Bad Bunny Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does He Make in His Life?

Bad Bunny is a well-known Latin trap and reggaeton singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and songwriter from Puerto Rico. The rapper has worked with Ozuna, Jay Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Drake, all of whom are big names in rap and reggaeton.

On the streets of Miami, he was seen making a music video with Drake. Bunny is a Latin trap and reggaeton artist who has taken over the music industry in less than 2 years, without even putting out a studio album.

He became known through social media, and the right people took notice of his skills and unique style. Bad Bunny was only 24 when he became one of the most critical voices in the Latin trap movement and became known worldwide.

In 2020, the rapper was the most-streamed artist worldwide, and more than eight billion people listened to his songs. So, in this post, we’ll talk about Bad Bunny’s salary, sources of income, career, biography, luxurious lifestyle, car collection, and a lot more.

Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rico rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is worth $18 million. In a short time, Bunny’s popularity has risen like a meteor. In 2020, Bad Bunny’s songs were streamed 8 billion times, making him the most famous artist in the world.

His music is usually called “Latin rap” or “reggaeton,” but he has also experimented with rock, bachata, and soul. Bad Bunny is known for his unique style and the way he speaks with a slurred voice.

Bad Bunny got famous on SoundCloud while he was living in Puerto Rico. He then got a record deal and released the hit song “Soy Peor.” Then, when he worked with Drake and Cardi B on songs like “I Like It” and “Mia,” he became even more famous.

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These songs at the top of the charts put Bad Bunny in the spotlight and made it possible for him to release his first album, “X 100pre,” in 2018. Then, he worked with J Balvin to make the album “Oasis,” which had several other hit songs.

By 2020, Bad Bunny was one of the world’s most famous musicians. He was on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine and also played at the Super Bowl halftime show. Bad Bunny’s second studio album, “YHLQMDLG,” came out in 2020. It was a response to his success.

At the end of the year, he was swamped. He created a compilation and a third album called “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” This last album made history because it was the first Spanish-language album to reach the number one spot on the US Billboard 200. “Dakiti,” his number-one single, helped “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo” become a big hit.

Bad Bunny Instagram

Take a look at the Bad Bunny Instagram account.

Early Life

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on March 10, 1994, but he didn’t stay there for long. He grew up in Vega Baja. His father, Benito Martnez, drove a truck, and his mother, Lysaurie Ocasio Declet, taught school before she retired.

Bernie and Bysael are Ocasio’s two younger brothers. He loved to sing from a young age, and by the time he was 5, he knew he wanted to be a singer.

Bad Bunny Net Worth

This dream grew stronger after his parents gave him a Vico C album for Christmas, and his mother said in an interview, “He’s always loved music, even when he was little.”

His mother is Catholic and often takes her kids to church. There, Ocasio starts to sing in public. He was invited to sing in the children’s choir, where he stayed until 13. This shows that he was already a great person at a young age.

Early Music

Shortly after leaving the choir, Ocasio started trying different styles and vocal tones and wrote his first few songs. Around the same time, he began to like Héctor Lavoe and Daddy Yankee music.

Benito knew early on what it meant to work hard and found a way to make money. He cleaned computers, downloaded music, put it on a USB, and sold it to other people.

When Ocasio was in high school, he found ways to have fun, like doing freestyle with his friends. Benito started to think of a name and remembered the picture of him as a child when he had to dress up as a rabbit for Easter.

He didn’t like this, and because he looked mad at the pitcher, people started calling him “Bad Bunny.” He has a minor pitcher to thank for coming up with his stage name, which is now known by millions of online fans worldwide.

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Benito Antonio went to the University of Puerto Rico to study communication. He started making his music while he was there. Instead of looking for a record label to sign him, he wrote the words and music for his songs himself.

He would put his songs on the internet, social media, and SoundCloud to find a loyal following. Later, he stopped going to college to focus on music full-time.


Bad Bunny was surprised when the Youth of Puerto Rico liked his song “Diles,” which he released on SoundCloud.

Bad Bunny was still in school and working at a grocery store in 2016. He also started doing small shows in San Juan. He said this about that song: “I was just making music; I had no idea it would become a hit.”

DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz, two reggaeton artists with connections, and a record label called Hear this Music noticed Bady Bunny. He then posted videos of himself singing on Instagram. He didn’t know it then, but his hard work would pay off and give him his first big break.

Bad Bunny Net Worth

When they saw that Bad Bunny was doing all of this on his own, they saw that he had a lot of potentials and signed him to their record label. Bad Bunny signed his first recording deal less than a year after making his first song.

Shortly after signing with the label Hear This Music, he released the album’s remix with engo Flow, Ozuna, and Farruko. After just a few days, DJ Luian would call him to tell him that Arcangel wanted to record the remix with him. Soon after, they made the official music video, which has been watched over a billion times on YouTube.

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Bad Bunny released the song Soy Poder on December 30, 2016. The official video was then put on his YouTube channel. The song went viral right away, so much so that people started making parodies of it on YouTube, which also got a lot of views.

Success In Music

On March 3, 2017, they released the video for the song “Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola,” which they made with Colombian singer J Balvin. More than 100 million people watched the video in less than a month.

Benito made the song before he was known as Bad Bunny and met Jay Balvin. But since he made the song, the only artist he’s ever thought of for it is Jay Balvin. This was also the first trap song to be nominated for a Latin Grammy, another reason why the artist had a great year in 2017.

On March 18 of that year, at the second Future Festival, Bad Bunny was one of the headlining acts on the main stage. This was one of the most important things that happened that year.

In July that year, Bunny worked with Becky G on her song “Mayores.” Since then, he has worked with several well-known artists, such as Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Nacho and Yandel, Farruko, and many more.

He also worked on the song “Ahora Me Llama” by Karol G, which reached #10 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. There’s a reason why everyone wants to work with Bad Bunny: as soon as he releases something new, it becomes a huge hit.

Bad Bunny Net Worth

Bady Bunny had another big year in 2017. He signed more contracts and started appearing on TV shows. He worked with top Latin artists like Ozuna, J Balvin, and Prince Royce.

The following year, Bunny decided to start making English-language music. He did this with the song “I Like It,” which features Cardi B. In this song, Bunny raps in English, Spanish, and Spanglish. I Like It was his first top-charting single, and it caught the attention of the famous Canadian rapper Drake, who later collaborated with him on the song Mia.

Bad Bunny left Hear This Music in 2018 and signed a new contract with Rimes Entertainment. As part of the contract, he announced his first studio album. On Christmas Eve 2018, he released his first album, X 100pre. Critics liked it.

After the album came out, Bunny went on many tours over the next few years. Because of this album, he won the Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.

In 2019, Bad Bunny and J Balvin released the album Oasis, which they worked on together. The album has eight songs, including the hits “Qué Pretenders” and “La Canción.” In the same year, he also got to perform at Coachella.


Even though he has had a lot of success, it hasn’t been all good news. When he landed in Europe at the end of his world tour, he was told that Hurricane Maria had just hit Puerto Rico.

Bunny found it hard to perform because he knew how bad things were back home, and he was always thinking about his family and friends. He wrote a freestyle after a show and put it on Instagram.

Bad Bunny helped the people hurt by Hurricane Maria by giving them water, food, and generators. He also sang on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who dedicated this song to everyone Hurricane Maria hurt.

Personal Life

Bad Bunny started dating Gabriela Berlingeri, a jewelry designer, in 2017. They first met at a restaurant where he ate with his family. After that, Gabriela became very involved in his musical growth.

Bad Bunny keeps his personal life pretty quiet, so he didn’t talk about his relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri until 2020.

They also worked together on the song “Te Guste,” which came out in 2018. Gabriela helped him record the piece by doing scratch vocals for Jennifer Lopez’s parts. She was the first Latina to shoot the cover of Rolling Stone when she took a picture of the artist for the May 2020 issue.

Bad Bunny is dating designer Gabriela Berlingeri, and the two of them live a luxurious life in Vega Baja, a town on the north-central coast of Puerto Rico.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Money Does Bad Bunny Have?

Bad Bunny has a net worth of $20 million.

What’s Bad Bunny’s Age?

The age of Bad Bunny is 28.

What Does Bad Bunny Make Each Year?

Bad Bunny makes 4 million dollars a year.

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