Cloakzy Net Worth: How Many People Follow Him on You Youtube?

An American professional gamer, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber, Dennis Lepore is better known by his in-game alias Cloakzy. Most of his subscribers know him from his Fortnite: Battle Royale videos. Cloakzy’s net worth is expected to be around $1.8 million in 2022.

The Early life of Cloakzy

The fact that Cloakzy has always had a liking for video games pushed him to consider a career in the industry. The emergence of Twitch aided Cloakzy’s early success as a gaming platform. The fact that Cloakzy has always had a liking for video games pushed him to consider a career in the industry. Twitch’s first launch as a gaming broadcasting platform helped Cloakzy acquire notoriety.

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His popularity grew after this moment in time. After joining FaZe, Cloakzy will form a collaboration with other rising players like Tfue and 72hrs. The trio was a huge success, and they competed together in several tournaments.

Cloakzy Net Worth

Cloakzy, on the other hand, was at odds with FaZe over the contracts, believing that the company was being overcharged. When he first signed the contract, he expressed amazement that such agreements were included. The year 2019 was the year he left FaZe.

His fans were particularly shocked when Cloakzy fell out with his gaming companions Tfue and 72hrs over petty differences. Three of them were each offered a brand agreement for Madden, which Tfue first revealed. However, they were participating in the Trio Champion Series at the time.

When Tfue heard about the deal, he turned it down since he assumed they’d be playing the trio champion series instead. Cloakzy and 72hrs had already agreed to the contract, leaving Tfue with a loss of $140,000. Even though they anticipated Tfue to take the contract, Cloakzy and 72hrs called him an idiot since he didn’t take it. Tfue was disgusted by this incident. For the time being, Cloakzy has concentrated on Twitch streaming, with more than 2.6 million followers.

Personal life of Cloakzy

On December 26, 1994, Dennis Lepore was born Cloakzy. He briefly relocated to the New York/New Jersey area, but he plans to return to Austin by the end of the summer of this year.

As a member of the FaZe Clan, he has shown a desire to move to the group’s California home. One of FaZe Clan’s recent purchases was a lavish estate near Hollywood in Southern California, with a dedicated gaming room for each of the broadcasters to play and share their material.

In terms of his personal life, Cloakzy doesn’t go into much detail regarding his upbringing, family, or other relationships. When asked why he started streaming and eventually became so successful, his answer was simple: He had always been a massive fan of video games, and that’s what got him started.

Career of Cloakzy

Gaming was a massive part of Cloakzy’s childhood and young adult life. He aspired to turn it into a full-time job. As a result, he began streaming his gaming sessions live on Twitch. Cloakzy became his online persona. One of his few pseudonyms is FaZe Cloak and FaZe Cloakzy; these are his sole alternate names. He participates in popular first-person shooter games like ‘Fortnite.

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In addition to ‘PUBG’ and ‘H1Z1,’ Cloakzy is a well-known professional video game player. His squad, KnightsGG, competed in the “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground,” and he was one of the players. He became well-known after posting a video of himself playing Fortnite.’ Many worldwide were astonished by his live streams and gaming prowess, and he gained even more notoriety after joining FaZe Clan.

Cloakzy Net Worth

Cloakzy participates in streams regularly, at various times of the day. To watch him in action is to watch him perform stunts, challenges, and regular games in real-time on YouTube. It was one of his most notable appearances in the ‘Fortnite‘ community when Cloakzy joined in on the competition. True, a member of FaZe Clan was his partner. Throughout the competition, they were victorious on numerous occasions.

FaZe Cloak was his username on “Fortnite.” Eventually, he decided to go by “Cloakzy,” but the name had already been claimed. Despite Cloakzy’s pleas, Epic Games has demanded $20,000 from him to secure the use of the moniker. Crazy was the name he gave himself when he refused to pay.

He now devotes more time to his Twitch streams. One million people follow him on YouTube. In addition, he is a regular user of Instagram and Twitter. Cloakzy’s net worth is predicted to be $1.5 million as of June 2022.

Net worth

Cloakzy’s net worth is predicted to be $1.8 million as of 2022. Almost all of his income comes from Twitch subscriptions and ad revenue. The Cloakzy team is also involved in prize tournaments, where they compete for cash prizes.


What is the Cloakzy age?

Cloakzy is 26 years old.

What is the annual earning of Cloakzy?

YouTube and Twitch are said to bring Cloakzy in roughly $300,000 annually. Because of sponsorships and gifts, the total would be significantly higher.

What is Cloakzy’s preferred method of transmission?

Only on this Twitch account does Cloakzy stream his content, while he utilizes his YouTube channel to share highlights and snippets obtained from his live broadcasts.

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