Larry Hoover Net Worth: What You Know About Larry Hoover Personal Life?

Larry Hoover is a well-known gang leader in the US. Larry started the Gangster Disciples, a street gang in Chicago. In 1973, he got 150 to 200 years in prison for killing William Young. At the ADX Florence prison in Florence, Colorado, he is serving six life sentences this time. In 2022, Larry Hoover has about $10 million in net worth.

Larry Hoover Early Years

Larry Hoover was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in the United States on November 30, 1950. He is now 71 years old. His family moved to Chicago, Illinois, when he was four years old. Larry was in trouble with the law when he was 12 years old.

He and his friends started doing illegal things like stealing and getting beaten up. The name of the group he made with his local friends was “Supreme Gangsters.” After some time, he became the leader of the group.

Larry Hoover Personal Life

Larry Hoover has a wife. He had a wife whose name was Winndye Jenkins. They had a son together named Larry Hoover Jr. He also had two other children, Larry Bernard and Tyree Hoover, with other women. He was in a relationship with Bertha Mosby before.

Larry Hoover The Working World

Larry Hoover broke the law when he was only 12 years old. At first, he stole things and robbed people as part of a group called “Supreme Gangsters.” After some time, he became the leader of the group.

Later, Larry Hoover decided to combine his gang with a rival gang led by David Barksdale. They became known as “Black Gangster Disciple Nation.

larry hoover net worth


After that, they started doing bigger crimes like shooting and beating people. He had been in and out of prison many times by the time he was in his 20s. He had also been shot at more than once.

WilliamPooky” Young, who was 19 years old and was accused of stealing money and drugs from the gang on February 26, 1973, was killed by Larry Hoover’s order.

Andrew Howard, a member of the gang, took Young hostage and then shot him. After the murder, both Larry Hoover and Andrew Howard were charged with murder and given sentences of 150 to 200 years in prison.

Larry Hoover’s sentence was to be served at the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois. After David Barksdale died in 1974, he took charge of the South Side of Chicago. In 1977, he was sentenced to life in prison for drug conspiracy, extortion, and running the gang from prison.

Why Didn’t Larry Hoover’s Casework?

Larry tried to get out of jail or move to prison with less strict rules, but his request was denied. He was told that he had been in “severe isolation” for about 24 hours a day in solitary confinement in prison.

larry hoover net worth

But in July, Judge Harry turned down his appeal and sent him to one of Illinois’s most well-known criminals. The judge has also said that if Larry were set free, there was “an active risk of haram.”

How Much Money did Larry Hoover Has

Because Larry Hoover did so many shady things, it is very hard to track down all of his assets. The drug lord was a pro at moving money from one of his illegal activities to another. He was a master at money laundering.

Since each member of his gang of 30,000 made $3,300 a year, his estimated net worth is $100 million.

The Son of Larry Hoover

Before he was convicted for the first time in 1973, Larry Hoover was married to Winndye Jenkins. Together, they had two children, Larry Hoover Jr., and Tyree Hoover.

How did Larry Hoover Die?

Larry Hoover is not dead, despite what most people think. Before he was caught, he was like the saying about the cat with nine lives. He has been shot dozens of times and has been in a lot of gang wars. Larry is still alive. He is serving a life sentence in a Colorado prison called a Maximum Facility.


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Larry Hoover Social Media Links

Larry Hoover loves to share his photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He always posts about what he’s doing on social media to keep his fans interested. He is a famous person who is followed by a lot of people on social media sites. In 2022, Larry Hoover will be worth $10 million.

Questions People Usually Ask

Why Is Larry Hoover So Well-known?

Larry Hoover is a famous gang leader in the United States. He started the Gangster Disciples, a street gang in Chicago.

What’s Larry Hoover’s Age?

Larry Hoover is 71 years old. He was born on November 30, 1950.

How Did Larry Hoover Get Hurt?

Larry Hoover is in the federal super-max prison in Colorado to serve a life sentence.

Who Does Larry Hoover Marry?

Winndye Jenkins is the name of Larry Hoover’s wife.


Larry Hoover was the leader of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples, which later changed its name to Growth and Development. When he was 45, he was charged with drug conspiracy and extortion and sent to prison for life. Even though he was only 12, he quickly became the leader of the gang and was called “Prince Larry.” Larry Hoover is a crook with a $100 million net worth.

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