Jenna Jameson Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Have?

Jenna Jameson’s net worth as of July 2022 is $5 Million.
Jenna Jameson is an American businesswoman, model, writer, TV personality, and actress who works in adult movies. She has been called the most well-known adult entertainer in the world. 

How Much Does Jenna Jameson Make and What is Her Net Worth?

Jenna Jameson is a businesswoman and former adult film star with a net worth of $5 million. Jenna Jameson’s net worth comes from her work in adult movies. She also helped start a business for adults called ClubJenna. She and her husband at the time, Jay Grdina, started ClubJenna in 2000.
At first, the company sold pictures and videos, diaries, relationship advice, and stock market tips. It grew into an adult web empire that sold merchandise and adult movies starring Jenna and other adult actors and actresses. Jenna has also made movies like “Jenna’s Provocateur,” which she directed. Jenna has played chiefly roles with other women, but she has also played roles with men.
Early Life

Jenna Marie Massoli was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 9, 1974. Lawrence and Judith Massoli are Massoli’s parents. Lawrence was the local sheriff, and Judith was a showgirl on the Las Vegas Strip.

Jenna Jameson Net Worth

After all the medical bills, the family ran out of money and had to move into a trailer while her father worked long hours to pay off their debts. Jameson and her older brother, Tony, were left to care for each other.


In 1993, Jameson started appearing in adult movies. By 1996, she had won several prestigious awards, including the 1995 X-Rated Critics Organization XRCO Award for Starlet of the Year, the 1996 Hot D’Or Best New American Starlet Award, and the 1996 AVN Best New Starlet Award.

Her career in erotic movies led to many hits, and in 2003, adult video company Vivid Entertainment signed her to a 15-picture deal because of how successful she was.

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Jameson has been in or led more than 100 videos and compilations throughout her time in front of the camera.

Jenna Jameson Net Worth

In 1997, Jameson got a big break when he had a small part in the Howard Stern biopic Private Parts.

Jameson reaffirmed her ties to the adult film industry by starting the adult-themed media company ClubJenna, Inc. in 2000. This was right when she was starting to get a lot of attention.

In 2004, Jameson wrote an autobiography called “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale,” which sold a lot of copies. It was a big hit immediately and stayed on The New York Times Best-Seller list for six weeks.

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Playboy Enterprises took notice of her success and bought ClubJenna in 2006. With more than $30 million in sales, the company is now in the Fortune 500.

Jenna Jameson’s net worth as of July 2022 is $5 Million.

Other Ventures

Jameson was on the “Howard Stern Show” all the time. She did voice work for “Family Guy,” and in two episodes of “Mister Sterling” on NBC, she played the girlfriend of a political financier. She had a small role in “Private Parts,” the movie about his life.

Jenna’s voice acting skills have also been used in video games. The first was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as Candy Suxxx, and the second was in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Four as Daisy. She also appeared with Eminem in a music video for the song “Without Me.

Jenna Jameson Net Worth

In 2004, Jameson wrote a book about her life called “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale.” New York Times writer Neil Strauss wrote the juicy tell-all. It was an instant hit and stayed on the New York Times Best Seller list for six weeks. Jameson also wrote “Sugar,” a fictional erotica book, in October 2013.

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In 2005, she made a website for gay men called Club Thrust that lets them talk to each other. It had tips on sex, videos, a lot of gossip, and other things. In 2005, she became a co-owner of the Arizona strip club Babes Cabaret with some business investors. Many people didn’t want Babes Cabaret to open, but Jenna started a petition and won the right for it to stay open.

In 2006, Wicked Cow Entertainment, based in New York City, expanded its brand to include barware, handbags, shoes, perfume, and lingerie, sold at high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Frequently Asked Question

Jenna Jameson Slept With How Many People?

Jenna Jameson may be the most famous pornstar in the world, but she has only had sex on camera with ten different men. Jameson has only had movie sex with her husband, JAY GRDINA, since she started her own business. She says she was never as promiscuous as people think, even before getting married.

What’s Next for Jenna Jameson?

Jameson, who is 47 years old, posted on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday that she is now “just resting” at home while doctors try to figure out why she lost her ability to walk and threw up for weeks in early January.

What is Wrong With Jenna Jameson?

Jameson spoke out when she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, and people asked if she got sick because she got a COVID vaccine. The disorder has been said to be an “infrequent” side effect of the COVID shot from Johnson & Johnson. Jameson said in an Instagram post that has since been taken down, “I did not get the jab or any.

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