Donald Trump’s net worth in 2022: How Rich is the Former POTUS?

Donald Trump has been one of the most prominent figures in public life for quite some time now. While this was as a successful businessman initially, his foray into politics eventually led to him being elected as President of the United States in 2017. Although his term in the White House ended in 2021, he is still a headline-grabbing figure in both the business and political spheres.

But what is his net worth in 2022 and how rich is the former POTUS?

Donald Trump’s wealth in 2022

As of 2022, it has been estimated by Forbes that the former President’s net worth is around $3bn. This is a staggering amount and shows that, despite his loss of office in 2021, he remains a very rich individual. In fact, it is thought that his wealth has increased since leaving the White House and has risen by around $600m since then!

Where does Donald Trump’s money come from?

His role as a high-flying businessman explains the source of his income and it is his business dealings over the years which have allowed him to become so rich. But what kinds of deals and ventures have made him all this money?

There is no doubt he has been known to invest in casinos in the past, such as those in Atlantic City and Indiana, and deals like this will have helped him generate more wealth, through the now defunct Trump Entertainment Resorts. With the growing market for online casino gaming in the USA, it would not be surprising to see Trump dipping his toe into the water here again. If his platform could match the likes of Fortune Coins, which many pick as the best US online casino for 2022, he could make a tidy sum.

He is also a successful property investor and owns valuable real estate in locations such as Miami and New York City. It was real estate where he got his start in business, when he began working at his father Fred’s firm in 1968. By 1971, he had become president of the company and started to expand. This led to him investing in the famous Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan in 1983 and making this the central HQ of the Trump Organization.

In addition to this, he has launched a range of golf courses around the world under the Trump Organization brand and has a Trump hotel in Las Vegas. Trump has also been a savvy user of branding and licensing to help drive his company to greater success and increase his own wealth as a result.

Donald Trump’s media career has also helped

In the same way that social media star JiDion’s net worth is worth delving into, it is also interesting to learn more about Donald Trump’s.

In addition to his role as one of the USA’s most famous businessmen, Trump has also generated personal riches from a successful media career. For example, 1987’s ‘The Art of the Deal’ book was a New York Times Best Seller and he has 19 books to his name on business and entrepreneurship.

The former POTUS has also generated wealth by starring in movies and appearing on TV. The most famous example of this was his central role on ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ TV shows from 2004 to 2015.

What might increase Donald Trump’s net worth in the future?

Although the figure of $3bn is the best estimate for Trump’s net worth in 2022, it is not hard to see this continuing to rise in the future. One big driver for this could be the launch of his much-vaunted social media platform ‘Truth Social’. If this platform can overcome its current challenges and become a major hit, it could result in his personal fortune rising sharply.

Of course, as an experienced businessman, you also need to factor in that there are likely to be future business deals to build his net worth further. Whether this is in real estate, more golf courses or a totally different industry, it could generate Trump even more money. It would not be surprising either to see him become more prominent in the media again in order to earn more cash. This could mean more appearances on TV, radio or in films for a hefty fee.

Donald Trump net worth 2022

Whatever you think about him, it is clear to see that Donald Trump has not only had a long, successful career in business but also has a very high net worth in 2022. When you also add in his media profile, political presence and new role as social media magnate, it is easy to see why he remains such a headline-grabbing personality.

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