotel in Cary, North Carolina, on August 1, 2010. It was there when he got down on one knee in front of their dog Penny and proposed to Meem.


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