Ishowspeed Net Worth: Career, Controversy Updates, Have a Kid?

IShowSpeed’s real identity is YouTuber Darren Watkins Jr. At the outset of the pandemic, he launched a YouTube channel where he posted videos about video games and other aspects of his life, without realising that it would eventually attract millions of viewers.

Early Life

American youngster Darren was born on January 21, 2005, in Ohio. He has two younger brothers and sisters and spent his whole life in the same place.

Darren is a sophomore in high school right now. Darren has yet to be persuaded by YouTube that he should enrol in college. But he did think about specialising in a trade or playing professional sports. He claims that YouTube has completely altered his life and that from now on he will devote himself to the platform.

Ishowspeed Net Worth

He has even considered not returning to high school next year because he believes he would make far more rapid progress on Youtube if he were able to devote all of his time to it.

Darren’s love for video games began at a young age, and he posted his first video to YouTube, including NBA 2K18 gameplay, in 2018. His early days as a YouTuber were sluggish, but he currently has more than 12.3 million subscribers. Darren, a high school sophomore, is a passionate football player.

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One of Speed’s buddies convinced him to try again during the pandemic. IShowSpeed revived his YouTube account in 2020 by streaming a large number of NBA 2K games. Speed had about 150 new customers every week by the middle of June 2020, and by the beginning of 2021, that number had risen to over a thousand per week.

The YouTuber then developed additional strategies to expand his channel’s audience, and by April 2021, IShowSpeed had amassed 100,000 followers, making him a viral hit.

TikTok quickly became the preferred platform for sharing memes regarding Speed’s newfound YouTube following.

In the last week of June, Speed amassed an incredible 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, making him one of the year’s fastest-growing YouTubers. His efforts, including trying to win 81 consecutive games as a tribute to Kobe Bryant (who tragically passed away in 2014), have only gotten more and more views since then.

In addition, his first album, titled “What Else IShowSpeed,” was released under his name. After relocating to Hollywood with the widely watched Twitch streamer Adin Ross, the YouTuber’s fame skyrocketed.

Adin’s viewership increased thanks to Speed’s appearances on his streams. IshowSpeed was one of the few video makers streaming NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 at a high enough quality to be noticed.

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Personal Life

Darren has been very discreet about his family, so no one outside of his immediate circle knows anything about them. When Darren reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, his mother gave him a cool response, which made him upset.

Ishowspeed Net Worth

Darren is reportedly single, though he has been linked to Ermony Renee. But he just uploaded a video to his channel in which he details how his fiancée dumped him for another man and had an affair.

Net Worth

About $4 million in 2022 US dollars is how much we anticipate IShowSpeed will be worth. After uploading videos of himself playing video games, he quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most popular content makers and streamers in the country.

His primary motivation is the astounding wealth he has amassed through his hobbies, which include video-sharing websites like YouTube and live-streaming platform Twitch. Some of his favourite games include Roblox, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, and Lunch Lady.

IShowSpeed has also shared his impressive earnings, ranging from $75 to $200 per broadcast. More than 10.1 million people are currently subscribed to his channel.

His fortune has nearly doubled in the past 12 months. It’s also possible that he profits from the numerous product endorsements and paid social media posts that he publishes. The annual revenue for IShowSpeed is $2,000,000.

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On the 13th of December, 2021, Darren appeared on a live dating programme on Adin Ross’s Twitch channel. Many singles (both men and women) were polled on a range of dating-related topics during the event. During the performance, Darren asked Ash Kaash, an Instagram model, if she would have children with him if they were the last two humans on Earth.

Ash said that she wouldn’t, and that their future offspring would have to engage in incest if the relationship was to continue. Then Darren said, “Who’s gon’ stop me?” and Ash said, “I will.” Darren escalated the tone of his query, denied that Ash would stop him, and broke into some dubious dance moves.

Adin tried to calm down Darren, but the two continued to argue until Darren temporarily exited the stream. But not too long after that, Darren was back in the stream. As his misogynistic tirade continued, he referred to Ash as a “bitch” and a “ugly fucking cunt.” Darren then raged at Ash, telling her that he masturbates with her every day and that “nobody wants her,” and on to insult and belittle her. Although Ash did not seem to be affected by Darren’s rant and was even smiling, Adin withdrew him violently.

After this happened, videos of his diatribe went viral on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, subjecting Darren to widespread criticism and accusations of being a monster and sexist.

Darren’s defenders point out that he was just 16 (or 18) at the time, and that this sort of humour is par for the course for him. Tipster isn’t the only one who has wondered why 16-year-old Darren is participating in an online dating show.  Although no one answered this query, it was widely agreed that Darren had gone too far.

Darren’s Twitch account was permanently banned the following day, on December 14, due to his outburst, and the next day he tweeted out a screenshot of the ban notification he received from Twitch with the comment “Bye.”

Darren’s channel popularity and growth have continued to rise despite the vitriol he’s received, and he’s been streaming on YouTube even after his Twitch account was blocked.

Darren went on another sexist outburst while playing Valorant with a group including a woman, saying things like, “go do your husband’s dishes.” On April 6, 2022, a YouTuber and E-sports news reporter named Jake Lucky News tweeted the tape where he was sexist to the female, prompting Valorant to ban him for 30 days.  Sara Dadafshar, an employee at Riot Games, replied to Jake’s tweet by informing him that Darren had been permanently banned from all Riot Games and thanks him for his tweet.

Darren apologised for his rant, but several Twitter users accused Jake of being racially motivated to get Darren banned from Riot Games, while Keemstar stated Jake was hypocritical for also advocating “trash talk” in video games, despite Jake’s previous endorsement of such behaviour.

Keem was told by xQcOW that he shouldn’t defend Darren if he considers his outburst to be “trash talk” since it was “quite rich to try to pull the racism card while overlooking clear misogyny.”

As the conflict intensified, Jake became the target of more vicious attacks, including death threats.

Uncertainty remains as to whether or not the drama has been resolved, but it appears to have subsided and all involved parties have moved on.

Darren celebrated Independence Day, 2022 style by setting off fireworks in his bedroom. Darren thought the fireworks he bought were harmless noisemakers, so he lighted a Pikachu-shaped firework fountain next to his bed. But within seconds, sparks were flying from the fireworks and lighting up his chamber.

As the firework blasted into the wall, Darren panicked and ran out of the room; his mother’s horror and anger can be heard in the livestream as well. Darren’s home alarm goes off as his desktop face-cam slowly descends, and firefighters eventually enter his bedroom after he terminates the stream. Lucky for him, neither his room nor the rest of the house caught fire, but his bedroom did sustain some damage to its ceiling and walls.

It went viral and became first page news for a reason. He was heavily criticised on the news and social media for thinking that lighting any form of fireworks inside his own bedroom could be safe, as he could have easily burned down his house or even killed himself and his family, despite the fact that KSI and Darren’s audience was worried about him and his family and also found the incident to be hilarious. Others, such as xQcOW and Tipster, had conflicting reactions: they either found the episode humorous or were critically concerned for his safety.

Darren addressed the situation the following day on his livestream, assuring viewers that he and his family are fine and that the only damage he sustained were minor burns. He cautioned his audience to never light fireworks indoors, saying that he had no idea the firework fountain would spark as badly as it did.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Cash Has Been Generated by Ishowspeed?

According to many sources like Social Blade and Net Worth Spot, American YouTuber and social media sensation Darren Watkins Jr., better known by his stage names IShowSpeed and Speed, has a net worth of $12-14 million.

Does IShowSpeed Have a Kid?

IShowSpeed, a famous YouTuber, shut down gay rumours by publicly announcing the birth of his daughter. According to Celebshaunt’s source, the streamer had the child when he was just 16 years old, just around the time he began posting videos online.

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