How Did Jasmin Pettaway Net Worth Grow to $1.5 Million? Let’s Find Out.

Jasmin Pettaway is a well-known entrepreneur, Casting Producer, media face, and social media star from Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. She was born on January 6, 1991, and is 32 years old.

She stayed out of the spotlight and worked hard on her job. She was an intern at E! Networks, ABC News, WEWS-TV, interview, Inc, and many other media outlets. She also started doing production work for ITV America, where she was in charge of casting.

Pettaway has always wanted to do well in her field of work. After doing some research on the internet, we found out that she is also the founder of a company called “Lemon-Love,” which comes up with story ideas for niche digital platforms. Learn more about Jasmin Pettaway by reading this article.

What is Jasmin Pettaway’s Net Worth?

This woman has worked in many different places, which has given her a lot of experience. She makes a good living as a journalist, businesswoman, producer, and in many other jobs.

She lives on her own in New Orleans and bought her own car. She likes to keep her personal life low-key. It is thought that she is worth about USD 1.5 Million (approx.).

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Jasmin Pettaway Biography

Jasmin Pettaway Biodata– We found out that her other name is Jasmin Arie from her social media accounts. In 2015, the DailyMail said that she was 24 years old.

According to this, her parents had her in 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. She said on her Facebook handle that she always has a party on her birthday, which is January 6.

Jasmin Pettaway Net Worth

She likes to spend the holiday with her family and has never said much on social media about it. In the year 2023, she will be 32 years old. She is staying in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States at the moment.

When she was done with elementary school, she got into Lake Catholic High School. She went to Ohio University from 2010 to 2014 and got her degree in English with great grades.


Through her official LinkedIn account, Jasmin Pettaway said that she started working as a Staff Writer for WOUB Public Media in Ohio in August 2010. In 2013, she got a job as an intern at an interview, which she left after 4 months. She was also a co-host of the AVW Productions shows “Straight Up” from 2012 to 2013.

According to reports, Jasmin started working for ABC News in 2014 as a Segment Producer for Good Morning America. She was later promoted to Script Coordinator. In 2016, she quit her job to take advantage of an amazing chance to work at WEWS-TV as an Assignment Editor and Special Producer.

She works as a casting producer for ITV America and has done so since May 2022. She is also a business owner and the founder of a company called “Lemon-Love.” She talked about how she comes up with story ideas for niche digital platforms, copy for post-production, Engineers campaigns and ads to grow the audience, and a lot more.

Jasmin Pettaway Family

Jasmin Arie has a lot of respect for her elders and always talks nicely to them. She has also never mentioned her parents’ names on any of her social media accounts. Not only are their names hidden, but also their pictures and jobs.

But her parents always encouraged her to be the best person she could be and helped her get to an amazing place in her life. She is also close to her husband’s parents. Louis Solano is her father-in-law, and Sue Carroll Solano is her mother-in-law.

Through social media, we’ve also found pictures of her in-laws. Aside from this, Pettaway has also kept the media from knowing about her brothers and sisters.

Well, she is a mix of different races and believes in Christianity. She was also born in the United States, so she has American citizenship.

Jasmin Pettaway Husband

Pettaway hasn’t shared much about her private life on her official social media accounts. We found out that she is married by scrolling through her Facebook handle. She met David Solano, and they began going out together.

Jasmin Pettaway Net Worth

After dating for a while, they got engaged in December 2017, and Jasmin posted pictures of the event on her social media accounts.

After that, the couple got married on May 26, 2019, with the help of their families. They look great together and have always helped each other in their careers. I should tell you that David Solano works as an architect and businessman.

The two people have always been there for each other, and they haven’t made any plans for their baby yet. We hope that they will soon post about it on different social media sites.


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