Casey Neistat Net Worth: What Is Casey Neistat Weight?

Casey Neistat is a co-founder of the multimedia firm “Beme,” an American YouTube star, filmmaker, and vlogger (that later got acquired by CNN). His acting and directing credits include the well-known FBO movie “The Neistat Brothers.” He is highly renowned for creating commercials for well-known companies including Nike, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and J.Crew.

Early Life

Casey Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, on March 25, 1981. At age 17, he left high school and never went back. When he was barely 17 years old, he moved out of his parent’s house and gave birth to his first kid, a son named Owen, with his then-girlfriend Robin Harris. Up until he turned 20, the three of them resided in a trailer park.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Cassandra Neistat Net Worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Casey Neistat is an American producer, filmmaker, and YouTube personality with a $16 million net worth. He currently has 12 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram followers.

Real Estate

Casey paid $3.7 million in April 2019 for a house in Venice, California. In September 2020, he listed this house for $3.9 million.

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Early Filmmaking

Neistat moved to New York City in 2001 after Robin supposedly dumped him, where he worked as a bike messenger. Later that year, he and his brother Van began producing videos about sculptures while working with the artist Tom Sachs. Neistat didn’t begin to establish a name for himself until 2003. He produced a short film called “iPod’s Dirty Secret” that criticized Apple’s approach to replacing iPod batteries. The film had over one million views in less than a week, setting up a media frenzy that included coverage from sites including BBC News and “Rolling Stone Magazine.”

Casey and Van created their own film series called “Science Experiments” in 2004. Each 15-minute film in the series, which was a part of the 26th Sao Paulo Biennial and Creative Time’s 59th Minute Program, contained random experiments. The Neistat Brothers and HBO agreed to an agreement in 2008 for an eight-episode TV series, which aired in 2010. The Neistat Brothers, which had its premiere on June 4, 2010, was written, directed, and produced by the brothers.

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In 2010, Neistat released his debut video on the platform, instructing viewers on when to pull the emergency brake cord on the New York City subway system and when not to do so, while criticizing the MTA for not making it apparent when the wire should be pulled. Since 2010, Neistat has published more than 80 educational YouTube videos, some of which discuss Chatroulette and give his admirers stickers made from two-dollar coins.

In 2015, he started posting daily vlogs, and by January 19th, 2016, he had 300 of them online. In 2016, a video of him snowboarding over the snowy streets of New York City received 6.5 million YouTube views in a single day. He had posted 936 vlogs on YouTube by July 2018. His subscriber base has increased dramatically each year, from 1 million in August 2015 to 11.9 million in February 2020.

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Personal Life

Neistat and Candice Pool got married secretly in Houston, Texas, in 2005. After a month, they decided to dissolve their union; however, they later made amends and were engaged in February 2013. On December 29, 2013, they got hitched a second time in Cape Town, South Africa. Francine and Georgie, the couple’s two kids, are being brought up as Jews by their parents (as Neistat was raised.) 2019 saw the family relocate from New York City to California.

Other Projects

Neistat has helmed a number of TV ads for global companies like Google and Samsung and has given speeches across the country. In 2012, Casey collaborated with Nike on the “Make it Count” video, which he wrote, produced, and starred in. As the video begins, scrolling text can be seen “I was asked by Nike to create a movie that explains what it means to “make it count.” I decided to explore the world with my friend Max instead of making their movie, using up the entire budget.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Up till the money was out, we would continue. It required 10 days. On April 8, 2012, Nike posted the video to their YouTube channel. The following day, Neistat uploaded the video to his own page, and within three days, it received over 1.5 million views. The video was hailed by a number of media publications for “going rogue” with its innovative branding and unconventional thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Casey Neistat?

As of October 2022, Casey Neistat’s age is 41 years.

How Tall Is Casey Neistat?

Casey Neistat’s height is 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm.

What Is Casey Neistat Weight?

Casey Neistat weighs around 72 kg or 158 lbs.

Casey Neistat Body Measurements And Other Personality Traits

Casey Neistat’s body measurements aren’t disclosed to the media. His eye color is brown, and his hair is dark brown.

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