Jenna Coleman Net Worth: Why Did She Change Her Name?

The stage name Jenna Coleman is used by English actress Jenna-Louise Coleman. She is recognized for her roles as Queen Victoria in the historical drama Victoria, Jasmine Thomas on the soap opera Emmerdale, Clara Oswald in the science fiction program Doctor Who, Joanna Lindsay in the crime miniseries The Cry, and Marie-Andrée Leclerc in the crime miniseries The Serpent.

She has also appeared in a number of films, including Me Before You and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). (2013). (2016). She portrayed Johanna Constantine in the Netflix fantasy drama The Sandman in 2022. She also provides Melia Antiqua with a voice in the English edition of the video game series Xenoblade Chronicles.

 Jenna Coleman Quick Info

Name Jenna Coleman
Net Worth $5 Million
Age 36 years old
Date Of Birth April 27, 1986
Annual Income $1 Million
Profession English Actress
Gender Female

Early Life

On April 27, 1986, Jenna-Louise Coleman was born in Blackpool, England. Keith Coleman is her father and Karen Coleman is her mother. Her father had a pretty conventional career as a joiner and fitter in taverns and eateries.

Jenna Coleman Net Worth

Ben, Coleman’s older sibling, also works as a carpenter like their father. It’s almost as if her parents knew from the beginning that she was going to be exceptional because her grandmother gave her the name Jenna Wade, a character from the American television series Dallas.

Jenna Coleman’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth,

Jenna-Louise Coleman, an English actress, has a $5 million net worth. Blackpool, Lancashire, England is the birthplace of Jenna-Louise Coleman. When she was young, she began performing. She portrayed Jasmine Thomas in the television program Emmerdale from 2005 to 2009.

Coleman portrayed Lindsay James on the television program Waterloo Road in 2009. One of her most well-known roles is Clara, who she has played on Doctor Who since 2012. Coleman has been in repeat episodes of the TV series Death Comes to Pemberley (2013), Dancing on the Edge (2013), Room at the Top (2012), and Titanic (2012). (2013).

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Early on in her acting career, Jenna played a tiny role as a bridesmaid in the 1996 movie Summer Holiday. She was 10 years old and attending basic school at the time. While still in school, she performed in the play Edinburgh Festival with the theatre company In Yer Space. She got praise for her work, and the audience enjoyed the play.

Jenna turned down the chance to enroll in the University of York’s English program in order to play Jasmine Thomas in the Emmerdale soap opera. This girl has consistently excelled since the start of her high school career.

Jenna Coleman Net Worth

Her four-year run as Jasmine Thomas on Emmerdale from 2005 to 2009 helped Coleman become a rather huge star and a very beloved one. She was nominated for several prizes as a result of her outstanding performance, including the Best Newcomer Award at the 2007 British Soap Awards. At the 2009 British Soap Awards, she was up for Best Actress and Best Dramatic Performance honors.

Other Work

Jenna garnered a considerable fanbase in 2010 for her voice work in the video game series Xenoblade Chronicles in addition to her work in television and film. Coleman reprised her role as Princess Melia Antiqua in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, nine years after the game’s initial English release. That also features a brand-new epilogue that comes after the main story.

In 2022, she made a comeback as Melia and took up the position of Cavi’s queen in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The fantasy drama The Sandman cast Coleman in May 2021 as Johanna Constantine, the series’ protagonist. The actress has also been in other theatre performances, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, All My Sons, and A Separate Peace (2009).

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Personal Life

Jenna Coleman dated Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden in 2011. Because they both played powerful characters on television when they first started dating, the media referred to them as a powerful couple. They ended their relationship later, at the start of 2016, and began to concentrate on their acting careers.

Jenna Coleman Net Worth

In 2015, Coleman started dating British actor Tom Hughes. In the well-known television program Victoria, Hughes portrays Coleman’s on-screen spouse, Prince Albert. They got together while filming Dancing on the Edge, but they kept their romance a secret for almost a year. Although there have been whispers of their engagement and impending nuptials, nothing concrete has been stated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Jenna Coleman Worth?

At the moment, Jenna Coleman has a net worth of $5 million.

What is Jenna Coleman Doing Now?

Jenna Coleman talks about her “compelling” new role in a tv drama that is coming out soon. Jenna Coleman will be in a brand new TV show called The War Rooms.

Why Did Jenna Coleman Change Her Name?

After she left “Emmerdale,” she changed her name. Jenna’s first big break came when she joined Emmerdale. At that time, she was known by her full name, Jenna-Louise Coleman. But the actress said she thought it was strange when she got more famous and strangers called her by her full name.


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