Homer Laffoon Net Worth: How Much Worth Does He Have?

Homer Laffoon is a famous son in the United States. He is well-known for being Anne Heche and Coleman’s first child. He is also the older brother of Atlas Heche Tupper, who was born when Anne Heche married James Tupper for the second time.

Net Worth

Family member Homer Laffoon has a net worth of $16 Million. Homer Laffoon was born on March 2, 2002, in Los Angeles. Became known as the son of actress Anne Heche and real estate agent Coley Laffoon.

Name Homer Laffoon
Age 20 years
Mother Anne Heche
Father Coleman Laffoon
Brother Atlas Heche Tupper
Height 1.45m

Early Life

Homer Laffoon was born in the United States on March 2, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. He is now 20 years old. Anne Heche and Coleman Laffoon are his parents. His mother is a well-known actress, and his father is in the business of selling homes.

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Heche Laffoon, the mother of Homer Laffoon, was in two car accidents on August 5, 2022, in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles. First, she crashed her Mini Cooper into a garage at an apartment complex. Then, she crashed into a house, starting a fire that badly burned her. A Ring door cam video taken just before the final crash shows Heche’s car driving quickly through a neighborhood street. A few seconds later, the sound of a collision can be heard.


Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department later said that it took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to put out the fire and get Heche out of the car after the car crash and house fire that followed. The house’s structure was broken so it couldn’t be lived in. The tenant of the house was not hurt, but she said in a statement released by her lawyer that she, her pets, and her personal belongings were almost killed in the fire.

homer laffoon net worth

Homer Laffoon’s mother, Heche, was taken away from the crash scene on a stretcher. This was shown on video from the Los Angeles station KTTV. In a statement released soon after Heche was taken to the hospital, the Los Angeles Fire Department said she was in critical condition. Heather Boylston, who co-hosts a podcast with Heche, told the Associated Press on August 7 that Heche was in stable condition.

On August 8, 2022, a representative for his mother said she was in a coma and in terrible shape, with a pulmonary injury requiring medical ventilation. She was kept on life support to see if her organs could be used to help other people. On August 11, her representative said that Heche was not expected to live because she had a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen.

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Law enforcement officials told the Los Angeles Times that Homer Laffoon’s mother, Anne Heche, “was thought to be drunk and acting strangely” at the time of the crashes. After the accident, the police got a search warrant from the hospital to look for drugs in Heche’s blood because they thought she was drunk in both accidents.

homer laffoon net worth

Heche’s family said on August 11, 2022, that she was brain dead and that her life support would be turned off after seeing if any of her organs could be donated.


Homer Laffoon is not married as of the middle of 2022. He is not dating anyone at the moment. The famous kid hasn’t told anyone about his girlfriend or the woman who will soon be his wife.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Happened to Kill Anne Heche?

Traffic collision
Anne Heche/Death Cause
The actress who won an Emmy Award died on August 5 after a car accident put her in a coma. Anne Heche died of a brain injury and severe burns when she crashed her car into a house in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles last Friday, August 5.

What Was Wrong With Anne Heche?

Her representative said Heche, who is 53 years old, had an anoxic brain injury and was in “extreme” condition on Monday. Anoxic injuries happen when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, which kills brain cells. She was in a coma. Heche was at West Hills Hospital’s Grossman Burn Center.

Are Anne Heches’s Parents Still Alive?

Nancy Prickett Heche is an activist from the United States. She was born Nancy Abigail Baker Prickett on March 10, 1937. She has five children, but four of them have died. One of them, actress Anne Heche, is still alive.

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