Eduardo Saverin Net Worth: What Did Mark Zuckerberg Pay the Two Brothers?

Brazilian entrepreneur and angel investor Eduardo Saverin. Saverin is credited as a primary Facebook founder. In 2012, he held approximately 2% of all Facebook shares, or 53 million shares.

Saverin started the “B Capital Group” with partners in 2015. He has made significant investments in a number of companies outside of Facebook, including B Capital Group, Ninja Van, Aporta, Lyft, Qwiki, and Jumio.

Early Life

A native of Brazil, Eduardo Luiz Saverin entered the world on March 19, 1982, in the city of Sao Paulo. He was one of three children. Robert Saverin Sr. was a prosperous businessman in the textile, shipping, and real estate industries. A psychologist, Eduardo’s mother was an inspiration to her son.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

His entrepreneurial spirit was undoubtedly instilled in him by his parents and grandparents. Eugenio Saverin, his grandfather and a native of Romania, started the successful Tip Top chain of children’s clothing stores.


Back when Mark was a junior at Harvard, Saverin was introduced to him. Mark wanted to create a social networking site and online directory specifically for Harvard students, but he needed funding to do so. After hearing Mark’s pitch, Eduardo decided to back him because he thought his idea was brilliant. Mark had no idea that he could make money off of

Mark’s sole goal in making this revolutionary platform was to facilitate communication between individuals. Yet Eduardo was blind to his strategy, and he saw opportunity in this website to monetize it.

Soon after Facebook’s launch at Harvard, its creators realised the institution would be too small to support the company’s growth. This resulted in their relocation to Palo Alto, California. In 2004, though, Saverin left for New York and an internship at Lehman Brothers.

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Personal Life

Attractive Indonesian-Chinese woman Elaine Andriejanssen is Eduardo’s wife. On March 27, 2014, Saverin proposed to Elaine Andriejanssen, an Indonesian national of Chinese descent; they wed on June 25, 2015. He was attending Harvard University and she was attending Tufts University in Massachusetts, which is where they first crossed paths and fell in love. His spouse works as a research analyst for Franklin Templeton Investments.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

What Method Did Mark Zuckerberg Dilute Eduardo’s Stock?

Zuckerberg received 65% of the company’s stock, Saverin received 30%, and Moskovitz received 5%. Zuckerberg formed a new company under Delaware law to acquire Saverin’s old company and dilute Saverin’s stake (The Florida LLC). The result was a decrease in Saverin’s stake to about 24%.

How Close Are Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin?

Only Mark’s friend Eduardo existed outside of Facebook. A lawsuit filed by Eduardo claimed that Mark had improperly reduced Eduardo’s Facebook holdings. Mark’s legal team was likely looking for evidence to use against Eduardo to prove that his behaviour had put the business at risk. Evidently, Eduardo had been accused of mistreating animals.

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Net Worth

Brazil’s Eduardo Saverin, known as “the world’s best entrepreneur,” is worth an estimated $12.5 billion. The most well-known Brazilian businessman, Eduardo Saverin, is estimated to be worth around $12.5 billion by various online resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB).

Name Eduardo Saverin
Net Worth (2022) $12.5 Billion
Profession Brazilian Entrepreneur
Monthly Income And Salary $200 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $1 Billion
Last Updated 2022

We know that Eduardo Saverin is worth 19 billion dollars because we’ve talked about it before. Those funds largely come from his business ventures with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Over the past year, he has sold nearly 1 million shares, earning him nearly $3 billion. He also owns real estate in the Los Angeles area and the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo.

The Facebook feud drove him back to Brazil, where he plans to run his family’s business. He returned to the United States ten years ago and has since invested in a number of startup businesses.

Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022 $12.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2021 $11.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2020 $10.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2019 $9.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2018 $8.5 Billion
Net Worth in 2017 $7.5 Billion

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Frequently Asked Questions

To What Extent Does Facebook Still Employ Eduardo Saverin?

Saverin is credited as a primary Facebook founder. In 2012, his 53 million Facebook shares were worth about $2 billion, or about 2% of the total number of shares then in circulation. And he put money into Qwiki and Jumio when they were just getting started.

Where is Saverin and What is He Up to Now?

Despite his newfound success as a venture capitalist, his modest but lucrative Facebook holdings remain the primary source of his wealth. Together with Raj Ganguly, a veteran of BCG and Bain Capital, he established the venture capital firm B Capital in 2016. The total value of the fund’s holdings is $6.5 billion.

Does Anyone Know How Much Money Mark Zuckerberg Paid the Two Brothers?

The brothers gained notoriety when they accused Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their concept for a social networking site similar to Facebook. The two men formed Winklevoss Capital in 2012 with $20 million from a lawsuit settlement and Facebook stock.

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